South Kordofan Nuba Mountains

Nuba History Arabic translation

Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Ghanim Suliman Ghanim, the Nuba History I wrote for 'Proud to be Nuba' are now available in Arabic translation. In the process, the History has been updated to document the latest developments and include references to relevant sources. Mr. Ghanim is a professional translator and media adviser based in Omdurman. I am very gratefull for his excelent work that gives the Nuba History a new audience and new relevance. The following link leads to the Arabic translation in PDF:

Ancient and Modern History of the Nuba, in Arabic

April 2018

- 22/04/2018 Radio Dabanga
Environmental activists detained in South Kordofan
- 20/04/2018 Radio Dabanga
Online activists arrested for defaming South Kordofan governor
- 18/04/2018 Radio Dabanga
Arrests for defamation after South Kordofan Governor accused of gold smuggling
- 17/04/2018 Sudan Tribune
More than 260 aid groups operate in South Kordofan and Blue Nile: HAC
- 15/04/2018 Sudan Tribune
Sudan to deliver humanitarian aid to rebel-held areas in S. Kordofan: official
- 13/04/2018 Sudan Vision
S. Kordofan Governor: Communal Dialogue Contributed to Realization of Peace and Voluntary Return
- 11/04/2018 African Centre of Justice and Peace Studies
Human Rights Violations in South Kordofan
- 11/04/2018 Sudanese Media Centre
Monitoring Points in S. Kordofan to Prevent Gold Smuggling to S. Sudan
- 11/04/2018 Sudan Vision
UK House of Lords Delegation Pledges Support to Realization of Peace in S. Kordofan
- 11/04/2018 IRIN
Six months after US sanctions lifted, promised aid access in Sudan remains limited
- 07/04/2018 Sudan Tribune
UK House of Lords delegation to visit South Kordofan
- 06/04/2018 Sudan Tribune
South Sudan denies support to Sudanese armed groups
- 06/04/2018 Sudan Tribune
Sudanese opposition calls for popular uprising to overthrow the regime
- 05/04/2018 Sudan News Agency
President of the Republic affirms Government's resolve to achieve peace in the Two Areas
- 05/04/2018 Sudan Tribune
Sudan's al-Bashir accuses Juba again of supporting rebel groups
- 05/04/2018 New York Times
The Heart of Nuba review
- 04/04/2018 Sudan News Agency
Dr. Faisal affirms necessity for solving peace and War issue in South Kordufan
- 03/04/2018 Radio Tamazuj
South Kordofan Umma Party leader joins ruling NCP
- 03/04/2018 Radio Dabanga
'Over 500 miscarriages caused by gold mining': South Kordofan advocacy team
- 03/04/2018 Sudan Tribune
SPLM-NORTH: What went wrong?
- 02/04/2018 Radio Dabanga
Sudan fuel crisis: Farms withering in South Kordofan
- 02/04/2018 Sudan Tribune
Sudan's al-Bashir threatens to punish political parties allied with rebel movements

March 2018

- 30/03/2018 Sudan Tribune
1500 people return from rebel-held areas in South Kordofan: official
- 29/03/2018 Sudan Tribune
SPLM-N Agar says committed to ending fighting between comrades
- 28/03/2018 Sudan Tribune
President al-Bashir extends Sudan's unilateral truce for three months
- 28/03/2018 Sudan Tribune
5 Months After US Lifted Sanctions, Sudan Is Ready to Take Next Step
- 26/03/2018 Radio Dabanga
Three released by Military Intelligence in South Kordofan
- 25/03/2018 Sudanese Media Center
Russian and Chinese Companies Enter into Gold Mining in 4 Blocks in S. Kordofan
- 25/03/2018 Radio Dabanga
FEWS NET predicts food insecurity in Sudan
- 23/03/2018 Sudan Tribune
Al-Bashir warns Sudan's political opposition against alliance with armed groups
- 22/03/2018 Radio Dabanga
UN Envoy will try to entice SPLM-N rebels to truce
- 21/03/2018 Sudan News agency
Dr Faisal underscores state support to all development projects in South Kordofan
- 20/03/2018 Sudan Tribune
UN envoy pledges to convince SPLM-N rebels to ink ceasefire deal
- 20/03/2018 Radio Dabanga
HUDO calls for release of South Kordofan market trader
- 19/03/2018 Sudan Tribune
Sudanese government renews commitment to African roadmap
- 19/03/2018 Sudan Tribune
Sudanese opposition forms good offices committee to reconcile SPLM-N factions
- 19/03/2018 Radio Dabanga
Sudan Call meetings conclude in Paris
- 15/03/2018 International Committee of the Red Cross
ICRC cash assistance in South Kordofan gives Abdullah hope to see again
- 14/03/2018 Sudanese Media Center
S. Kordofan: Assassination of Civilians in Kalinda Violates Cessation of Hostilities
- 14/03/2018 Radio Dabanga
Sudan Call meetings begin in Paris
- 06/03/2018 Catholic Radio Network
Two police officers injured by an Unexploded Ordnance in Nuba Mountains
- 05/03/2018 Sudan Tribune
SPLM-N al-Hilu denies attacks on Agar group in Sudan's Blue Nile
- 04/03/2018 Radio Dabanga
Chronic need for teachers in conflict-torn Habila
- 03/03/2018 SPLM North (Agar)
Malik Agar declares the failure of Abdulaziz El-Hillu's attack on Blue Nile where he used the resources of the Nuba Mountains
- 03/03/2018 Sudan Tribune
Agar declares unilateral ceasefire after fresh clashes with al-Hilu forces

February 2018

- 26/02/2018 SMC
New Splits Expected in SPLM-N Led by Malik Agar
- 24/02/2018 Catholic Radio Network
Schools open in Nuba Mountains after fears of closure
- 23/02/2018 Radio Dabanga
Nine thousand displaced due to bloody confrontations between factions
- 20/02/2018 SMC
Al-Hilu leaves the Nuba Mountains for Treatment in Nairobi
- 18/02/2018 Sudan Tribune
Agar, al-Hilu fighters clash again in Blue Nile
- 15/02/2018 Aljazeera
Without meaningful change Sudan will descend into chaos
- 12/02/2018 Radio Dabanga
Butchers on strike in South Kordofan capital
- 11/02/2018 Sudan Tribune
Sudan says will give SPLM-N al-Hilu "another chance" to reach peace deal
- 07/02/2018 ICRC
The phone call that reconnected 2,500 people separated by war
- 05/02/2018 Xinhua
Sudan reiterates commitment to ceasefire at Two Areas
- 05/02/2018 Sudan Tribune
Sudanese government blames SPLM-N al-Hilu for failure of peace talks
- 05/02/2018 Sudan Tribune
Sudan, SPLM-N al-Hilu fail to reach cessation of hostilities deal
- 05/02/2018 Radio Dabanga
AU mediation suspends Sudan peace talks
- 02/02/2018 Radio Dabanga
SPLM-N, Sudan share points of disagreement in Addis
- 01/02/2018 Sudan Tribune
Government, SPLM-N al-Hilu kick off talks

December 2014

- 'Sudan Appeal fait accompli for Khartoum regime': rebel leader. Read on

- Opposition, rebel forces sign joint declaration for peace and democracy in Sudan. Read on

- Sudan army says it repelled fresh SPLM-N attack in S. Kordofan. Read on

- Sudan army, SPLM-N trade allegations over recent clashes. Read on

November 2014

- SPLM-N accuses government negotiating team of blocking Sudan dialogue. Read on

- SPLM-N launches attacks against Sudanese army positions in Blue Nile state. Read on

- Sudan's national dialogue mechanism asks Ghandour to prepare for talks with rebels. Read on

- Mbeki adjourns talks on Sudan's Two Areas for more consultations. Read on

- Sudan and rebels end talks but mediators 'positive' for deal. Read on

- Khartoum and SPLM-N near peace deal: Mbeki. Read on

- AUHIP Secretariat: Framework Agreement Meeting Postponed. Read on

- Talks on Sudan's Two Areas delayed for 24 hours. Read on

- Sudanese parties endorse mediation proposals for framework on the Two Areas. Read on

- Bombings exceed 2000 as peace talks begin. Read on

- SPLM-N Must Engage in Constructive Talks after Losing Ground and Popular Support. Read on

- Renewed Khartoum - SPLM-North talks 'positive'. Read on

- Sudan politicians to meet rebels over dialogue: Mbeki. Read on

- South Sudan's president extends visit to Khartoum as the two nations agree to end rebel support. Read on

October 2014

- The Sudan Revolutionary Front: Its Formation and Development. Read on

- South Kordofan Sows 6 Million Acres. Read on

- Sudan's Bashir orders army to launch decisive attack to end rebellion. Read on

- Mbeki travels to Khartoum to discuss resumption of peace talks. Read on

- Kala-azar outbreak in Sudan's South Kordofan. Read on

- Six individuals from South Kordofan detained incommunicado. Read on

- South Kordofan activists detained for demanding water, electricity. Read on

- Sudanese army vows to crush rebellion in South Kordofan. Read on

- Mass arrests of activists in South Kordofan town. Read on

- Arman accuses Sudan gov't of sabotaging African peace efforts. Read on

- Families demand Sudan release South Kordofan detainees. Read on

July 2013

- Rid Northern Kordofan of Rebels, Governor Tells SAF troops. Read on

- Mixed reports as JEM clash with Sudanese army in Kordofan. Read on

- SRF Claims Control of SAF Garrison In Northern Kordofan. Read on

- SAF Repulses SRF Attack at Sidra. Read on

- Uganda has dismissed as "rubbish" claims by Sudan that it is supporting rebel groups. Read on

- JEM asks AU to support 'comprehensive solution for Sudan'. Read on

- Sudan urges Juba to cease backing rebels before stopping oil flow. Read on

- Rebels 'kill seven Sudanese government troops, capture officers' in South Kordofan. Read on

- EU contributes €17 million to help vulnerable people in Sudan's conflict areas. Read on

- Sudan shuffles governors of Kordofan states including ICC suspect. Read on

- African team to verify the harbouring of Sudanese rebels in South Sudan. Read on

- South Kordofan displaced 'want to go home'. Read on

- SPLA-N claims 'destruction of two Sudan government patrols'. Read on

- SPLM-N calls to bypass reluctant Sudanese opposition parties. Read on

- Rebels 'capture South Kordofan army base in retaliation for Air Force bombing'. Read on

May 2013

- Update of Nuba history with a brief overview of events since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. Read on

- Commander of Al-Muntasir Billah forces affirms listing of enemy losses is ongoing. Read on

- Sudan rebels implement 'plan B' following 'tactical withdrawal' from Abu Karshola. Read on

- Chadian army in Sudan's Kordofan. Read on

- Abu Karshola was Rebels Dream for Reaching other Towns. Read on

- Withdrawal from Abu Karshola, South Kordofan, 'tactical': Rebels. Read on

- SAF Set the Record Straight, Liberate Abu Karshola. Read on

- Abu Karshola 'retaken by government': Sudanese Defence Minister. Read on

- Minister of Defence Announces Liberation of Abu Karshola. Read on

- Citizens In SPLM-N Controlled Areas Decry Deteriorating Humanitarian Situation. Read on

- Fierce fighting in west Kordofan. Read on

- SAF repulses new rebel attack in South Kordofan, says spokesperson. Read on

- Fresh clashes in South Kordofan between Sudanese army and rebels. Read on

- South Kordofan: 4 civilians injured by police. Read on

- SAF in Control of Frontlines; Rebels under Siege: Spokesperson. Read on

- Alleged small arms distribution in Umm Rawaba to fight SRF. Read on

- 'Army and citizens of Sudan should join popular uprising': SRF. Read on

- SAF promises decisive victory against rebels soon. Read on

- More flee ahead of 'decisive hour' in Kordofan battle. Read on

- SAF: We Are Ready to Restore Abu Karshola. Read on

- SRF conquest of Khartoum 'just a matter of time': Rebels. Read on

- SRF rebels attack SAF at Taiba, South Kordofan. Read on

- Abu Karshola: liberation stands accused. Read on

- Advance on Abu Karshola repulsed - 411 Sudan soldiers dead: rebels. Read on

- SRF: 'Sudan' air raid kills three in Abu Karshola, South Kordofan. Read on

- Sudan rebels 'destroy' convoy in Kordofan - threats from Khartoum. Read on

- Sudanese president pledges to soon retake South Kordofan town. Read on

- Sudan forms 'strategic battalion' to defend capital. Read on

- Sudan warns rebels against attempting to attack Khartoum. Read on

- Sudan says SRF top military commander 'is alive'. Read on

- JEM: Sudan 'rebels soon to enter Khartoum'. Read on

- Sudan Parliament suspended for 'full mobilisation' - Opposition speaks out. Read on

- Sudan: conflicting casualty reports in South Kordofan battle. Read on

- SRF claims 'heavy losses' on Sudan forces in Kordofan. Read on

- Sudan vows 'decisive showdown' with rebels. Read on

- Sudan's rebel Chief of Staff: 'not impossible to reach Khartoum'. Read on

- Arrest of 60 Sudanese dignitaries condemned: SPLM-N. Read on

- Sudan says Uganda banned rebel meetings on its territory. Read on

- Sudan army closing in on a rebel-controlled area: sources. Read on

- EU condemns attacks on civilians in Umm Rawaba -Sudan. Read on

- 20,000 flee hostilities in North Kordofan, Sudan. Read on

- SPLM-N deputy chairperson says rebels fighting "just war", denies arresting Kuku. Read on

- Interview with Abdel Aziz Adam El-Hilu. Read on

- Humanitarian Rhetoric and the Fate of People of Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile. Read on

- Sudan's Bashir says that negotiations with SPLM-N will continue despite recent attacks. Read on

- US embassy condemns Sudan rebels' recent offensive. Read on

April 2013

- Rebels claim bombing Sudan's Kadugli airport. Read on

- SRF: entering Kordofan a first step towards toppling Sudan regime. Read on

- Sudanese rebel commander scoffs at reports of his death. Read on

- AU condemns attacks in Sudan's N. Kordofan, S. Kordofan states. Read on

- UN aid boss 'shocked' by North Kordofan attack, Sudan. Read on

- Sudan rebels carry out a brief but daring attack on North Kordofan town. Read on

- Sudan talks with SPLM-N adjourned without breakthrough. Read on

- SPLM-N proposes talks on framework agreement about inclusive process for Sudan's constitution. Read on

- Press release: SPLM-N expectations from Khartoum in talks. Read on

- EU welcomes Sudan, rebels talks but calls for end of hostilities. Read on

- Sudan vows to neutralize SPLM-N rebels in S. Kordofan. Read on

- Sudan army regains control of Kordofan garrison, capital shelled. Read on

- Sudan SPLA-N claims control of Dandor garrison near Kadugli. Read on

March 2013

- Sudan asks rebels to help draft constitution as tensions ease. Read on

- Susan Rice Condemns Sudan for Rejecting Talks with SPLM-North. Read on

- SPLM-N blames African mediation for only consulting with Sudanese government. Read on

- Nuba People Disobey SPLM-N Orders to Fight in Blue Nile. Read on

- Activists condemn killing of Nuba student leader in Juba. Read on

- Sudan and South Sudan discuss rebels' issue next week. Read on

- Two Umma Party members arrested in South Kordofan. Read on

February 2013

- Why the humanitarian disaster in South Kordofan is allowed to happen. Read on

- SPLA-SS Links with SPLA-NS: Moral Obligation or the Building of a Nation on Hatred? Read on

- SPLM-N to hold talks with Sudanese government in March - Arman. Read on

- Sudan's Spreading Conflict (I): War in South Kordofan. Read on

January 2013

- The Battle for South Kordofan. Read on

- Sudanese army kill over 50 rebels in South Kordofan - spokesperson. Read on

- Defense Minister Inspects 22 Infantry Division in Balila and Babanousa. Read on

- Tabitha Calls for Mobilization of Efforts to Support Peace in South Kordufan. Read on

- Sudan: Top U.N. Aid Official Warns of Food Crisis in 2 Southern States. Read on

- Civil war still rages in Nuba Mountains, thwarting Sudan, South Sudan peace. Read on

December 2012

- SPLM-N rebels have to abandon regime change before talks, Sudanese official. Read on

- Sudan to repartition South Kordofan into two states. Read on

- Sudan sending military reinforcements to South Kordofan amid reports of heavy battles. Read on

- Amnesty International: Indiscriminate attacks and arbitrary arrests pervade Southern Kordofan. Read on

- Sudanese rebels say repulsed government attack on South Kordofan village. Read on

- South Kordofan to Move Capital from Kadugli to Dulami. Read on

- New wave of arrests in Nuba Mountains, clashes continue. Read on

- Addis Ababa Agreement: The Real Test Is in Implementation. Read on

November 2012

- SPLA-N Ambush SAF, 6 SAF Soldiers Dead. Read on

- South Kordofan Rebels will Have Tough Winter. Read on

- Sudan's NCP power struggle comes to surface. read on

- Prices of goods rise in Kadugli, S. Kordofan. Read on

- Sudan warplanes bomb S. Sudan, kill five civilians: SPLA. Read on

- Khartoum urges South Sudan's Kiir to implement security deal. Read on

- SPLM-N urge UK to pressure government to end war. Read on

- Khartoum says committed to humanitarian aid, SPLM-N offers cessation of hostilities. Read on

- 300 Nuba families arrive in Yida exhausted. Read on

- Remnant: Nuba survivors under assault. Read on

October 2012

- South Kordofan rebels vow to fight on. Read on

- South Kordofan: 'Rebel shells kill five' in Sudan town. Read on

August 2012

- The War Against the Nuba, by Jeffrey Gettleman. Read on

- Nuba children made to switch from ‘old Sudan' curriculum. Read on

May 2012

- Sudan sees 'difficulties' implementing UN resolution. Read on

- Sudan’s economy has not failed: Bashir. Read on

- Headlines of today newspapers issued in Khartoum Sunday 6th May 2012. Read on

- Human Rights Watch: Crisis Conditions in Southern Kordofan. Read on

- Bashir vows from South Kordofan’s embattled town of Talodi to overrun rebels’ bastion. Read on

- United Nations S/RES/2046 (2012). Read on

April 2012

- Interview: SAF to capture Kauda shortly- Maj. Gen. Abdul Ma’arouf. Read on

- Update from Southern Kordofan, Sudan-April 29, 2012. Read on

- trouble In Sudan: South Kordofan And ‘War Is War’. Read on

- Sudan 'arming civilians' to fight South Kordofan rebels. Read on

November 2011

- Blue Nile, Darfur and South Kordofan should be negotiated in one forum - SPLM-N says. Read on

- US Congressmen urge Obama to work for one peace process in Sudan. Read on

- US warns South Sudan on support to SPLM-N. Read on

- South Kordofan governor clears UN of providing support to SPLM-N. Read on

- South Sudan is committed to resolve pending issues in the CPA with Sudan politically and peacefully. Read on

- SPLM-N regrets statements by UN chief over Sudanese rebel alliance. Read on

- OXFAM Withdraws Its Staff From Upper Nile State Due To Insecurity. Read on

- Analyst Dismisses Likelihood Of Sudan And South Sudan Return To War. Read on

- UN chief condemns Sudanese rebels’ alliance. Read on

- Khartoum: SPLA officer confessed South Sudan support to the rebels. Read on

- More Than 30 Thousand Refugees From South Kordofan In Maban County In Need Of Humanitarian Assistance. Read on

- South accuses north Sudan of cross border attacks. Read on

- EU foreign policy chief urges SAF to halt bombings. Read on

- Khartoum accuses Juba of supporting new Sudan’s rebels alliance. Read on

- UN confirms Sudanese bombing of refugee camp in South Sudan. Read on

- SPLM-N tells US officials regime change is the only option with Khartoum. Read on

- Sudan denies its citizens taking refuge in south, US says bombing denial ‘blatant lie’. Read on

- Human Rights Group: Sudan building bombing campaign. Read on

- US condemns SAF’s aerial bombardment inside South Sudan. Read on

- Kiir accuses Bashir of air strikes in Upper Nile. Read on

- President Kiir Dismisses Claims By Sudananese President That His Governmet Is Supporting Rebels In Khartoum. Read on

- Al-Bashir talks tough over rebel support by South Sudan. Read on

- Sudan reportedly thwarts rebels’ attack in South Kordofan. Read on

- Al-Bashir Warns South Sudan In Meddling Over Sudan's Affairs. Read on

-  Sudan goes before Security Council to accuse South Sudan of supporting rebels. Read on

-SAF Captures SPLA strong Hold Position In Blue Nile State. Read on

- SPLA & SAF exchange accusations. Read on

- Sudan rejects U.S. proposal on South Kordofan: report. Read on

- Sudan Government Condmens Renewal Of Sanctions By The US. Read on

- Heavy Clashes Reported In South Kordofan Between SPLA/N And SAF. Read on

October 2011

- Sudan army confirms heavy clashes in South Kordofan. Read on

- Sudan says forex reserves covers 3 months of imports. Read on

- Kuwait is latest stop in Sudan’s bid for economic help. Read on

- US calls on Sudan to allow humanitarian access in S. Kordofan and Blue Nile. Read on

- Sudanese president promises no quick fixes to economic woes. Read on

- British ambassador to Sudan summoned over hunger and Abyei comments. Read on

- Germany mulls relief of Sudan’s debt. Read on

- Sudan to cut budget of state security watchdog in 2012. Read on

- Sudan’s capital rocked by fresh protests. Read on

- SPLM-N’s Aggar urges pressure on Sudan to cease bombing civilians, allow aid. Read on

- S. Sudan & Sudan to start border trade. Read on

- Bashir admits Sudan’s grim economic situation. Read on

- Bashir and Kiir vow closer cooperation for sustainable peace in N. & S. Sudan. Read on

- UN warns of looming food crisis in Blue Nile and S.Kordofan. Read on

- UN agency warns of food crisis in Sudan’s border regions. Read on

- SPLM-N’s Arman lays bare regime-change agendas in Sudan. Read on

- Chinese oil workers attacked by gunmen in South Kordofan. Read on

- Protests continue to hit Sudan’s capital. Read on

September 2011

- Sudan pleads for help to avert economic collapse; pound continues its free fall. Read on

- Only ceasefire can allow return of aid groups to Blue Nile and Kordofan – Sudan’s FM. Read on

- Al-Bashir vows to defend Sudan against “traitors”. Read on

- Increased prices spark protests in Sudan’s capital. Read on

- Bashir says talks on Sudan’s border states’ conflict must not cross “redlines”. Read on

- SPLM-N’s Arman urges US Congressmen to support no-fly-zone in Sudan. Read on

- Fresh fighting erupts in South Kordofan. Read on

- SPLM-N clashes with Sudan’s army in South Kordofan. Read on

- Governors of Sudan’s flashpoints hold security meeting. Read on

- Sudan’s economy seen shrinking in 2011-2012: IMF. Read on

- Sudan must end intolerance of dissent, HRW says. Read on

- Sudan appoints new governor in Blue Nile. Read on

- South Kordofan and the Blue Nile: wars by second intention. Read on

- South Kordofan’s MPs resign from Sudan’s parliament. Read on

- Sudan 1st VP defends signing of CPA, says rebellion days are over. Read on

- UNHCR: South Sudan sees growing influx of refugees from South Kordofan. Read on

- Sudan orders newspapers not to report on rebels. Read on

- Sudan needs $4 billion in forex reserves, calls on Arab states to make deposits. Read on

- Sudan’s top MP threatens opposition, press over alleged complicity with SPLM-N. Read on

- US is not supportive of a no-fly-zone in Sudan: envoy. Read on

- Sudan analyst warns of ‘protracted’ war in South Kordofan, Blue Nile. Read on

- SPLM-N denies getting support from South Sudan and members arrested. Read on

- UNMIS says its pullout from Sudan irked by SPLM-N in South Kordofan. Read on

- Opposition parties band together on Blue Nile and South Kordofan crisis. Read on

- Rebels call for non-fly zone in Blue Nile, Darfur and S. Kordofan. Read on

- Sudan’s SPLM-N vows to buck Blue Nile’s ‘coup’. Read on

- Sudan shuts down SPLM-North offices in Khartoum. Read on

- Sudan’s president declares emergency in Blue Nile, sacks governor. Read on

- Sudan army attacks SPLA forces and governor’s residence in Blue Nile: SPLM-N. Read on

- USA raises concern S. Sudan is supporting rebels in South Kordofan. Read on

August 2011

- South Sudan denies aiding rebels in Darfur and South Kordofan. Read on

- Sudanese army deny reports on air strikes in Southern Kordofan. Read on

- Over 200,000 could face catastrophe in Sudanese state as Government bars aid. Read on

- JEM leader sentenced to death in Sudan. Read on

- SPLM-N to hold summit with Darfur rebel groups. Read on

- Rift Valley report criticises international endorsement of S. Kordofan’s elections. Read on

- US calls on SPLM-N to join S. Kordofan truce. Read on

- SPLM-N distrusts Al-Bashir’s truce in South Kordofan. Read on

- Bashir declares truce in South Kordofan, refuses foreign NGOs. Read on

- Bashir, Aggar meeting fails to break stalemate over South Kordofan. Read on

- 4,000 S. Kordofan displaced arrive in South Sudan. Read on

- Sudan forms taskforce to ‘monitor’ South Kordofan’s situation. Read on

- Sudan to let UN access South Kordofan. Read on

- Sudan foreign minister blames US envoy and GoSS for South Kordofan crisis. Read on

- Sudan submits rebuttal to UN Security Council over S. Kordofan abuses. Read on

- UN urges inquiry into alleged war crimes in Sudan’s Southern Kordofan state. Read on

- US calls for implementing recommendations of UN report on S. Kordofan. Read on

- Preliminary report on violations of international human rights and humanitarian law in Southern Kordofan from 5 to 30 June 2011. Read on

- Sudan slams ‘repetitive’ UN reports on South Kordofan’s abuses. Read on

- Sudan’s NCP to slap ban on SPLM-north party. Read on

- U.S warns of Sudan’s South Kordofan contagion. Read on

- Darfur, S. Kordofan rebels agree to overthrow Sudanese government, JEM rebuffas alliance. Read on

- South Kordofan SPLA in the media war. Read on

- Bishop calls for investigation into South Kordofan “ethnic cleansing”. Read on

- Nuba people devastated as South Kordofan bombings continue. Read on

July 2011

- South Kordofan state ready for dialogue with SPLM, Governor says. Read on

- South Kordofan governor says Al-Hilu planned coup with Darfur rebels. Read on

- Sudan slams US envoy’s remarks on South Kordofan. Read on

- UN: South Kordofan at grave risk of dwindling food supplies. Read on

- Sudan’s SPLM leaders meet in South Kordofan, call for third-party talks. Read on

- UN: Humanitarian workers still face difficulties accessing S Kordofan state. Read on

- Alarmed by reports of mass graves, UN urges access to Southern Kordofan. Read on

- U.S., UN refuse to speak honestly about compelling evidence of genocide in South Kordofan. Read on

- UN humanitarian affairs chief alarmed by “mass graves” in South Kordofan. Read on

- ‘Unpredictable’ situation in Sudan’s South Kordofan region. Read on

- Khartoum threatens NGOs in South Kordofan and Darfur with expulsion. Read on

- UNMIS Chief commends progress on CPA. Read on

- UNSG renews call on Sudanese parties to cease hostilities in S. Kordofan. Read on

- Opposition Alliance calls for immediate cessation of hostilities in S. Kordofan. Read on

- Presidents Bashir, Kiir to meet to discuss CPA issues. Read on

- SPLM- North to meet NCP to discuss security in S Kordofan and Blue Nile. Read on

- Bashir orders SAF to continue military operations in S Kordofan. Read on

- UNSG calls on Sudan to facilitate humanitarian ops in S Kordofan and Blue Nile after July 9. Read on

June 2011

- UN warns Sudan is at risk of renewed civil war. Read on

- AU Chairperson welcomes accord on Blue Nile and S Kordofan. Read on

- SPLM urges UNSC to issue resolution to impose no-fly zone over S Kordofan. Read on

- Civilians “killed” in South Kordofan air attacks as mediators scramble to broker cease-fire. Read on

- SPLA’s al-Hilu claims control over large areas of S. Kordofan. Read on

- SAF rebuffs SPLM claims of controlling parts of Southern Kordofan. Read on

- NCP-Khartoum vows to reciprocate on SPLA attacks in Southern Kordofan. Read on

- SAF rebuffs report of Agok bombardment. Read on

- North Sudan military massing in Kadugli. Read on

- SAF accuses UNMIS and some agencies of having a hand in S. Kordofan. Read on

- SPLA Causalities Evacuated in South Kordofan. Read on

- Big Quantities of Phosphate Discovered in Red Sea, South Kordofan and Northern States. Read on

- UN condemns harassment of its peacekeepers in Southern Kordofan. Read on

- UN reports abuses against peacekeepers, ongoing battles in Sudan’s South Kordofan. Read on

- SAF Claims Fight In Southern Kordofan Is To Disarm SPLA. Read on

- Sudan border state foes agree to talks: Mbeki. Read on

- Soudan: le médiateur Mbeki élargit les discussions d'Addis au Kordofan-Sud. Read on

- SPLM Says SAF Still Carrying Aerial Bombardments In Southern Kordofan. Read on

- NCP: No Space for Two Armies in North Sudan after 9 July. Read on

- WFP Food Assistance Reaches 26,500 People Caught In Conflict In South Kordofan. Read on

- Fighting Continues In Southern Kordofan Amidst The Use Of Heavy Artillery By SAF. Read on

- Sudan rejects Obama’s warnings over South Kordofan escalation. Read on

- Sudan accuses UNMIS of complicity in South Kordofan turmoil. Read on

- Insecurity hampering relief efforts in South Kordofan. Read on

- U.N. Officials Warn of a Growing ‘Panic’ in Central Sudan as Violence Spreads. Read on

- Sudan’s NCP says no negotiations with arms-holders in South Kordofan. Read on

- More than 60 of SPLA Elements Surrender to Authorities at Taludi Area. Read on

- National Congress Rejects Description of Armed Forces' Repulse to Rebellion in South Kordofan as Escalation. Read on

Southern Kordofan/Nuba Mountains: Ethnic cleansing once again. Read on

- Sudan's Bashir agrees to Abyei withdrawal-diplomats. Read on

- U.N. Pulls Staff from Sudanese City. Read on

- Sudan tells south not to back border state "rebellion". Read on

- Senior NCP member survives assassination attempt. Read on

- National Congress calls on SPLM leadership to distance from South Kurdufan. Read on

- Al-Tahir: SPLM's North Sector requests support of America to topple government. Read on

- Armed Forces Affirms its Monitoring to Suspicious Movements of SPLA in South Kordofan. Read on

- Suwar reveals dialogue with Leaders of SPLM rejecting Al-Hello's behaviour, reviews sabotage plots of SPLM in South Kordufan. Read on

- Sudan's army denies aircraft downed in S. Kordofan. Read on

- Statement by the spokesperson of Catherine Ashton, EU High Representative, on the recent violent clashes
in Southern Kordofan. Read on

- Sudan: Border fighting could unravel the peace process. Read on

- Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Sunday the 12th of June 2011. Read on

- UN Secretary-General deeply concerned about S Kordofan & Abyei situation. Read on

- Bashir & Kiir to meet in Addis Ababa to disscuss Abyei and South Kordofan. Read on

- NC political Sector hears to Report on situations of Displaced persons in Southern Kordofan. Read on

- Violence roils Sudan oil state, leaders to hold talks. Read on

- SPLM in S. Kordofan wants new security arrangements, accuse UNMIS of rape. Read on

- Haroun vows to punish SPLM’s Al-Hilu as South Kordofan conflagration continues. Read on

- Fighting In South Kordofan Caused Destruction In The Church In Kadugli. Read on

- SAF Launches Air Strikes In Bentiu. Read on

- South Sudan calls for foreign military intervention in South Kordofan. Read on

- Abdulaziz Al-Hilu flees from Kadugli. Read on

- Fighting Continues In Southern Kordofan As Humanitarian Situation Worsens. Read on

- Kadugli clashes continue, civilians seek refuge around UNMIS compound. Read on

- No dialogue with killers – Nafei. Read on

- We would no stand aside and look at what is happening in S. Kordofan – Taha. Read on

- Kadugli clashes spread to Deleng town. Read on

- Fresh Fighting Between SPLA And SAF In South Kordofan. Read on

- Headlines in Khartoum 8th of June 2011. Read on

- Army Spokesman: Security Situation in Kadugli Progressing Well. Read on

- Thousands displaced due to Southern Kordofan fighting shelter near UNMIS. Read on

- South Kordofan's Clashes Force UN to Halt Operations, Spark US Concern. Read on

- South Sudan calls for ceasefire in S. Kordofan. Read on

- Peace deal threatened in Sudan. Read on

- Vice President reviews situations of South Kordufan, Abyei in the Parliament. Read on

- South Kordofan, missionaries also forced to leave the city. Read on

- SPLA Reiterates Not To Recall Any Northern SPLA Soldier In Southern Kordofan And Blue Nile States. Read on

- SAF Accuses SPLA Of Attacks In Southern Kordofan. Read on

- SPLM says 17 killed in north Sudan army’s "attack" in South Kordofan. Read on

- SPLM calls for international intervention over clashes in South Kordofan. Read on

- Sudan army says attacked by SPLA in South Kordofan. Read on

- North-south clash in flashpoint Sudan oil state: UN. Read on

- Tensions Rise In South Kordofan As Fighting Erupts Between SPLA And SAF. Read on

- UNMIS urges CPA parties to diffuse tensions in Abyei and S Kordofan. Read on

- UNHQ military advisor visits Abyei, S Kordofan and Blue Nile. Read on

- Armed Forces Spokesman Affirms Stability of Situation in Kadugli. Read on

- Clashes erupt in South Kordofan between SAF and SPLA. Read on

- Sudan brushes aside UNSC demand for Abyei withdrawal. Read on

May 2011

- Machar reiterates commitment to peaceful resolution of disputed issues. Read on

- Haroun sworn in governor of South Kordofan State. Read on

- SAF gives Sudan’s SPLA ultimatum to withdraw from Blue Nile & South Kordofan. Read on

- GoSS calls for withdrawal of SAF in Abyei after July 9th. Read on

- National Supreme Court addresses NEC to announce final results for South Kordofan. Read on

- Carter Center: S Kordofan election peaceful and credible. Read on

- The National Supreme Court Accepts the Appeals in South Kurodofan Elections as from today. Read on

- ICC indictee Haroun declared winner of South Kordofan polls as SPLM asserts rejection. Read on

- Haroun calls on South Kordofan States' citizens in SPLM to re-evaluate their relations with the SPLM North Sector. Read on

- NC Candidate Wins the Post of Wali (Governor) of S. Kordofan State. Read on

- Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Sunday the 15th of May 2011. Read on

- Incumbent governor Ahmed Haroun wins S Kordofan election. Read on

- South Kordofan results Sunday as opposing parties disagree. Read on

- NC candidate accuses SPLM of fraud. Read on

- NEC denies any deal in South Kordofan gubernatorial elections. Read on

- South Kordofan by-election results expected Sunday. Read on

- What after SPLM’s Loss of South Kordofan State? Read on

- South Kordofan polls authority says no way to review vote-counting. Read on

- NEC:No Room for Amendment or Change in Announced Election Results. Read on

- National Congress emphasizes keenness on South Kordofan security and stability. Read on

- NCP warns SPLM against chaos in southern Kordofan. Read on

- Haroun beats Al-Hilu in southern Kordofan elections. Read on

- SPLM pulls out of South Kordofan vote body as foreign observers urge calm. Read on

- Dispute over vote-counting delays results of South Kordofan polls. Read on

- Tension Rising In Southern Kordofan Just Days After Elections. Read on

- NEC resolves differences between SPLM & NCP in S Kordofan vote count. Read on

- NC announces support for Hroun intention to SPLM participation in South Kordofan government. Read on

- Release of results of elections in Southern Kordofan postponed to Wednesday. Read on

- Security tightened in S Kordofan; election results postponed for a day. Read on

- Delegation of National Election Commission to Arrive in Kadugli Monday to stand on last stage in electoral process. Read on

- Alhilo is ahead in Habila and Dlami. Read on

- South Kordofan prepares announcing preliminary election results. Read on

- SPLM & NCP claim win in South Kordofan gubernatorial elections. Read on

- South Kordofan Complementary Elections. Read on

- ICC suspect lags behind SPLM candidate in South Kordofan elections: Al-Jazeera. Read on

- Sorting of votes in South Kordofan State' elections completed and the initial result will be announced on Sunday. Read on

- South Kordofan preliminary election results to be announced on Sunday. Read on

- NCP dares SPLM to prove claims of vote rigging in South Kordofan. Read on

- Day Two: Over 50% Voter Turnout in South Kordofan. Read on

- South Kordofan elections sees varied turn-out. Read on

- South Kordofan elections polling records 25% in the first day. Read on

- South Kordofan vote enters final day as SPLM claims fraud. Read on

- Elections kick off calmly in South Kordofan. Read on

- South Kordofan elections kicks off calmly. Read on

- Complementary Elections in South Kordufan State kicks off, Haroun, Helo cast votes respectively. Read on

- Al-Hilo Calls for Wide Participation in South Kordufan Elections. Read on

- Al- bashier's visit to South Kurdufan is of great political and geographical significance. Read on

- UN calls for secure and fair elections in South Kordofan. Read on

- South Kordofan Elections Tomorrow. Read on

- UN pledges to support Elections in South Kordofan State. Read on

April 2011

- South Kordofan Elections Committee says polling preparations complete. Read on

- Water supply convoy leaves for South Kordufan. Read on

- Carter Center call on GoSS to release Telefone Kuku. Read on

- South Kordofan’s deputy governor rejects award by Sudan President. Read on

- Sudan President Al-Bashir threatens to wage war in South Kordofan, says Abyei will “remain northern”. Read on

- SPLM vows to form national government in South Kordofan State. Read on

- Intensive Elections Campaigns In Southern Kordofan. Read on

- Southern Kordofan Forms An Investigation Team To Look Into Recent Clashes. Read on

- Nuba alliance denounces NCP’s proposal to break up of South Kordofan. Read on

- SPLM slams VP Taha’s visit to South Kordofan. Read on

- Two injured in Southern Kordofan clashes die in hospital. Read on

- NCP vows to split South Kordofan. Read on

- NEC: Elections in Southern Kordofan state on schedule. Read on

- Militia attacks in Sudan’s South Kordofan State kill dozens ahead of sensitive polls. Read on

- FACTBOX: South Kordofan elections. Read on

- Two SPLM members injured in accident in South Kordofan. Read on

- Electoral campaign kicks-off in Southern Kordofan State. Read on

March 2011

- Karumba Secondary School In Kauda Burns Down Kauda Education Office. Read on

- Low turnout in voter registration process in Southern Kordofan. Read on

- Wealth and Power Sharing in Southern Kordofan. Read on

- SPLM threatens to take to streets if Southern Kordofan elections are rigged. Read on

- 18000 students sit for basic exams in South Kordofan. Read on

- Tension mounts in SPLM camp over Southern Kordofan elections. Read on

- Arrangements for Inauguration of New University Campuses in S. Kordofan Complete. Read on

- South Kordofan High Elections Committe Publish Name Of Nominees For Gubernatoria Post And Parliamentary seat. Read on

- Nominations for South Kordofan elections closed. Read on

- Absorption of 11 Thousand Families in Health Insurance in South Kordofan. Read on

- Blue Nile, South Kordufan States under-utilize authorizations. Read on

- Security And Defense Committee In The National Assembly To Visit Abyei, S.Kordofan And Blue Nile State. Read on

- SPLM Presents Nominees For Gubernatorial And Parliamentary Elections In S.Kordofan. Read on

- Two Day Workshop On Election Laws Conducted In Kadugli. Read on

- Child Labor in South Kordofan. Read on

- South Kordofan elections commission publishes voters list. Read on

- South Kordofan Pledges to boost roads. Read on

- Nomination Procee For Governorship And Parliamentarians In S.Kordofan To Begin On Friday 11th. Read on

- SPLM set up a new party in the North headed by Malik Aggar. Read on

- Messiriya Community Say They Will Abide By the Kadugli Agreement. Read on

- Southern Kordofan Elections Commission Revises Electoral Register. Read on

- NEC receives report from Southern Kordofan committee. Read on

- Al-Tahir informs SPLM bloc officially of dropping its membership by the end of March. Read on

- Forces To Be Redeployed In Their Respective Areas. Read on

February 2011

- South Kordofan: A guarded leap forward. Read on

- SPLM tries General Telefon Koko. Read on

- Southern Kordofan: NEC to review voter registration lists. Read on

- Opposition alliance rejects Southern Kordofan electoral register. Read on

- South Kordofan Election Commission discovers errors in voter registration. Read on

- Southern Kordofan Election Preparations In Top Gear. Read on

- DDR Commission to Demobilize ex-Militants in North, South Kordofan States. Read on

- Opposition alliance, SPLM discuss alliance with the SPLM. Read on

- Demonstration in South Kordofan. Read on

- SPLM would remain active in the north – Pagan Amum. Read on

- Government of South Kordofan Ends 23 out of 24 tribal differences in the Region. Read on

-Over 485 thousand people register for S Kordofan state elections. Read on

- Jubilation As Final Referendum Results Favor Secession, Bashir Accepts Results. Read on

- UN, AU And IGAD Accept Referendum Results And Welcome New African Nation. Read on

January 2011

- 99% Vote For Secession, According To Preliminary Referendum Results. Read on

- Voter Registration Progress In South Kordofan. Read on

- SPLA Soldiers From The North To Decide Their Fate If South Seceeds. Read on

- Agreement anticipated between Misseriya and Ngok Dinka. Read on

- The Misseriya and Dinka Nogk conclude meeting in Kadugli with agreement. Read on

December 2010

- Telephone Kuku still Detained by SPLA Intelligence. Read on

- Southern Kordofan State ready for voter registration. Read on

- Nuba Mountains SPLM Leaders Reject Arman Call to Form Political Party in the North. Read on

- SPLM's northern sector will continue even in case of separation. Read on

- Abyei and South Kordufan High Level Committees Agree on Security Measures. Read on

- Dinka-Misseriya dialogue begins in Southern Kordofan. Read on

- Health Ministry, Insurance to Establish Joint Mechanism in S. Kordufan. Read on

- Reconciliation conference kicks off in Southern Kordofan. Read on

- Nuba Mountains: A Cry of Anger on the Ears of the SPLM. Read on

November, 2010

- If popular consultation is successful, no mention of self-determination. Read on

- S. Kordofan Referendum Commission admits low turnout of registration. Read on

- SPLM against current geographical constituencies in S Kordofan. Read on

- Southern Kordofan's census puts population at 2 million. Read on

October 2010

- People of the Nuba Mountains Calls on the Government and the UN to intervene for the release of Telephone Kuko. Read on

- SPLM in Southern Kordofan calls for holding elections and popular consultation. Read on

- Southern Kordofan’s anxiety. Read on

August, 2010

- Mountain Bank launches in Juba. Read on

- Launching Two Roads Linking North to South Sudan, Taha concludes Two-day visit to South Kordofan State. Read on

- Taha Urges for Sudanese-Sudanese Dialogue on Self Determination. Read on

- Sudan's AEC voices concern over delays in Abyei's referendum body and border demarcation. Read on

- Development projects for the sake of unity - VP Taha. Read on

- CPA partners resolve to complete all outstanding issues ahead of referendum. Read on

- SPLM warns against fraud in Southern Kordofan census results. Read on

- Taha inaugurates numbed of development utilities in Taludi and Heiyban localities of South Kordufan State. Read on

- Dispute Over Abyei Borders. Read on

- SPLM: Partners' talks over Abyei reach a deadlock. Read on

- Stalemate Over Abyei Referendum Commission. Read on

- Warning against overlooking Abyei borders demarcation and formation of Referendum Commission. Read on

- Gosh: PCA ruling did not resolve the Abyei dispute. Read on

- Japan provides $8 Million emergency grant for Sudan referenda. Read on

June, 2010

- South Kordofan Delegation to the U.S. Read on

March, 2010

- Nuba warn Kiir over possible SPLM disintegration. Read on

- School examinations start in South Kordofan. Read on

- NEC postpones elections in South Kordofan. Read on

- South Kordofan's Elections Partially Put off for Two Months. Read on

- Sudan board partially delays election in South Kordofan. Read on

- S. Kordofan Will Not Participate in Parliamentary Elections. Read on

February, 2010

- Northern and southern neighboring states meet. Read on

- UNMIS: Southern Kordofan will be free of land-mines by April. Read on

- SPLM South Kordofan: No official notice from the Presidency. Read on

- Postponing elections in S. Kordofan conspiracy NCP & SPLM. Read on

- Presidency overcomes South Kordofan election crisis. Read on

- Elections in S. Kordofan postponed until after another census. Read on

- S. Kordafan's Polio Eradication campaign targets over 513,000. Read on

- SPLM discusses NCP’s suggestions to resolve election boycott. Read on

- Presidency Establishment to Settle South Kordofan Election Dispute. Read on

- NCP in Juba to discuss SPLM boycott in South Kordofan. Read on

January, 2010

- Taha and Kiir meet to discuss CPA, border demarcations & April's elections. Read on

- S. Kordafan's High Elections Committee: Constituencies abide by official census results. Read on

- NEC Rejects SPLM Demand for Constituencies Re- Demarcation in Southern Kordofan. Read on

- SPLM will not participate in South Kordofan state elections: official. Read on

- Governors of 7 states sworn in before President Bashir. Read on

- Sudan ex-rebels say to boycott vote in oil state. Read on

- National Elections Commission: No complaint received from SPLM in South Kordofan State. Read on

- SPLM reiterates boycotting of elections in Southern Kordofan. Read on

- SPLM Chairman in South Kordofan removes 10 members from the party. Read on

- Six SPLM Members Disciplined In Southern Kordofan. Read on

- Parliament endorses Popular Consultation bills for Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan. Read on

- national assembly adopts South Kordofan, Blue Nile people’s consultation bill. Read on

- Sudan parliament adopts Abyei referendum law amid Messeriya protest. Read on

- UNMIS: Over 10,000 combatants disarmed in South Kordofan. Read on

- Member of National Assembly for Buram Locality in south Kordofan assissanated. Read on

- Over 57000 people register for elections in Southern Kordofan State. Read on

January 24, 2009

- A YouTube video of Moro wrestling in 2009, by Younis Andindi. Continue to the video

January 24, 2009

- Another YouTube video from Moro by Younis Andindi, combining 2008 and 2009 images that show how much life in the Nuba Mountains has changed. Continue to the video

June 17, 2009

- Washington conference last chance for CPA – SPLM. Read on

- Yasar Arman accusing NCP of faul play before the start of the conference. Read on

- The US effort to keep the CPA on track: press conference with Scott Gration, Special Envoy to Sudan. Read on

June 10, 2009

- Electoral Commission: Elections may be delayed. Read on

- NEC Postpones Voter Registration Until November. Read on

June 9, 2009

- Bill on Arrangements for Popular Consultation in South Kordufan, Blue Nile Begin. Read on

- DDR Commission disarms 70 combatants in S Kordofan. Read on

June 8, 2009

- NCP leader anticipates conflict over secession. Read on

June 7, 2009

- Sudan SPLM reiterates rejection of census, alleges fraud. Read on

- Outlines of a break-through in South Kordofan. And some background on Ramadan Hassan Nimir. Read on

June 5, 2009

- Nimir Appointed as Finance Minister in South Kordofan State. Read on

- Minister of National Defence Concludes Visit to South Kordofan State. Read on

- Redeployment of Forces on Demarcation line between Rezeigat and Messeriyah to Prevent Disputes. Read on

June 4, 2009

- NCP, SPLM fail to agree on security bill. Read on

June 3, 2009

- Amum: NCP intends to deny self-determination for South. Read on

- SPLM Spokesman Calls for Greater Press and Political Freedom. Read on

June 2, 2009

- South Kordofan State's Wali Affirms his Government Adoption of Extensive Shura. Read on

June 1, 2009

- Abyei administration arranges for holding coexistence conference prior to Hague court decision. Read on

- Pagan rejects Bashir’s accusations. Read on

- SPLA trains JEM elements in Southern Sudan. Read on

May 31, 2009

- Lam Akol to Lead SPLM Splinter Group. Read on

- Salva Kiir reshuffles South Sudan cabinet. Read on

- President Al-Bashir: Any attempt of question about results of the population census is evasion from elections. Read on

- Dep. governor rejects census results for N. Bahr El Ghazal. Read on

- Bashir threatens to ban SPLM in north Sudan if parties not allowed in the south. Read on

May 30, 2009

- Ex-Sudanese president Nimeiry dead at 79. Read on

May 29, 2009

- The Road of Self-Determination: Where Does It Lead? Read on

- South Kordofan tribal clashes kill 244, including police. Read on

- S Kordofan government will deploy more troops to conflict areas. Read on

- Workshop on prospects of development in S.Kordofan. Read on

May 28, 2009

- Kiir recalls SPLM senior leaders for a meeting in Juba. Read on

- SPLM renews rejection of census results. Read on

- President Al-Bashir directs analyzing census results. Read on

May 27, 2009

- 3000 From Rizakat tribe Attack Police in South Kordofan. Read on

- Federal Committee Forms to Probe Events Erupt Between Missareiya& Rizakat. Read on

- tribesmen kill government forces in Southern Kordofan. Read on

- 3,000 raiders on horseback unleash terror in Kordofan. Read on

- Sudan tribesmen attack security force, scores killed. Read on

May 26, 2009

- DDR to Celebrate Reintegration of 18.000 Elements of forces in S. Kordofan. Read on

- Police issues statment on SPLM's office incident: no indication of explosion. Read on

- Sudan says no explosives detonated at SPLM office. Read on

May 25, 2009

- S. Kiir receives Wali of S Kordofan, Ahmed Mohamed Haroun, and his Deputy, Abdul Aziz Al-Helu. Affirms his support for the state. Read on

- tribal fighting left 13 dead in southern Kordofan. Read on

- Bomb left at former Sudan rebels' office. Read on

- Bomb Explodes Outside SPLM Office in Khartoum. Read on

- Semi-bombardment at SPLM office seems attempt on Yasir Arman. Read on

- Census head confirms count of southerners in north Sudan is incorrect. Read on

May 24, 2009

- Talafon Kuku Returns Khartoum, fails to meet Salva Kir. Read on

May 22, 2009

- SPLM accuses NCP of forging 5th Population Census results. Read on

May 21, 2009

- South Kordofan: 25 Misseriya, 1 Nuba killed. Read on

- Killing of Nomads; accusations directed to SPLM. Read on

- President receives allegiance from Native Administration in S Kordofan. Read on

- President: more development projects in S. Kordofan. Read on

- Bashir denounces existence of closed areas in south Kordofan. Read on

- Al-Bashir inaugurates public utilites in S Kordofan. Read on

- Al-Bashir calls on Southern Kordofanians to renounce tribalism. Read on

- Official announcement of 5th population census results. Read on

- Southerners dismiss Sudan pre-poll census count. Read on

- President: commitment to development projects. Read on

May 20, 2009

- President Urges S. Kordofan Citizens Ignore tribal Conflicts. Read on

May 19, 2009

- Kiir expresses dissatisfaction with census results. Read on

- Sudan’s Kiir rejects census results, warns of CPA collapse. Read on

- NCP: Objection on Population Census should not highlight on Political Suspicious. Read on

- Presentation on Fifth Population Census Basic Results on Thursday. Read on

May 18, 2009

- South Kordofan state to host Federal Council of Ministers meeting next Thursday. Read on

- New South Kordofan governor launches reconciliation initiative. Read on

- Ahmed Haroun: making the peace, or breaking it? My comments to the appointment of Haroun as Governor of South Kordofan. Read on

January 6, 2009

- New photos by Ronald Gits. Ronald was in the Nuba Mountains with UNMIS from May to October 2007. The photos he made give a great impression of both the Mountains and the work Ronald has been doing. Continue to the photos

Video images from the Nuba in 1993. It's not clear who made the documentary, but it is from the Nuba alright. Continue.

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