Photography of the fifth journey

During a 2 weeks stay in Nuba I had a chance to have a look in different areas I hadn't seen before. But it starts with the flight to Kauda, where I join NRRDO. We go from Kauda to Kurci and Julud.


Oil Consessions in Abyei

Nearing the Nuba Mountains


Dry riverbed



NRRDO team

NRRDO carpark

NRRDO compound... mmm


Morning walk in Kurci

Good morning

Same to you

Returnee from Khartoum

He prefers uncertainty in Nuba over poverty in the city

NRRDO compound in Kurci



Khalid an Muntasim showing me the vegetable to be

It should look a bit

like the one

right next door

where people buy fruits and vegetables

so the gardener has a living too

NRRDO computer trouble

kid in NRRDO-sponsored school

Evening in Julud

Nuba Julud Market
Evening market

Nuba Julud Market
I guess with those roads many people need new tires?

men showing fish they got from the market

Shop in Julud Mundri

has everything for your bike

Nuba girl

NRRDO compound in Julud

NRRDO compound

Nuba Julud Market
The NRRDO uses solar energy

Nuba Julud Market
The wiring is a bit improvised

Nuba Julud Market
And the battery may look a bit rusty

Nuba Julud Market
But the lights work in the evening

Nuba Julud Market
and they are the low-energy kind

Nuba Julud Market
(As if I care)

Nuba Julud Market
Julud Mundri Primary, class 4

Nuba Julud Market
Julud Mundri Primary, class 7


The slaughter slab was built

to stop the spread of diseases

through contaminated meat

unfortunately it is not yet fully operational...

so for now most slaughtering

is still done at the market

but the merchants are looking forward to sell controled meat

Nuba merchant with his lorry

Primary school in Julud Mundri

A vegetable garden

needs a lot of water in summer time

Site where a dam will be constructed

right now cattle gets water from a well

The whole area should be flooded

This will include

the nubbak tress

that grow along the stream

which will be blocked by the dam

Seen from above

Beautiful scenery of Julud.

Someone is dropping of mosques

Maybe these girls will be very pleased with them?

They even wear gloves...

Returnees in Katla

they have a hard time

the area has received

very limited assistance

And many people are extremely poor

They are asking for basic things

A hand pump maybe

or a clinic?

NRRDO gave the poorest houselholds

a small herd of goats

that will hopefully prosper

Nuba Julud Market
Enough seen in Julud: back to Kadugli

Nuba Julud Market
The road between Dilling and Kadugli is still not finished
(and one wonders if it ever will be)


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