Photography of the second journey

When I landed at Kerker by the end of 1998, the situation in the Nuba Mountains seemed pretty much the same as one year before. The same poverty, the same ability to enjoy life in spite of dangers and misery. This time however I had a chance to witness battle when a Government convoy occupied Koia, a couple of strategic hills in the plains between two SPLA controled mountain ridges.

Commander Ismael Khamis Jelab, who was replacing Yousif Kuwa in his absense, organized a counter attack. The destruction, the wounded men and the corpses were repulsive. Already shocked by the experience of looking for dead bodies to photograph, I heard that landmines killed several soldiers in Koia. I had my photos of the actual war, but my senses were numb.

Wrestling tournament

Wrestling tournament





Medicin window at the clinic in Mirawe

Sorghum field

Drinking water

alShatir, tax collector

Cup for marissa (sorghum beer)

Debkar market


Ramadan and 'Mjirri

Girls singing

Girl doing the laundry

Timo's wife

Radio operator

Man rolling sigaret

Girls from Tocho

The skin of their bellies moulded like putty

Bringing Sorghum for the soldiers

120 mm gun

120 mm shells

Soldiers waiting for instructions

Most of them are experrienced fighters

Soldier with mortar

Ammunition comes from anywhere

Discussing tactics using sand model

Sand model representing Koia

Cdr. Ismael Khamis Jelab

Discussing tactics

Head of security

All officers participate

Arms inspection

Young soldier the day before battle

Another young soldier

Soldier the day before battle

will his charms actually defelct bullets?

Moral is high

Aiming the BM during battle

Wounded soldier being carried tot he hospital

Destroyed storage room

Destroyed storage room

Granade cartridges and slipper

Soldier carrying box of ammunition

Religious book and bloody cloth

Abandoned boxes of ammunition

X-ray from a field hospital

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