Drawings after photographs by Sabine Vess

Sabine Vess is an artist born in Germany, resident in the Netherlands for over fourty years. She draws, paints and writes. She has performed theater and she devotes much of her time stimulating people in backward positions to use their own creativity to move away from resignation and despondency.

Sabine saw the photos I took in the Nuba Mountains and wanted to draw some of the people. I think the drawings are beautiful and I like to share them with you.

Woman from Miri Berre

Leper in Miri Berre

Mek of Miri Berre

Man in Miri Berre

Man in Kalkada

Man in Jageba

Nuba man

Nuba man

More of Sabine's art, her writings and her work with the children at www.sabinevess.nl.

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