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2009-05-15: Haroun pledges to realize security in S. Kordofan, by Miraya FM
2009-05-15: Aggar calls on S. Kordofan State to realize advancement, by SUNA
2009-05-15: South Kordofan State Launches Reconciliation Initiative, by SUNA
2009-05-14: Haroun and Al Hilo pledge to terminate dispute in SK, by SMC
2009-05-12: DDR Kadugli Office Opens Sunday, by Al-Sammani Awadallah
2009-05-11: Education Suffers after Aid Agency Expulsions in SK, by SRS
2009-05-11: Nuba and possible troubles with Governor Haroun, by ST
2009-05-11: Haroun: peace building top priority, by SUNA
2009-05-10: Abyei Arbitration: What Next, by ST
2009-05-10: Reshuffling is respons to appointment of Abdullziz al Hilu, by NMH
2009-05-09: NEC downplays SPLM rejection of census, by Miraya FM
2009-05-08: SPLM rejects 5th population census results, by Miraya FM
2009-05-08: SPLM Rejects Census Results, by SRS
2009-05-08: Sudan war crimes suspect to head disputed province, by AFP
2009-05-08: War crimes suspect heads Sudan post, by Al Jazeera
2009-05-07: Bashir removes ICC-wanted minister in a cabinet reshuffle, by ST
2009-05-07: Ahmed Mohamed Haroun new Wali of S Kordofan, by SUNA
2009-05-07: Itto to launch SPLM campaign in South Kordofan, by SPLM Today
2009-05-06: On defiance pledge of forces to the President, by SVD
2009-05-06: Talafon Kuko : we failed to meet FVP Salva Kiir, by SMC
2009-05-06: Al Hilu: SPLM pledges to support Ex-Soldiers, by SRS
2009-05-04: AlHilu assumes post of deputy governor in SK, by Miraya FM
2009-05-01: Deputy Governor Calls for Unity in Nuba Mountains, by SRS

2009-04-25: GoSS seeking US guarantees on Abyei arbitration, by UNMIS MMR
2009-04-25: Kiir gratifies SPLM reconciliation modalities, by SPLM Today
2009-04-23: Appointment of Al Hilu less than what they Have Expected, by ST
2009-04-22: Gov. advocate: commitment to Abyei ruling 'premature', by Miraya FM
2009-04-22: DDR Begins in South Kordofan Next Week, by SRS
2009-04-21: 18000 armed elements to demobilize in Southern Kordofan, by SMC
2009-04-20: With Hilu on power there is a clear ray of hope for Nuba, by Kwocho
2009-04-18: Arson attacks on churches, by UNMIS Human Rights Bulletin
2009-04-18: Dilling; NISS allegedly among attackers of students, by UNMIS HRB
2009-04-17: Congratulation for All Nuba people, by John Chotigo
2009-04-17: Appointment Al Hilo is conspiracy by communists in SPLM, by SMC
2009-04-17: Abdel-Aziz Adam al Hilu: the challenge ahead, by N. op 't Ende
2009-04-17: Security arrangements face obstacles in S Kordofan, by Miraya FM
2009-04-16: Popular Support for Al Hilu's Appoinment in S.Kordofan, by Miraya FM
2009-04-15: MPs say tribal arming in SK must be investigated, by UNMIS MMR
2009-04-15: Why the Nuba dreams came true? Congratulations from Australia
2009-04-14: SPLM’s Al-Hilu sworn in as deputy governor of South Kordofan, by ST
2009-04-14: SPLM appoints Abdel Azziz Al-Hilu, by Miraya FM
2009-04-14: South Kordofan suffers from expulsion of aid agencies, by Miraya FM
2009-04-12: 1, 700 soldiers in Southern Kordofan demobilized, by UNMIS MMR
2009-04-12: Deterioration of humanitarian situation in Kordofan, by Miraya FM
2009-04-05: Nuba Authorities on the expulsion of NGOs from S Kordofan, by SPLM
2009-04-02: Sudan delays general elections to Feb 2010, by ST
2009-04-01: Talafon Koku Requested Security Guarantees to visit Juba, by SMC

2009-03-31: 3 captured for tribal violence in South Kordofan, by Miraya FM
2009-03-24: Tribal clashes kill 23 people in S. Kordofan, by Miraya FM
2009-03-24: Sudanese Minister Ahmad Harun Talks to Asharq Al-Awsat
2009-03-20: SPLM meeting in South Kordofan postponed, by Miraya FM
2009-03-18: SPLM (S Kordofan) to hold exceptional conference, by Miraya FM
2009-03-17: Expulsion of NGOs causes humanitarian crisis in S. Kordofan, by SRS
2009-03-15: Students wounded in clashes with government militia over ICC, by ST
2009-03-11: The Decision of the Experts of Abyei Borders Commission Revisited
2009-03-09: Protest against expulsion of NGOs in Kauda, South Kurdofan
2009-03-05: Daniel Kodi's dismissal is an embarrassment to the SPLA/M leaders
2009-03-05: Sudan's president dances after war crimes move, by CNN
2009-03-05: NGOs in S. Kordofan forced to close their offices, by N. op 't Ende
2009-03-04: Wanted for war crimes in Darfur: Sudan's president, by AP
2009-03-04: Sudan expels aid groups after arrest warrant, by AP
2009-03-04: Govt Expels Ten Foreign Organizations, by SMC
2009-03-02: SPLM in South Kordofan To Vote For New Chairman, by SRS
2009-03-00: Peace and development in Dar Misseriyya, from a report by ODI

2009-02-23: South Kordofan Legislative Assembly Strapped For Cash, by SRS
2009-02-23: Pre-Trial Chamber: decision re. Al Bashir on March 4th, by Miraya FM
2009-02-22: What is SPLM up to in South Kurdofan, by Amat Allah
2009-02-21: Sudan Airways launches its flights to Kadugli, by SUNA
2009-02-21: S Kordofan vote-of-no-confidence against Daniel Kodi, by Miraya FM
2009-02-21: SPLM-South Kordofan removes Kodi from its chairmanship, by ST
2009-02-18: Defense Minister: Kordofan social fabric at stake, by SVD
2009-02-17: Haroun: South Kordofan incidents happen in limited scale, by SMC
2009-02-12: Don't drag army into politics; Defence Minister warns, by UNMIS MMR
2009-02-12: Min of Defense to political parties: don't try involving army, by SMC
2009-02-12: Govt sign agreement with JEM's faction in S Kurdufan, by UNMIS MMR
2009-02-11: Clashes break out between the IDPs and Baggara, by NSV
2009-02-11: Renewed clashes in central Sudan, by UNMIS MMR
2009-02-09: JEM Chief Deputy and 250 Missarieya quit the Movement, by SMC
2009-02-06: 2009 make or break for peace in Sudan - UN Spec. Repr. Qazi, by NSV
2009-02-02: DDR announces start S Kordofan registration mid February, by SMC

2009-01-28: Nuba, Funj, Ngok Dinka will survive in peace and in hell, by SSN
2009-01-27: Agreement signed to establish Kadugli - Kawda highway, by SUNA
2009-01-25: Japan grants local NGO $87.000 for education in SK, by ST
2009-01-23: Statement of the Peoples’ Forum in South Kordofan
2009-01-17: SAF Denies Association to Arming of any Tribal Groups, by SMC
2009-01-16: Southern Kordofan clashes blamed on militias, by IRIN
2009-01-15: Clashes in flashpoint Sudan region kill at least 16, by Reuters
2009-01-14: JIU soldier and 8 civilians killed in separate clashes, by Miraya FM
2009-01-14: 10 killed, 10 injured in Southern Kordofan, by UNMIS MMR
2009-01-13: Growing discontent in Southern Kordofan, by IRIN
2009-01-13: S Kordofan groups are Attempting to re-enlist the demobilized, by SVD
2009-01-12: SPLM: no election without agreeing on disputed laws, by Miraya FM
2009-01-12: Addalanj University students call for change, by Miraya FM
2009-01-09: Future Studies Center to Launch Workshop in S Kordofan, by SMC
2009-01-08: Japan provides DDR programme in Sudan with $17 million, by UNDP
2009-01-07: Al-Bashir Indictment Could Damage Disarmament Process, by SRS
2009-01-07: JEM denies intention to attack strategic areas, by Miraya FM
2009-01-06: Niron Philip urges CPA partners to complete reconciliation, by SV
2009-01-06: SPLM Accuses SAF of Re-arming Civilians in S Kordofan, by SNS
2009-01-06: Rrebel attack, anti-west threat if Bashir indicted, by UNMIS MMR
2009-01-06: NCP in south Kordofan calls for dialogue, by Miraya FM
2009-01-06: SPLM South Kordofan calls for militia disarmament, by UNMIS MMR
2009-01-06: South Kordofan: the land is fertile yet food is scarce, by IRIN
2009-01-03: JEM says deal with Kordofanese KAD still under discussion, by ST
2009-01-01: Darfur JEM and Kordofan KAD agree to conjugate efforts, by ST

News Archive 2008

2008-12-30: Rise of partners' differences in south Kordofan, by Miraya FM
2008-12-29: SPLM official threatens to terminate SK partnership, by UNMIS MMR
2008-12-28: SPLM Nuba in a tight corner - yet again, by N. op 't Ende
2008-12-28: SPLM demands reinstatement of sacked Minister, by UNMIS MMR
2008-12-22: Meeting of the SPLM Leadership, final declaration, by SPLM SK
2008-12-18: A Kenyan curriculum with a Southern Sudanese twist, by IRIN
2008-12-17: SPLM S.K. discusses security developments, by UNMIS MMR
2008-12-17: News related to developments in Abyei, by UNMIS MMR
2008-12-15: SPLM renews rejection of SAF build up in SK, by Miraya FM
2008-12-14: Civilians 'returning' to Sudan town, by Al Jazeera
2008-12-14: Soldiers to withdraw after shooting in Sudan oil town, by Reuters
2008-12-12: UN official calls for calm in Abyei, by UN News Service
2008-12-12: Two policemen killed in Abyei after clashes, by ST
2008-12-11: Sudan former foes not fully withdrawn from Abyei, by UNMIS MMR
2008-12-11: Williamson ends visit to Abyei, goes to al-Fashir, by UNMIS MMR
2008-12-07: SAF: deployment troops in SK not threat to SPLM, by Miraya FM
2008-12-07: S Kordofan: Sudan builds up troops in oil region, by Welt Online
2008-12-07: Al Bashir promises to approve Abyei budget, by Miraya FM
2008-12-06: Sudan confirms troops deployment in South Kordofan, by ST
2008-12-05: Sudanese army deploys troops in S Kordofan, SPLM says, by ST
2008-12-05: Opposition parties warn against ignoring SK, by Miraya FM
2008-12-04: Southern Kordofan State: Over 75 AIDS cases, by Miraya FM
2008-12-04: Kiir vows not to accept ‘unreasonable’ census results, by ST
2008-12-04: CPA betrayed Black marginalized people, SNN letters
2008-12-04: The Lovers of Nuba from the South got it Wrong, SSN letters
2008-12-04: An insult to Nuba and Funj, SSN letters
2008-12-02: UN denies proposing elections delay, by UNMIS MMR
2008-12-02: SK prepares for return of 4000 refugees from Egypt, by UNMIS MMR
2008-12-01: SK Governor: JEM trying to escalate war into Kordofan, by SMC
2008-12-01: SK Governor: SPLM violated Naivasha Agreement, by UNMIS MMR

2008-11-28: UN experts advise South Sudan to delay next year elections, by ST
2008-11-27: NCP criticizes some SPLM leaders for escalating problems, by SMC
2008-11-27: Edward Lino is a “warmonger” – NCP official, by UNMIS MMR
2008-11-26: SPLM & NCP reach consensus on several bills, by Miraya FM
2008-11-25: The uncertain future of the Nuba after 2011 Referendum, by SSN
2008-11-25: Lino warns for Kordofan and Abyei, by UNMIS MMR

2008-11-25: Blue Nile and SK Security Committee met, by UNMIS MMR
2008-11-25: Bashir appoints the 9 members of Sudan electoral board, by ST
2008-11-25: Elections will not be held before 2010, by UNMIS MMR
2008-11-24: SPLM South Kordofan wants finance minister back, by Miraya FM
2008-11-24: NCP and SPLM to discuss Nuba Mountains, by UNMIS MMR
2008-11-24: North and south Sudan must overcome challenges: AU chief, by AFP
2008-11-22: 210 SPLM Officers Integrated in Police Force, by SA
2008-11-21: 35 Dengue cases in South Kordofan, by Miraya FM
2008-11-16: The Transitional Areas and Independence of S. Sudan, by J. Okuk
2008-11-15: Forum to Deal with Conflict Resolution Protocol in SK, by SMC
2008-11-15: Egypt warns: Bashir not immune from ICC prosecution, by SMC
2008-11-11: SK Childrens' rights laws passed, FGM criminalized, by N. op 't Ende
2008-11-11: NCCW and UNICEF welcome new laws protecting children in SK
2008-11-10: SPLM Ministers walk out of SK Cabinet meeting, by UNMIS MMR
2008-11-10: SK & Nuba Int. Society: Repatriation of Refugees from Egypt, by SMC
2008-11-10: Al-Bashir opens new part of University of W. Kordofan, by SUNA
2008-11-04: Two groups behind kidnapped Chinese workers, by SMN
2008-11-03: Min. of Interior to send more troops and logistics to SK, by SMC

2008-10-28: South Kordofan State Development Contracts, by Ray Alaam
2008-10-27: Kidnappers kill Chinese hostages in Sudan, by Reuters
2008-10-26: SK Assembly proposes ban FMG, by N. op 't Ende
2008-10-25: Kiir: no approval of dismissal of SK finance minister, by N. op 't Ende
2008-10-24: Sudan kidnappers want Chinese oil firms out: report, by AFP
2008-10-24: South Kordofan: comments to the ICG report, by N. op 't Ende
2008-10-22: Sudan locates area of Chinese hostages, by Reuters
2008-10-21: Haroun pledges $300 Million for Blue Nile and Nuba, by Miraya FM
2008-10-21: SPLA continues rearming, tanks reach B Nile, by UNMIS MMR
2008-10-21: Sudan and China Join Efforts for Release of Oil Workers, by SUNA
2008-10-20: Formation of Nuba Mnts Cultural Society of Victoria Inc./Australia
2008-10-19: SPLA mobilizing equipment and fighters in Abyei, by UNMIS MMR
2008-10-19: Nine Chinese oil workers kidnapped at Block 4 area, by SUNA
2008-10-19: Chinese oil workers kidnapped in Sudan’s Kordofan, by ST
2008-10-19: CPA partners fail to agree on Abyei fifth arbitrator, by UNMIS MMR
2008-10-16: Joint Integrated Police to maintain security in SK, by UNMIS MMR
2008-10-14: Youth rally in Kauda against sacking of Finance Minister, by W. Koja
2008-10-08: SK Governor accuses NGOs of destabilizing State, by UNMIS MMR
2008-10-07: Abyei Area Administration chiefs appointed, by UNMIS MMR
2008-10-03: El-Hilu SPLM Secretary for Political Affairs and Mobilization, by NSV
2008-10-02: SPLM's head in SK criticizes sacking Finance Minister, by Miraya FM

2008-09-30: Conflict in SK government over finance ministry, by N. op 't Ende
2008-09-28: High-ranking ruling party official killed in Kadugli, by UNMIS MMR
2008-09-28: Ahmad Adam Ahmad??, from a UN Security Council document
2008-09-23: Nuba East Africa Students, their future lies in ruins, by Wasaka Koja
2008-09-23: Awad Sukkar, the first Nuba in The Netherlands, by N. op 't Ende
2008-09-18: Awad Sukar has passed away
2008-09-17: DDR allocates budget to disarm part of SPLA and SAF, by Miraya FM
2008-09-17: B Nile and SK Protocols’ Committee meet next week, by UNMIS MMR
2008-09-17: De-mining in Kordofan resumes in October, by UNMIS MMR
2008-09-11: Sudanese elections could be delayed: southern minister, by Reuters
2008-09-10: Daniel Kodi: SK full of positives elements - But!, by Ajerass al Huriyaa
2008-09-01: Agreement on Establishing Micro-finance Institution in SK, by SUNA

2008-08-31: Chief of Abyei Administration and his deputy sworn in, by ST
2008-08-31: Reintegration of 1120 Elements of SPLM in Police starts, by SMC
2008-08-25: Salva Kiir is SPLM’s candidate for Sudan’s president – Amum, by ST
2008-08-24: Long awaited Integration under way in S Kordofan, by N. op 't Ende
2008-08-23: SPLM hints at withdrawing Kiir’s candidacy for president, by ST
2008-08-21: SPLM, NCP iron out differences in S Kordofan, by UNMIS MMR
2008-08-15: Stability Threats in South Kordofan, by SRRC Blogs
2008-08-12: More on SPLA-2, by Julie Flint
2008-08-12: Those responsible for atrocities against Nuba must be punished, SO
2008-08-07: The Risk of Rebellion in Kordofan, SRRC Blogs
2008-08-06: Two Partners Agree to Determine Rebellion Attempt in NM, by SMC
2008-08-06: Pagan Amum resigns ‘in two weeks’ from GNU, by NSV
2008-08-05: NCP, SPLM warn of potential insurgency in the NM, by UNMIS MMR
2008-08-04: Revisiting the Nuba Mountains, by Julie Flint
2008-08-03: Blue Nile and SK commission meets tomorrow, by UNMIS MMR

2008-07-29: Telephone Kuku: Nuba will not automatically vote SPLM, by SMC
2008-07-28: Bishop Menegazzo ordains 3 Priests for Kordofan and Darfur, by NSV
2008-07-27: All SAF and SPLA forces withdrawn from Abyei, by UNMIS MMR
2008-07-26: SPLM launches huge campaign to win elections, by Miraya FM
2008-07-26: SPLM Kiir to run for president in Sudan 2009 elections, by ST
2008-07-24: Sudan's Beshir pledges peace as he leaves Darfur, by AFP
2008-07-23: Marginalized Sudanese Activists Support International Criminal Court
2008-07-15: The ICC Is Not the Security Council’s Plaything, by Opinio Juris
2008-07-12: Abyei case formally refered to the arbitration court, by ST
2008-07-05: Commemoration of Fr. Philip Ghaboush in London, by N. op 't Ende
2008-07-02: SPLM in Southern Kordofan rejects census results, by UNMIS MMR
2008-07-02: Kampala Hosts SPLM Coalition Conference with Darfurians, by SMC
2008-07-02: National Assembly approves elections bill, by Miraya FM

2008-06-25: Nine killed, wounded in clashes SPLA - Hawazma, by UNMIS MMR
2008-06-21: Hague court to decide Sudan's disputed Abyei border, by Reuters
2008-06-19: Haroun opens roads in SKordofan after mine clearance, by SUNA
2008-06-18: Sudan’s joint units arrive to Abyei, by ST
2008-06-16: Deployment of battalion in Abyei delayed, by Miraya FM
2008-06-16: Successful handover of 3 health clinics northeast Kadugli, by Medair
2008-06-08: Kiir praises roadmap for implementation of Abyei Protocol, by SUNA
2008-06-08: presidency signs agreement on Abyei, by Miraya FM
2008-06-05: SPLM says Kiir capable of settling Abyei crisis, by UNMIS MMR
2008-06-05: UN: NCP and SPLM agree on Abyei, by Miraya FM
2008-06-05: NCP officials: settlement on Abyei within 48 hours, by UNMIS MMR
2008-06-04: SPLM and NCP agree on international arbitration over Abyei, by ST
2008-06-04: Military build-up threatens Sudan peace deal, by The Guardian
2008-06-04: Armies 'head for central Sudan', by BBC
2008-06-04: Hakamas sing for peace, by UNMIS
2008-06-03: Telephone Kuku Protests against Movement Convention, by SMC
2008-06-03: U.S. suspends talks with Sudan over oil town row, by Reuters
2008-06-03: SPLM presents proposal to NCP on Abyei protocol, by Miraya FM
2008-06-03: South Sudanese accuse Khartoum of sending troops, by Reuters
2008-06-00: Indian contingent leaves legacy of goodwill, by UNMIS

2008-05-30: Water douses tensions in Abu Junuk, by Reliefweb
2008-05-30: President proposes formation of joint administration in Abyei, by ST
2008-05-28: CPC arrives at decisions to resolve Abyei crisis, by UNMIS MMR
2008-05-28: NCP is studying SPLM proposals to resolve Abyei, by UNMIS MMR
2008-05-28: Special Committee on Abyei to come with solutions, by Miraya FM
2008-05-26: NCP and SPLM reportedly agree to pull Abyei forces back, by ST
2008-05-26: SPLM official says the country inches closer to civil war, by AFP
2008-05-25: Lino Main Cause for Escalation in Abyei, Bakhet, by SV
2008-05-24: Legal and Financial Violations in the SK State Development Bids
2008-05-22: Kiir: problem is non-implementation of Abyei Protocol, by UNMIS MMR
2008-05-22: Rich farms, conflict and climate change, by IRIN
2008-05-20: Deadly fighting rages in Sudan flashpoint, by AFP
2008-05-20: Heavy fighting erupts in Sudan oil town, by Reuters
2008-05-18: Abyei fighting resumes, 2000 evacuated to Muglad, by UNMIS MMR
2008-05-17: Hostilities between SPLA & SAF, UNMIS says, by Miraya FM
2008-05-16: Abyei in ruins after clashes; thousands displaced, by SRS
2008-05-15: Fighting forces UN to evacuate staff from Abyei, by UN NS
2008-05-15: Thousands flee clashes in Sudan oil town, by Reuters
2008-05-15: people killed in clashes in Abyei, by Miraya FM
2008-05-14: Clashes break out in Sudan's Abyei region, by Reuters
2008-05-14: South Sudan's militia forces attack Abyei town, by NSV
2008-05-08: Kodi says government igniting conflict in Abyei, by UNMIS MMR
2008-05-05: Census ends today, partial census in S. Kordofan, by UNMIS MRR
2008-05-05: SPLA blamed for renewed Misseriya - Nuba clashes, by Miraya FM
2008-05-04: AEC Acquainted with Southern Kordofan State's Government, by SVD
2008-05-02: Sudan plane crashes, S.Sudan minister on board-SPLM, by Reuters
2008-05-01: Humanitarian crisis following withdrawal SPLA, by UNMIS MMR

2008-04-29: JIUs to replace SPLA in Abyei, by SMN
2008-04-29: South Sudan army starts to redeploy troops from SK, by ST
2008-04-29: Delegation from Partners visit Southern Kordofan, by UNMIS MMR
2008-04-25: Over 20 killed in new clashes between SPLA and Misseriya, by ST
2008-04-25: SPLM asks S Kordofan leaders to call off boycott of census, by SRS
2008-04-24: Census crisis in SK defused, census resumed, by UNMIS MMR
2008-04-24: SPLM SK retreats from not participating in Census, by Miraya FM
2008-04-23: Census in Southern Kordofan: boycot and incidents, by UNMIS MMR
2008-04-22: SPLM boycotts census in south Kordofan, by Miraya FM
2008-04-22: SPLM’s South Kordofan boycotts Sudan fifth census, by ST
2008-04-21: Wali of South Kordofan State attends launching of Census, by SMC
2008-04-18: S. Kordofan: boy 14 kept in detention by SAF for 43 days, by UNHCHR
2008-04-16: South Sudan says it will not be bound by census, by AFP
2008-04-16: Dr Kamal Obeid: decision by GoSS poor and not clear, by Miraya FM
2008-04-16: Press Release on 5th Nat. Population & Housing Census, by GoSS
2008-04-14: GoSS meets today to examine Presidency's decision, by Miraya FM
2008-04-14: Sudan president and SPLM chairman resolve census row, by ST
2008-04-13: Emergency meeting Presidency on census, by Miraya FM
2008-04-13: NC calls on SPLM to retreat from census postponement , by SUNA
2008-04-12: Sudan ruling party slams SPLM decision to suspend census, by ST
2008-04-12: Census delay raises doubt on 2009 elections, by Reuters
2008-04-12: South Sudan delays crunch census: report, by AFP
2008-04-12: GoSS says census postponed in southern Sudan, by Miraya FM
2008-04-12: South Sudan suspends census till end of the year, by NSV
2008-04-06: Lino adopting foreign agenda, prominent Abyei figure, by UNMIS MMR
2008-04-06: SAF: Violations by SPLM are against the peace agreement, by SMC
2008-04-06: Resolving of Abyei is in hands of two Partners, by SMC
2008-04-06: Lino: SPLM will not abandon Abyei Administration, by Miraya FM
2008-04-06: Lidder: Abyei, border are the biggest challenges, by Miraya FM
2008-04-05: Sudanese army says SPLA closed Abyei road, by ST
2008-04-05: SPLA Deploys Force on Border Strip with North, by SMC
2008-04-05: SAF denies entering Abyei, by Miraya FM
2008-04-04: US Charge d’Affaires visits Abyei, offers mediation, by UNMIS MMR
2008-04-04: SAF dismisses accusations of troops build-un in Abyei, by ST
2008-04-04: SRSG Ashraf Qazi about his visit to Kadugli & Abyei, by UNMIS MMR
2008-04-04: SPLM: FVP appointed Abyei Administration, by UNMIS MMR
2008-04-04: SPLM, NCP at loggerheads over Abyei Administration, by UNMIS MMR
2008-04-03: Sudan: political battle fuels tension in oil-rich crossroads, by AFP
2008-04-03: Sudan’s peace partners trade accusations over Abyei, by ST
2008-04-02: Northern troops enter disputed Sudan oil town, by Reuters
2008-04-02: NCP Threatens to Suspend Joint Action on Abyei Protocol, by SVD
2008-04-02: Sudan's Khartoum army sends more troops to Abyei, by NSV
2008-04-01: NCP Warns Halt Negotiations on Abyei with SPLM, by SMC
2008-04-01: Sudanese presidency discusses Abyei’s administration, by ST

2008-03-30: NCP statement on what happened recently in Abyei town, by SUNA
2008-03-30: 840 displaced face humanitarian problems in Kadughli, by Miraya FM
2008-03-27: Lino accuses GoNU of depriving peace in Abyei, by UNMIS MMR
2008-03-26: Sudan's Edward Lino arrives in Abyei to launch govt, by NSV
2008-03-25: Calls for rescheduling Missieyria-Dinka conference, by Miraya FM
2008-03-24: Rising tension in Abyei as clashes displace hundreds, by IRIN
2008-03-24: Nafie holds SPLA responsible for conflict in Abyei, by UNMIS MMR
2008-03-24: Misseriya attacks Southern returnees, by Miraya FM
2008-03-23: SPLM, NCP agree over Sudan’s elections law, by ST
2008-03-21: SPLM MP survives assassination attempt in Nuba, by NSV
2008-03-19: SPLM boosts ties with SK and SBN States, by SPLM today
2008-03-19: SPLM, NCP to revive Messeriya routes, by UNMIS MMR
2008-03-19: SPLM is awaiting reply from NCP with regard to Abyei, by UNMIS MMR
2008-03-17: 2 Messeriya killed, 3 wounded south of Meiram, by UNMIS MMR
2008-03-16: SAF advances 8 km south of Meiram, by UNMIS MMR
2008-03-15: Misseriya and Nuba clash in Sudan's Sunut, by NSV
2008-03-12: No Renegotiation of Abyei Protocal, Says Kiir, by SRS
2008-03-12: SPLM and NCP agree on electoral law, by UNMIS MMR
2008-03-12: Misseriya slam Abyei joint administration, by UNMIS MMR
2008-03-11: Sudanese students attack US aid workers in Nuba, by Reuters
2008-03-11: Samaritan's Purse: 2 US aid workers attacked, beaten, by AP
2008-03-10: SPLM agrees to NCP proposal over Abyei, by UNMIS MMR
2008-03-10: Fresh fighting in Sudan’s Abyei region - Salva Kiir, by AFP
2008-03-10: Measures and efforts towards peace in Abyei, by Miraya FM
2008-03-10: North-South border dispute threatens CPA, by Miraya FM
2008-03-10: Salva Kiir: Who gives Misseriya heavy guns, by UNMIS MMR
2008-03-09: SPLM Promises to Consider NCP Proposal on Abyei, by SMC
2008-03-08: Assaults and deaths along Sudan's north-south borders, by NSV
2008-03-08: Min of Health, Dr. Tabitha Butrus Shokai will visit Abyei area, by NSV
2008-03-04: Philip Abbas Ghaboush, Archbishop, Field Marshal, by N. op 't Ende
2008-03-04: A Tribute to Fr. Philip Gaboush, by SPLM Ottowa
2008-03-04: Painful Obituary Father Philip Abass Gabush, by Mahmoud E. Yousif
2008-03-03: Messeriya mobilize over 5000 fighters, warn SPLA, by UNMIS MMR
2008-03-03: Presidential Adviser: presence Lino in Abyei is illegal, by UNMIS MMR
2008-03-03: SPLM denies responsibility for clashes with Misseriya, by Miraya FM
2008-03-02: 43 killed and 70 wounded in clash in Meiram, by UNMIS MMR
2008-03-02: Sudan nomads clash with ex-rebels, dozens killed, by Reuters
2008-03-02: SPLA -Misseirya clashes: over 90 people killed: by Miraya FM
2008-03-01: More Than 25 from Missariea Killed in Clash with SPLA, by SMC
2008-03-01: South Kordofan AEC Embarks on Consultations in March, by SVD

2008-02-28: President Bashir: good news about Abyei soon, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-28: Decision appointing political supervisor of NCP in Abyei, by SUNA
2008-02-28: Edward Lino denies SPLA attacking Misseirya in Abyei, by Miraya FM
2008-02-27: Abyei Administrator Says Security Improving, by SRS
2008-02-27: New group in S. Kordufan accuses SPLM of violating CPA, by ST
2008-02-26: New group threatens to restrict UN movement in SK, by UNMIS
2008-02-25: S. Kordofan Works out Comprehensive Agricultural Plan, by SUNA
2008-02-25: Presidency reaches partial agreement on Abyei issue, by Miraya FM
2008-02-24: Tens killed in Dinka and Messeriya confrontation, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-24: Insecurity causes commodity price hike in Sudan's Abyei, by NSV
2008-02-20: Demining team stopped from proceeding to Abyei, by UNMIS
2008-02-19: NCP: Abyei part of northern Sudan until 2011, by Miraya FM
2008-01-19: Abyei is a northern area: NCP, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-19: Abyei Liberation Front to close SPLM SK offices, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-19: Abyei, Equatoria crises could derail census, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-19: NBEG Legislator Asks President To Intervene In Abyei, by SRS
2008-02-18: Sudan SPLM vows swift response to military attacks in Abyei, by ST
2008-02-18: S. Sudan's official: NCP fuelling tention in Abyei, by Miraya FM
2008-02-18: 3 killed in tribal clashes between Miseriya and Dajo, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-18: GoSS: SPLA may intervene to protect Abyei people, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-17: New rebel Nuba movement in South Kordofan, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-17: SPLA fires at vehicles carrying Miseriya, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-17: Miseriya declare Abyei independent State, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-17: Akhbar AlYom Forum of Miseriya leaders on Abyei, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-17: Sudan’s national census to start on 15 April, by ST
2008-02-17: Presidency postpones today’s meeting, by Miraya FM
2008-02-13: UN denies evacuating international staff from Abyei, by Miraya FM
2008-02-13: Machar Dismisses SPLA Threat to Miseeriah as Baseless, by SVD
2008-02-13: Lino: Miseriya block major route into the south, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-13: Machar: Miseriya may attack Abyei in hours, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-13: Miseriya give Dinka 24 hrs to leave Muglad, al Meram, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-13: NGO staff, northern families evacuated from Abyei, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-13: al Nour refutes allegations, Muglad-Abyei road open, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-13: Traders fleeing Abyei fearing Dinka - Messiriya confrontation, by NSV
2008-02-12: Armed Sudanese nomads block key north-south route, by Reuters
2008-02-12: When the Nuba Mountains called my name …, by Yazeed Kamaldien
2008-02-11: Abyei Liberation Front: new Miseriya organization, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-11: Security committee discusses Abyei tensions, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-10: Ten Sudanese chosen for study in India, by UNMIS Bulletin
2008-02-10: Arab Misseriya attacks Sudan's Abyei, by NSV
2008-02-10: Miseriya bloc roads leading to south Sudan, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-10: SAF and SPLA clashes, Miseriya bloc road to Abyei, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-10: Miseriya kill three, raid 8,000 cattle, says official, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-10: SPLM: Miseriya are guests, have no rights in Abyei, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-06: Jalab warns against Miseriya threat to cut off roads, by UNMIS MMR
2008-02-05: Sudanese chiefs meet in Khartoum to repatriate IDPs, by NSV
2008-02-04: Condolences for Fr. Philip Abbas Ghaboush including some photos

2008-01-31: Southern Kordofan: Omda of Ganai arrested by SPLA, by UNHCHR
2008-01-29: Darfurizing Southern Kordufan, by Mahamat Ousman
2008-01-29: Over 10,000 Mujahid establish PDF camp in Muglad, by UNMIS MMR
2008-01-23: Joint Military Commt. to al Meram to defuse tensions, by UNMIS MMR
2008-01-22: Nomad Group threats to launch war in South Kordofan, by SMN
2008-01-22: Gov. officials, governors agree to resolve inter-state tensions, by SMN
2008-01-20: El Hilu is appointed as Deputy Secr. General of Sudan’s SPLM, by ST
2008-01-16: Examining Abiey Issue from neutral perspective, by Sudanese Online
2008-01-15: Kiir warns of escalation in the transitional areas, by Miraya FM
2008-01-15: Massacre in Mjok... Missiriya are getting ready for revenge, by SMC
2008-01-13: Armed Group Raids Buram Prison & Releases 90 Prisoner, by SMC
2008-01-12: NCP says ready to discuss confederation with SPLM, by ST
2008-01-11: Misseriya seized weapons from police force in Abuzabad, by NSV
2008-01-10: Sudan ex-rebels withdraw from northern areas: general, by AFP
2008-01-09: North Sudan troops complete southern withdrawal: ex-rebels, by AFP
2008-01-08: Abdel Aziz Adam el Hilu arrives in Juba, speculations end, by NSV
2008-01-08: SAF to redeploy Forces North of 1956 Border Lines, by SMC
2008-01-08: Presidency Endorses Redeployment of Forces as Scheduled, by SVD
2008-01-08: Mujlad Citizens Protest against SPLA Offensive, by SMC
2008-01-08: SPLA massing troops in Abyei, more clashes likely, by UNMIS MMR
2008-01-07: North Sudan troops start withdrawal from oil areas, by ST
2008-01-07: Sudan armed forces set to vacate southern oilfields for JIU, by NSV
2008-01-07: Presidency meeting hears report of Joint Defence Council, by SUNA
2008-01-07: NCP & SPLM: Committee to Supervise CPA Implementation, by SMC
2008-01-07: Dialogue to Resolving Conflict between Miseeriah,SPLM/A, by SVD
2008-01-06: New Secretary General for SPLM, by UNMIS MMR
2008-01-06: Clashes renew in Deleng area, by UNMIS MMR
2008-01-05: ECS Condemning Death of Bishop Steven Alful Tutu, by ECS
2008-01-05: Defence body says SPLA need to redeploy from clashes area, by ST
2008-01-05: Clock is ticking in South Kordofan, by N. op 't Ende
2008-01-05: New fighting erupts on Sudan north-south border, by Reuters
2008-01-05: Reports: renewed fighting killed tens of people, by Miraya FM
2008-01-04: JDC to meet Saturday to review important issues, by SUNA
2008-01-04: South Sudan names Edward Lino to administrate Abyei, by ST
2008-01-04: January 9 set for northern troops to quit S. Sudan, by Reuters
2008-01-04: UN force commander hopes SPLA, SAF will redeploy, by Miraya FM
2008-01-04: 12 Missaria live claimed in renewed confrontation with SPLA , by SMC
2008-01-04: Misseriya weighs new attack against SPLA at border, by NSV
2008-01-04: South Sudan army says tribesmen resume attacks, by AFP
2008-01-03: Allegations and counter allegations over redeployment, by Miraya FM
2008-01-03: Misseriya Calls for SPLA withdrawal from 1965 boarder Line, by SVD
2008-01-03: NCP-SPLM delegation to assess situation Al-Meram, by UNMIS MMR
2008-01-03: New Government in South Kordofan, by UNMIS MMR
2008-01-03: High level NCP/SPLM delegation to al Mairam, Aweil, by Miraya FM
2008-01-02: New clashes between Ghulfan and Dar Naiema, by UNMIS MMR
2008-01-00: Broken down handpumps get new life, by UNMIS

News Archive 2007

2007-12-12: Al-Hilu Returns Swinging, by SVD
2007-12-10: The Abyei Protocol Demystified, by Douglas Johnson

2007-11-30: S. Kordofan committed to work with NGOs, by Miraya FM
2007-11-29: Abdelaziz Adam al Hilu returns to Sudan, by SVD
2007-11-29: IDP murdered in Kordofan, police officers looked on, by NSV
2007-11-28: RMRJ Warns JEM against Targeting Kordofan, by SMC
2007-11-28: JUI Commander Accuses SAF of Adding Troops in Abyei, by SRS
2007-11-25: Luka: Washington informs Salva that ABC report final, by UNMIS MMR
2007-11-24: My response to Mr Bella Kodi, by Isaac Koko
2007-11-24: High Way to Connect S. Kordofan Parts under Construction, by SMC
2007-11-23: Tribal Reconciliations to Be Launched in Lagawa& Dalang, by SMC
2007-11-21: Sudan partners realized biggest historic achievement - Kiir, by ST
2007-11-19: South Sudan army in state of mobilisation: SPLM SG, by ST
2007-11-18: South Sudan leader to convene a crisis meeting in Juba, by ST
2007-11-18: SPLM Enforced 68 Officers from Nuba Mts Work in South: KOKO, by SMC
2007-11-18: Sudan president "threatens war," say former rebels, by ST
2007-11-18: Bashir: “We will not seek war, but if imposed on us we are ready", by NSV
2007-11-18: US Expresses Surprise at Kiir Remarks on Peace Progress, by SMC
2007-11-18: Bashir orders paramilitary forces mobilization, rejects Abyei report, by ST
2007-11-18: We have Signed CPA from Position of Strength, Al Bashir, by SVD
2007-11-17: Bashir calls for the opening up of the training camps of the PDF, by ST
2007-11-17: Re: letter to the SPLM leaders in Nuba Mountains, by Bella Kodi
2007-11-17: Re: letter to the SPLM leaders in Nuba Mountains, by Anwar Abusalem
2007-11-15: George Bush in talks to avert Sudan civil war, by the Daily Telegraph
2007-11-13: Letter to the SPLM leaders in Nuba Mts/ S. Kordofan State, by Bella Kodi
2007-11-13: NCP Downplays SPLM 'So-called Plan B' Threat, by ST
2007-11-13: SPLA And SAF Pull Back From Al-Qwek, by SRS
2007-11-11: North-south Sudan talks stumble, by AFP
2007-11-09: Joint Defense Board: News of Troop Buildups False, by SRS
2007-11-09: Nuba keep all options open in case the South secedes, by N. op 't Ende
2007-11-08: Nuba Mountains part of the north: ex-rebels, by UNMIS MMR
2007-11-06: SAF hunts abductors of oil workers in South Kordofan, by UNMIS MMR
2007-11-06: Oil companies in Moga oilfield compensating Alsalamat, by UNMIS MMR
2007-11-03: Sudanese sides 'recommit to deal', by BBC
2007-11-03: President says SPLM and NCP resolved their difference, by Miraya FM
2007-11-02: Al-Bashir and Kiir to issue decisions to reactivate partnership, by SUNA
2007-11-02: South Sudan says progress achieved to end peace crisis, by Xinhua
2007-11-01: GoS, SPLM Agree on Demilitarization of Oilfields, by ST

2007-10-31: US excludes Southern Sudan from sanctions, by ST
2007-10-31: White Nile Governor Urges SPLA to withdraw Forces, by SMC
2007-10-30: Sudan: cooperation with CIA prevented US ‘destructive’ backlash, by ST
2007-10-28: SAF spokesperson: SPLA troops head towards Adraiel, by UNMIS MMR
2007-10-25: Miseriya threaten to withdraw from political forces, by UNMIS MMR
2007-10-25: Sudan’s Kiir meets defence minister, denies tensions, by ST
2007-10-25: Regional, international leaders make Kiir change mind, by UNMIS MMR
2007-10-25: Kiir instructs SPLA to be committed to orders and remain quiet, by SUNA
2007-10-25: Kiir: no military escalation between SPLA and SAForces, by SUNA
2007-10-25: Sudan Armed Forces, SPLA clash in Southern Sudan, 10 killed, by ST
2007-10-24: Sudan’s army confirms safety of Heglig oilfield in S. Sudan, by Xinhua
2007-10-24: Armed confrontations between SAF and SPLA, by UNMIS MRR
2007-10-24: SAForces denies deploying troops on borders with south, by Miraya FM
2007-10-23: SPLA denied deploying forces north of 1956 borderline, by Miraya FM
2007-10-22: Press conference of SVP Taha and SPLM reactions, by UNMIS MMR
2007-10-21: SPLA denies infiltration of troops to White Nile State, by Miraya FM
2007-10-21: Sudan vice president accuses south of troop buildup, by Reuters
2007-10-21: NCP: SPLA massing troops along North-South boundaries, by Xinhua
2007-10-20: SPLA soldiers' penetration into the north "not true", by NSV
2007-10-20: Sudan ruling party accuses SPLA of launching military offensive, by ST
2007-10-20: SPLA forces penetrate areas south of the White Nile, by SMC
2007-10-17: Experimental Population Census in S. Kordofan, by SUNA
2007-10-17: South Sudan Rebels Still Refuse to Rejoin Unity Government, by VoA
2007-10-17: SPLM says Sudan cabinet reshuffle different from what requested, by ST
2007-10-17: Former south Sudan rebels not yet ready to rejoin government, by AFP
2007-10-17: South Sudanese to rejoin national government. by UNMIS MMR
2007-10-16: Bashir relieves Lam Akol from foreign ministry, appoints Deng Alor, by ST
2007-10-16: Salva Kiir and Taha: resolution through direct dialogue, by SUNA
2007-10-16: SPLA: no Withdrawal From Al Dabab and Abu Tarig before Feb., by SMC
2007-10-16: Al-Bashir receives memorandum of Salva Kiir, by SUNA
2007-10-16: al-Bashir promises to study SPLM's demands, by Xinhua
2007-10-16: Bashir and Salva Kiir to meet soon on outstanding issues, by Miraya FM
2007-10-16: Winter said to be engineer of recent SPLM resolutions, by UNMIS MMR
2007-10-16: NCP parliamentary group to discuss SPLM pull out, by UNMIS MMR
2007-10-16: Committee for crisis management chaired by Ali Osman, by UNMIS MMR
2007-10-16: NDA tries to overcome crisis between CPA Partners, by UNMIS MMR
2007-10-16: Bashir meets Machar today, by UNMIS MMR
2007-10-15: Sudan’s NCP accuses SPLM of failing to implement CPA, by Xinhua
2007-10-15: SPLM delegation to meet Sudanese president Tuesday, by ST
2007-10-15: SPLM - NCPConfrontation looms over cabinet reshuffle, by ST
2007-10-15: SPLM delegation postpones return to Juba, by Miraya FM
2007-10-14: South Sudan is not going back to war, Salva Kiir, by ST
2007-10-14: SPLM delegation fails to meet President Al-Bashir, by Miraya FM
2007-10-14: Southerners hand demands to Sudan government, by Reuters
2007-10-14: South Sudanese present demands, by BBC
2007-10-13: SPLM threatens ‘further measures’ if NCP blocks cabinet reshuffle, by ST
2007-10-12: SPLM restores hope of marginalised Sudanese, by Koang Tut Jing
2007-10-12: NCP weighs response to SPLM decision on partnership, by ST
2007-10-12: NCP says to conduct more consultations with peace partner, by Xinhua
2007-10-12: NCP: Group in SPLM Working against Peace Process, by SUNA
2007-10-12: NCP affirms keenness on the partnership with SPLM, by SUNA
2007-10-11: Former rebels (SPLM) open to talks with Khartoum, by AFP
2007-10-11: pull-out " wake-up call for the international community", by IRIN
2007-10-11: Southern Sudan Party Quits Government, by AP
2007-10-11: SPLM suspends its participation in GONU, by NSV
2007-10-11: SPLM withdraw from Sudan national unity government, by ST
2007-10-11: SPLM suspends its participation in Khartoum government, by Miraya FM
2007-10-11: Southerners suspend work in Khartoum government, by Reuters
2007-10-10: SPLM to determine today on partnership with NCP, by UNMIS MMR
2007-10-10: Investigations on clashes begin after the Eid, by UNMIS MMR
2007-10-10: Not everybody will be pleased, by N. op 't Ende
2007-10-10: Update on the recalling to Juba of SPLM ministers in GONU, by NSV
2007-10-10: Background to the fighting in Lagawa County, by N. op 't Ende
2007-10-09: SPLM recalls ministers in the GoNU to Juba, by Miraya FM
2007-10-09: Lam Akol: Future of NCP-SPLM Partnership Reassuring, by SVD
2007-10-09: Hussein to S. Kordofan to Investigate Recent Sabotage Attempt, by SVD
2007-10-09: UN Military Experts Study Withdrawal of SPLA from S. Kordofan, by SVD
2007-10-08: UN gets detailed report on SPLA's redeployment, by Miraya FM
2007-10-07: United Nations Mission in Sudan Valued Venture, by UNMIS
2007-10-07: Arming Arab tribes in S. Kordofan continues, by UNMIS MMR
2007-10-06: Return to Amada, by Sabir Ibrahim Aglain
2007-10-05: Fighting in Lagawa county yet to be contained, by N. op 't Ende
2007-10-04: Measures against Suspects involved in Clash, by SMC
2007-10-04: S. Kordofan prepares for reconciliation, by UNMIS MMR
2007-10-03: S. Kordofan government: controlling situation, by UNMIS MMR
2007-10-02: Kodi: Nuba - Baggara clashes a mistake, by N. op 't Ende
2007-10-02: Security in S. Kordofan might escalate, by Miraya FM
2007-10-02: Tension between Baggara and Nuba leaves 43 dead, by NSV
2007-10-01: clashes between two tribes in South Kordofan, by UNMIS MMR
2007-10-01: UN gives SPLA dealine to provide detailed report, by Miraya FM

2007-09-30: GOSS Share in Oil Revenues for Aug. $ 153.6 million, by SUNA
2007-09-29: S. Kordofan Wali and Deputy Inspect Western Sector, by SUNA
2007-09-20: Implementation of the CPA: Progress Report, by GoS
2007-09-18: IDPs and refugees returning to the Three Areas report (ext. link)
2007-09-18: Kodi Receives Landmine Removing Organization, by SUNA
2007-09-18: SPLA withdrawal from S. Kordofan suspended, by Miraya FM
2007-09-17: Miseria threatens to escalate Abyie issue, by Alwan
2007-09-17: Kodi Appreciates UN Mission's Efforts in all Fields, by SUNA
2007-09-16: Miseriya demands restoration of West Kordofan, by UNMIS MMR
2007-09-16: SPLA withdraws from S. Kordofan & S. Darfur, by Miraya FM
2007-09-15: NC & SPLM Allow UN Census on Forces in S. Kordofan, by SMC
2007-09-13: Besieged SPLA platoon arrives Juba, by UNMIS MMR
2007-09-12: Kodi Lauds Performance of State Legislative Council, by SUNA
2007-09-10: Commission demands evacuation of troops, by UNMIS MMR
2007-09-10: New initiative to contain crisis in Mujlad, by UNMIS MMR
2007-09-09: Siege of SPLA troops by SAF ends peacefully, by Reuters
2007-09-09: 59,000 from Rizeigat and Miseria join SPLA, by UNMIS MMR
2007-09-09: End of SPLA element’s crisis in Mujlad, by UNMIS MMR
2007-09-09: Siege of SPLA troops by Sudanese army ends peacefully, by ST
2007-09-09: CFC Orders SPLA Troops Out of Muglad
2007-09-09: The SAF siege on the SPLA ends in Almujland, by Miraya FM
2007-09-08: SAF besieges 45 SPLA soldiers in South Kordofan, by Miraya FM
2007-09-08: Kordofan: SPLA-SAF standoff in Mugled precarious, by NSV
2007-09-07: Sudan Armed Forces surround SPLA troops in S. Kordofan, by ST
2007-09-07: Southern Sudan forces say besieged by northern army, by Reuters
2007-09-05: SPLM investigates assassination attempt, by UNMIS MMR
2007-09-05: SAF combs S. Kordofan to stop armed groups, by UNMIS MMR
2007-09-04: Armed group attack citizen in South Kordofan, by UNMIS MMR
2007-09-03: PHOTOS: SPLM official escapes assassination attempt, by ST
2007-09-03: SPLM accuses NCP of destabilizing S. Kordofan, by UNMIS MMR
2007-09-02: Sudan delays census until February 2008, by Reuters
2007-09-02: Pagan Amom Calls on S. Kordofan State's People to Unite, by SUNA
2007-09-02: Amum to citizens of S Kordofan: abandon violence, by UNMIS MMR
2007-09-02: SPLM nominate Kiir as presidential candidate, by Akhir Lahzah
2007-09-02: Daniel Kodi escapes assassination attempt, by Sudan Tribune
2007-09-01: back from the field, by Judy McCallum
2007-09-00: My Africa, my story, by Bella Kodi

2007-08-28: Military to end banditry and attacks in S Kordofan, by UNMIS MMR
2007-08-27:South Kordofan Wali Receives World Bank Delegation, by SUNA
2007-08-27: S Kordofan seeks assistance to stop JEM infiltration, by UNMIS MMR
2007-08-27: Wali of S Kordofan expels head of UN office, by UNMIS MMR
2007-08-23: Water security project in Buram, by SUNA
2007-08-08: Flood makes victims in South Kordofan, by SUNA
2007-08-01: SPLA withdraws from Nuba Mountains, by UNMIS MMR

2007-07-29: Cdr. Telephone Kuku says Nuba have been sold out (arabic)
2007-07-28: Return to War Inconceivable, Machar, by Sudan Vision
2007-07-26: SPLM proposes to NC a new concept of partnership, by Al-Sahafah
2007-07-26: SPLA denies that SPLA is still in Blue Nile and S Kordofan, by SRS
2007-07-26: ICG warns for possible escalation in Kordofan, by ICG
2007-07-25: Agar: SPLA Redeployed from S Kordofan and Blue Nile, by SRS
2007-07-25: NCP, SPLM Resolved to Settle Abyei Issue, by Sudan Vision
2007-07-25: Presidency agree on commissions, by SUNA
2007-07-24: Looming crisis in South Kordofan State, by UNMIS MMR
2007-07-23: UN: SPLA still has troops in Blue Nile and Nuba, by Sudan Tribune
2007-07-22: SPLA rejects accusations on presence Blue Nile and Nuba, by SPLA
2007-07-22: 57 Thousand of SPLA Elements Not Redeploy to South, by SMC
2007-07-22: SPLA says fully redeployed below 1.1.’56 line, by UNMIS MMR
2007-07-22: S Kordofan Finance Ministry effective and transparent, by SUNA
2007-07-21: Al-Obeid - Kosti road Re-opened for Traffic, by Suna
2007-07-19: Army, SPLA trade accusations over troops redeployment, by UNMIS MMR
2007-07-17: Daniel Kodi appointed Deputy Wali of S. Kordofan, by SUNA
2007-07-17: President instructs S. Kordofan Government to care for people, by SUNA
2007-07-14: Joint Weekly Report (South Kordofan), by RCO
2007-07-14: Security and Peace Committee's Report approved, by SUNA
2007-07-14: S. Kordofan Wali Concerned with Stability, Development, by SUNA
2007-07-08: HIV/AIDS - another war to fight in Nuba, radio report by IRIN
2007-07-10: Infighting within the SPLA in the Jebel Nuba, by UNMIS MMR
2007-07-07: Joint Weekly Report (South Kordofan), by RCO
2007-07-06: Protests against Khamis Jelab from traditional leaders, in English
2007-07-06: Protests against Khamis Jelab from SPLM/Nuba leaders, in English
2007-07-06: Protests against Khamis Jelab from traditional leaders, in Arabic
2007-07-06: Protests against Khamis Jelab from SPLM/Nuba leaders, in Arabic
2007-07-05: Nuba angry over appointment Ismael Khamis Jelab, by N. op 't Ende
2007-07-03: New Walis of Blue Nile and South Kordofan Sworn in, by Miraya FM
2007-07-03: Popular Defense Forces endanger stability of S. Kordofan, by SUNA
2007-07-02: South Kordofan: report of Culture and Information Ministry, by SUNA

2007-06-30: Joint Weekly Report (South Kordofan), by RCO
2007-06-23: Joint Weekly Report (South Kordofan), by RCO
2007-06-18: Shahama of Kordofan Unites with JEM, by JEM
2007-06-17: Book Launch 'Proud to be Nuba', by Nanne op 't Ende
2007-06-16: Joint Weekly Report (South Kordofan), by RCO
2007-06-12: SPLM, NCP agree to integrate police and security forces, by Miraya FM
2007-06-02: Joint Weekly Report (South Kordofan), by RCO

2007-05-30: road Kadugli to Diling opened after closure, by Miraya FM
2007-05-23: Cabinet reshuffle affects position Daniel Kodi, by New Sudan Vision
2007-05-19: Joint Weekly Report (South Kordofan), by RCO
2007-05-19: CPA Realized Many Gains for State's Citizens, by SUNA
2007-05-12: Joint Weekly Report (South Kordofan), by RCO
2007-05-05: Joint Weekly Report (South Kordofan), by RCO
2007-05-05: Armed group blocks operations of the demarcation team, by UNMIS
2007-05-05: situation in South Kordofan is near explosion, by UNMIS
2007-05-02: Evangelists Killed in Nuba Mountains, by Compass Direct
2007-05-00: UNMIS CPA Monitor May 2007

2007-04-10: Abdel Aziz al-Hilu still active for SPLM, by New Sudan Vision

2007-03-30: Ali Musa: S. Kordofan is ready for preliminary census, by Miraya FM
2007-03-23: Release of 9 Church Workers in Southern Kordofan, by Juba Post
2007-03-22: Joint Weekly Report (South Kordofan), by RCO
2007-03-19: SSPLM accused of detention, mistreatment of Bishops, by SMC
2007-03-15: Joint Weekly Report (South Kordofan), by RCO
2007-03-14: South Sudan not to secede after interim period, by Xinhua
2007-03-13: Gov. Jallab: various armed group in State led to violence, by Miraya FM
2007-03-08: Joint Weekly Report (South Kordofan), by RCO
2007-03-06: 3 killed, 39 wounded in conflict between police and SLA, by Miraya FM
2007-03-04: Al Bashir Directs S. Kordofan Government to Enforce Law, by SUNA
2007-03-04: President Al-Bashir concludes visit to S. Kordofan State, by SUNA
2007-03-01: Joint Weekly Report (South Kordofan), by RCO

2007-02-25: Clashes in Kadugli over salaries delays, by Juba Post
2007-02-23: Students Union Tackles Students’ Violence, by Sudan Vision
2007-02-23: Gum Arabic trade in decline, by Juba Post
2007-02-19: Parliament Calls for intervention in Kadogli, by SMC
2007-02-19: Schools closed for two days after demonstrations, by Miraya FM
2007-02-19: Student protest turns violent in Sudan’s S. Kordofan, by Reuters
2007-02-19: IDPs from Southern Kordofan Excited to Return Home, by SRS
2007-02-18: 3 students, 1 citizen shot in clashes in Kadugli, by Miraya FM
2007-02-18: Popular Defence Forces take to the streets of Kadugli, by UNMIS
2007-02-16: Southern Kordofan Receives the Most Returnees, by SRS
2007-02-13: Nuba Water Project Celebration Dinner, invitation by NWP

2007-01-26: first VP to inspect humanitarian situation in Darfur

News Archive 2006

2006-12-26: Sudan’s SPLM begins electoral campaign, by Reuters
2006-12-22: Averting Genocide in the Nuba Mountains. By Alex de Waal

2006-12-21: Vice-President directs officials to pay salaries in S. Kordofan, by SUNA

2006-11-27: Sudan rebels attack Kordofan oilfield, by AP
2006-11-13: Dongola Locality Commissioner Receives Nuba Sultans, by SUNA
2006-11-13: Settlement of Differences is Great Benefit for the State, by SUNA
2006-11-12: presidency resolves SPLM-NCP conflict in S. Kordofan, by ST
2006-11-11: SPLA, SSDF clash in South Kordofan, four killed, KM

2006-10-18: Concern with Herdsmen and Farmers' Section, by SUNA
2006-10-10: Projects of health services South Kordofan signed, by SUNA
2006-10-10: South Kordofan NCP Rejects Resolution 1706, by SUNA
2006-10-09: Details about the killing of 12 people, by N. op 't Ende
2006-10-06: No further violence in Sobay and Mandal, by N. op 't Ende
2006-10-06: 12 Nuba people killed in an ambush by the Misseriya, by NRRDO

2006-09-27: SPLM accuses the ruling party of violating peace deal, by ST
2006-09-05: Slovenia’s Kriznar backs home after jail in Darfur, by Reuters

2006-08-28: CPA heading down a slippery slope!, by Hakim Makuer Gol
2006-08-15: Why is SPLM/A leadership betraying New Sudan Vision?, by ST
2006-08-10: South Kordofan's Wali Receives UNDP Delegation, by SUNA
2006-08-09: South Kordofan cabinet reviews number of reports, by SUNA
2006-08-03: Slovene envoy to stand trial in Sudan for espionage, by AP
2006-08-00: Abyei Unresolved: threat to peace agreement, by D. Petterson

2006-07-31: A Statement from Brigadier Telefuun Kuku Abu-Julha
2006-07-28: Safe motherhood in Nuba Mountains, by Gov. of Japan
2006-07-24: Civil Service Reform in Sudan: A High Priority, by UNDP
2006-07-19: There will be no Self-determination in 2011, by Sudan Today
2006-07-12: Absence of constitution affecst affairs of the state, by SRS

2006-06-29: SPLM releases 200 children in Nuba Mountains, by UNICEF
2006-06-26: SPLM northern sector spokesperson resigns, by Sudan tribune
2006-06-21: SPLA children demobilisation in South Kordofan, by UNICEF
2006-06-04: UN employee shot in the leg in Kadugli, by Khartoum Monitor

2006-05-31: Nobody wants to go back to war, but... (version II), by NotE
2006-05-29: SPLM supporters beat up NCP politician, by Al-Intibaha
2006-05-03: Church damaged by arson attacks, by Compass
2006-05-01: Committee formed to redeploy forces, by Khartoum Monitor

2006-04-24: Book on the Koalib language, by Nicolas Quint
2006-04-20: Nobody wants to go back to war, but..., by N. op 't Ende
2006-04-08: Father Philip says peace deal killed the cause of Nuba

2006-03-30: High Theory Low Practice, by Patrick McAuslan (ext. link)
2006-03-27: Comment on Talib H. Tia comment, by Mohamed Kuku
2006-03-24: Peace by violence and lack of progress, by N. op 't Ende
2006-03-18: Comments on Nuba Used and Dumped, by Talib H. Tia Ali
2006-03-16: Armed camel riders attack Nuba village, by Khartoum Monitor
2006-03-13: The Nuba Used and Dumped, by Mohamed Kuku

2006-02-21: UNICEF and ECHO bring clean drinking water, by UNICEF
2006-02-03: Yousif Kuwa speaks, by O.M. Shurkian

News Archive 2005

2005-12-07: governor urges tolerance, by Sudan Tribune
2005-12-02: Conference on religios tolerance, by Sudan Tribune

2005-11-22: UN confirms deadly yellow fever outbreak in Sudan, by AFP
2005-11-22: Yellow fever outbreak confirmed in South Kordofan, by IRIN
2005-11-11: Dengue fever outbreak kills 75 in Kordofan, by IRIN

2005-10-04: South largely unprepared for returnee influx, by IRIN

2005-09-30: Sudan struggles as millions head south, by BBC
2005-09-30: Interview with Dennis McNamara, on returnees, by IRIN
2005-09-25: South Kordofan New Governor is Sworn in, by Sudan Tribune

2005-08-26: Blowing Horn Newsletter, by The East African Standard
2005-08-20: Reconstruction in the Nuba Mountains, by UNIDO (ext. link)
2005-08-17: Difficult Times Ahead After Death of Garang, by the Monitor
2005-08-14: Reconstruction in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, by UNIDO
2005-08-07: Mine detonated at Umchoran village, by UN
2005-08-00: Chronic conflict and livelihood in Heiban, by Jamila Elhag

2005-07-22: First Traditional Leaders Conference in NM, by D.W. Nabudere
2005-07-14: Conclusions of Abyei Boundary Commission Report, by IGAD

2005-06-21: UN assumes peace duties in Sudan's Nuba Mountains, by AFP
2005-06-20: UN Takes Over Military Operations in Nuba Mountains, by UN

2005-05-30: Goodbye, JMM/JMC!, by JMC
2005-05-29: 53% of the IDPs will return to Nuba Mountains, by IOM
2005-05-15: Reconciliation and local unity in Southern Kordofan, by SO

2005-04-30: Nuba Mountains Democratic Forum For Justice and Equality
2005-04-24: Sudan war victims reluctantly join north, by Reuters
2005-04-22: Nuba Faction Feels Betrayed, by the Mail & Guardian
2005-04-20: Of lorries and rebels, by Bedreddin (ext. link)
2005-04-16: SPLM/A delegation in Tillo HQ, by JMC
2005-04-15: Concerns over slow implementation of accord, by IRIN
2005-04-08: The 2nd All Nuba Conference, Final Communiqué
2005-04-06: After 21 years of fighting, the Nuba feel betrayed, by Sudan Tribune
2005-04-06: SRSG Jan Pronk visits JMM/JMC, by JMC
2005-04-03: Welcome home: to a land ruined by war, by the Sunday Times

2005-03-08: Al Reika-Frandella-Talodi Road opened, by JMC

2005-02-24: Numerous visits to JMM/JMC, by JMC
2005-02-16: IFAD to fund Kordofan farmers, pastoralists, by IRIN

2005-01-23: Sudan rebels set to unanimously ratify peace agreement, by AFP
2005-01-19: Sudanese return to war-struck state, mine threat, by Reuters
2005-01-19: Nuba Mountains cease-fire renewed for six months, by AP
2005-01-11: Opposition says peace treaty does not go far enough, by VOA
2005-01-09: Highlights of the Sudan peace accord, by AFP
2005-01-04: Naivasha Accord Fails to Address Nuba Grievances, by Nuba Survival
2005-01-03: Ceasefire agreed ahead of final southern peace deal, by IRIN
2005-01-03: More than 20 presidents expected to the signing, by AFP
2005-01-03: Details of permanent cease-fire in Sudan civil war emerge, by AP
2005-01-02: Obstacles remain for Sudan's peace hopes, by FT
2005-01-02: South Africa Supports Sudan's Cease-fire With Rebels, by VOA
2005-01-02: Sudan set to amend laws and draft new constitution, by DPA
2005-01-02: EU praises Sudan peace, pegs aid to progress in Darfur, by AFP
2005-01-02: EU offers to end aid freeze following Sudan peace deal, by AP
2005-01-02: Sudan military to withdraw from south within 30 months, by AFP
2005-01-01: Sudan president vows to honour landmark peace deal, by AFP
2005-01-01: Khartoum: deal with rebels has completed peace process, by AFP
2005-01-01: Sudanese opposition parties welcome peace agreement, by AP
2005-01-01: "Nothing left to discuss" as Sudanese celebrate peace, by DPA
2005-01-01: Beshir: soldier turned Islamist turned peace-maker, by AFP

News archive 2004

2004-12-31: Ceasefire and security arrangements: full text, by GOS and SPLM/A
2004-12-31: Annan Welcomes Peace Deal to End 21-Year Civil War, by UN
2004-12-31: Kibaki celebrates Sudan deals, urges Somali leaders, by AFP
2004-12-31: US welcomes Sudan peace deal, by AFP
2004-12-31: Government, rebels sign permanent cease-fire, protocols, by AP
2004-12-30: Sudanese, South African presidents to witness signing, by AFP
2004-12-30: Khartoum, main rebels open way to sign final peace, by AFP
2004-12-30: Final Sudan peace deal to be signed on January 9, by AFP
2004-12-30: Mbeki visits Sudan for rebuilding talks ahead of peace pact, by AFP
2004-12-30: Highlights of the main peace agreement, by AFP
2004-12-30: Bush urges Sudan to sign peace deal ending war, by AFP
2004-12-28: Sudan says southern peace deal will be signed on time, by AFP
2004-12-28: Mbeki to visit Sudan for rebuilding talks, by AFP
2004-12-27: AU: main rebels to sign peace deal on January 10, by AFP
2004-12-27: AU welcomes Sudanese peace pact, by DPA
2004-12-27: peace agreement by the end of the year, says president, by AP
2004-12-25: Parties to end 20-year civil war with Jan. 10 peace agreement, by AP
2004-12-25: Mediators expect final Sudan peace deal on December 31, by AFP
2004-12-25: Sudan, rebels to sign peace agreement Jan. 10, by AP
2004-12-25: Parties agree to draft post-peace interim constitution, by AFP
2004-12-24: Push for peace through Christmas Day, by AFP
2004-12-23: Peace talks for southern Sudan break for Christmas, by DPA
2004-12-22: U.N. Admits Sudan Policies Failing, by IPS
2004-12-22: Settlement in sight in one of Sudan's conflicts, by AP
2004-12-21: Sudan to sign peace agreement before year-end, by Xinhua
2004-12-21: Sudan peace deal to be signed next week: negotiator, by AFP
2004-12-20: Kenya, Khartoum optimistic for peace deal by year-end, by AFP
2004-12-18: Pronk Urges West to Maintain Pressure on Sudan, by VOA
2004-12-16: Historic Opening for Peace Exists in Sudan, by USSD
2004-12-14: U.N. envoy urges powerful nations, by AP
2004-12-14: "Chances are good" for peace agreement in Sudan, by DPA
2004-12-13: Sudan peace talks take a break in Kenya, by AFP
2004-12-09: UN: failure not option in peace talks, by UN
2004-12-07: Obituary Arthur Howes, by The Guardian
2004-12-06: Sudan VP, rebel chief resume last round of peace talks, by AFP
2004-12-06: First Vice-President leaves for Nairobi, by SUNA
2004-12-05: Khartoum urges rebels to aim for peace deal by year-end, by AFP
2004-12-04: VP heads to Nairobi for final round of peace talks, by AFP
2004-12-04: New Sudan budget based on peace agreement, by AFP
2004-12-04: Sudanese rebel leader promises peace agreement, by Xinhua
2004-12-03: Rebel leader confident of Khartoum peace agreement, by AFP
2004-12-02: New budget takes peace agreement into account, by AFP

2004-11-30: First Vice-President urges states to be ready, by SUNA
2004-11-30: Government could agree peace within two weeks, by AP

2004-10-30: JMM Situation Report 22 - 28 October 2004, by JMC
2004-10-21: New rebel group set up in Sudan’s Kordofan region, by ST

2004-09-20: Nuba Mountains ceasefire implementation perfect, by AFP
2004-09-18: JMM Situation Report 10 - 16 September 2004, by JMC
2004-09-11: JMM Situation Report 3 - 9 September 2004, by JMC
2004-09-04: JMM Situation Report 27 August - 2 September 2004, by JMC
2004-09-02: More than Darfur, by Peter Moszynski, The Financial Times

2004-08-28: JMM Situation Report 18 - 25 August 2004, by JMC
2004-08-21: JMM Situation Report 11 - 18 August 2004, by JMC
2004-08-14: JMM Situation Report 4 - 11 August 2004, by JMC
2004-08-12: JMM Situation Report 29 July - 4 August 2004, by JMC

2004-07-25: Future of military forces in Nuba Mountains discussed, by JMC
2004-07-22: Civilians return to Sudan's Nuba as peace nears, by Reuters
2004-07-21: Improved relations between government and rebels forces, by IRIN
2004-07-21: Overcoming divisions in central Sudan, by BBC
2004-07-20: Sudan, southern rebels renew Nuba Mountains ceasefire, by AFP
2004-07-15: Selected news from Sudan Assistance Bulletin issue no. 30

2004-06-20: Sudan, southern rebels renew Nuba Mountains ceasefire, AFP
2004-06-15: Selected news from Sudan Assistance Bulletin issue no. 28

2004-05-28: Attack on KUSU and Students from Nuba Mountains, by SOAT
2004-05-27: Signing of the Naivasha Protocols, by U.S. Dep. of State
2004-05-26: Naivasha Protocol on power sharing, by GoS and SPLM/A
2004-05-26: Naivasha Protocol on Nuba Mts and Blue Nile, by GoS and SPLM/A
2004-05-26: Naivasha Protocol on Abyei, by GoS and SPLM/A
2004-05-25: Sudan, Rebels to Sign Final Peace Deal, by AP
2004-05-25: 'Breakthrough' at Sudan talks, by BBC World Service
2004-04-25: Khartoum, rebels sign key peace protocols, by AFP
2004-05-25: Sudan, Rebels expected to sign agreement, by AP
2004-05-24: Sudan parties to sign framework accord on Wednesday, by Xinhua
2004-05-16: Dr. Garang's Speech at 21st anniversary, by Sudan Tribune
2004-05-16: Key phase for Sudan peace talks, by BBC News
2004-05-15: Sudan peace talks enter a crucial stage, by Sudan Tribune
2004-05-14: JMM Situation Report 6 - 12 May 2004, by JMC
2004-05-12: Seven killed as plane crashes in Nuba Mountains, by Sudan Tribune
2004-05-12: 'Some Difficulties' Encountered At Peace Talks, Say Rebels, by IRIN
2004-05-11: Accord on Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile near, by Sudan Tribune
2004-05-07: Govt, SPLA Agree on Key Issues; Darfur Talks Stall, by AFP
2004-05-07: Peace agreement could be signed "within days", by IRIN
2004-05-01: Selected news from Sudan Assistance Bulletin issue no. 25

2004-04-21: Army violates ceasefire, JMM halts work, by Sudan Tribune
2004-04-17: Sudanese VP returns to Khartoum for consultations, by Xinhua
2004-04-16: Mediators Called In To Help Break Deadlock In Sudan Talks, by AP
2004-04-14: Khartoum vows to sign peace deal amid US pressure, by AFP
2004-04-13: Pace deal may be signed in couple of days, by AP
2004-04-13: Peace deal delayed by wrangle over status of Khartoum, by AFP
2004-04-13: Signing of peace deal delayed as negotiations continue, by XINHUA
2004-04-12: Impatient US warns Sudan, rebels time running out, by AFP
2004-04-11: Agency worried over Nuba, by Sudan Mirror
2004-04-11: Nuba to get water dams, by Sudan Mirror
2004-04-10: Mediators at Sudan Peace Talks Say 2 Sides at Odds, byVOA
2004-04-10: Sudan FM says deal with southern rebels few days off, by AFP
2004-04-06: US presses Sudan, rebels for peace deal this week, by AFP
2004-04-06: U.S. sees "make-or-break" on Sudan peace deal, by Reuters
2004-04-06: Sudan govt, southern rebels close to deal-mediators, by Reuters

2004-03-25: Japan donates over $670,000 to demine Nuba Mountains, by AFP
2004-03-25: Japan allocates US$673,7000 to clear mines in Sudan, by AP
2004-03-15: Losing patience with Khartoum, by MEI
2004-03-14: US 'can't rush' peace in Sudan, by AP
2004-03-13: Peace for Sudan to be decided this month: Sudanese FM, by AFP
2004-03-11: SPLM Women's Commissioner K. L. Nicodemus, by IRIN
2004-03-10: Vice-president returning to Kenya to rejoin talks, by IRIN
2004-03-03: Peace deal may be signed in a few days: Kenyan FM, by Xinhua
2004-03-03: Peace talks made little progress, by Sudan Tribune
2004-03-01: Parties extend ceasefire as talks continue, by IRIN
2004-03-00: from Annual Human Rights Report on Sudan, March 2004, by SOAT

2004-02-29: SPLM/A-Nuba Leaders in Disarray, by SVD
2004-02-29: Peace deal may be signed in a few days: Kenyan FM, by Xinhua
2004-02-29: Peace talks made little progress, by Sudan Tribune
2004-02-29: Peace talks stuck on power sharing, regions: FM, by AFP
2004-02-28: Khartoum, rebels extend ceasefire, as US mounts pressure, by AFP
2004-02-28: Sudanese peace efforts step up a gear, SABC
2004-02-26: Sudan peace talks heading to deadlock, by UPI
2004-02-24: Interview with Commander Edward Lino, by Sudan Vision
2004-02-18: Peace talks resume in Kenya, by IRIN
2004-02-17: Talks resume in Kenya, under pressure to reach deal, by AFP
2004-02-17: Talks resume with three difficult issues to tackle, by AP
2004-02-17: Sudan peace talks to resume in Kenya today, by the Peninsula
2004-06-15: Selected news from Sudan Assistance Bulletin issue no. 20
2004-02-15: Mission to hand over Nuba to UN, by Sudan Mirror
2004-02-16: Sudan peace talks to resume in Kenya on Tuesday, by AFP
2004-02-06: Peace Process is Vulnerable, Say Analysts, by IPS
2004-02-03: destruction of wood resources for development, by NNRWG
2004-02-01: Selected news from Sudan Assistance Bulletin issue no. 19

2004-01-23: Khartoum, rebels agree on status of two disputed regions, by AFP
2004-01-23: Sudan's foes agree on two disputed regions, by Reuters
2004-01-23: Deal on disputed regions expected today, by Sudanese Radio
2004-01-23: Sudan deal nears on two regions, by BBC
2004-01-23: Khartoum, SPLA agree on two regions, by Middle East Online
2004-01-23: Sudan's foes agree on two disputed regions, by AP
2004-01-22: Committees continue talks on disputed areas, by Al-Anba
2004-01-21: SPLM: three regions' right to self-determination, by Al-Sahafah
2004-01-19: Monitoring mission ready to hand over Sudan area to UN, by DPA
2004-01-18: Oil-rich Abyei major stumbling block to Sudan peace deal, by AFP
2004-01-18: Sudan truce deal hits a roadblock, by Gulf News
2004-01-15: Selected news from Sudan Assistance Bulletin issue no.18
2004-01-14: disputed areas beyond peace talks scope, by Reuters
2004-01-14: Progress at peace talks, says gov't, by IRIN
2004-01-14: president warns rebels in border dispute, by DPA
2004-01-14: Sudan peace accord under threat, by BBC
2004-01-14: Sudanese president limits peace talks, by Aljazeera
2004-01-13: President rules out boundary changes, by AFP
2004-01-06: Uphill battle for peace despite wealth-sharing deal, by AFP
2004-01-06: Gov't, rebels reach agreement on wealth sharing, by IRIN
2004-01-06: Government, rebels strike deal on wealth-sharing, by DPA
2004-01-06: Breakthrough deal reached between north and south Sudan, by DPA
2004-01-06: Sudanese govt., rebels agree on wealth sharing, by Xinhua
2004-01-05: Position of Nuba in UK, France on Nivasha, by NMSA UK and France
2004-01-05: Bittersweet Homecomings in War-Weary Sudan, by Washington Post
2004-01-02: Sudan peace talks resume in Kenya after New Year break, by AFP
2004-01-02: Sudanese peace talks continue on disputed areas, by DPA

News archive 2003

2003-12-31: Sudan, rebels make progress in talks on disputed regions, by AFP
2003-12-31: Happy New Year for the Nuba?, by N. op 't Ende
2003-12-30: Beshir expects final Sudanese peace agreement next week, by AFP
2003-12-30: Powell calls Sudanese president, by AFP
2003-12-29: "Close this deal" : US urges Sudan's parties, by AFP
2003-12-29: committees discussing sticking issues hand over report, by BBC
2003-12-29: Sudan peace deadline in doubt, by BBC
2003-12-21: Sudan and rebels agree to split oil revenue, by DPA
2003-12-21: Sudan wealth-sharing deal reached, by Aljazeera
2003-12-20: Govt., main rebel group agree on oil revenue shares, by Xinhua
2003-12-19: Talks continue after parties fail to reach agreement..., by AP
2003-12-18: Sudan peace talks proceeding with difficulty, by Xinhua
2003-12-13: A Language Barrier to Peace, by the Washington Post
2003-12-08: Rebel team meets in Khartoum leaders from Mountains, by SUNA
2003-12-07: Govt., rebels begin final peace talks in Kenya, by Xinhua
2003-12-06: VP, rebel leader arrive in Kenya for final peace talks, by Xinhua
2003-12-06: Sudan final peace deal will be signed this month - FM, by AFP
2003-12-01: Selected news from Sudan Assistance Bulletin issue no.15
2003-12-01: Nuba Mountains in limbo as peace talks near conclusion, by AFP

2003-11-30: Oil wells found in Nuba mountains, by Sudan Mirror
2003-11-30: Nuba Women in Regional Conference, by Sudan Mirror
2003-11-30: Nuba Mountains in limbo as peace talks near conclusion, by AFP
2003-11-30: government and rebels prepare to resume talks, by AP
2003-11-29: committees hand over report on sticking issues, by Sudanese TV
2003-11-29: Language is a political issue in Nuba Mountains region, by AFP
2003-11-26: "Marginalised majority" rejects deal, say Darfur rebels, by IRIN
2003-11-24: Sudan's Nuba region harnesses the sun's power for peace, by UNDP
2003-11-20: Sudan's future lies in Nuba mountains, by the Washington Times
2003-11-16: Nuba and Funj dissatisfied with arrangement, by Sudan Mirror
2003-11-15: Selected news from Sudan Assistance Bulletin issue no.14
2003-11-07: President vows not to surrender contested areas, by DPA
2003-11-01: Bashir accuses Garang of waffling on certain questions, by AFP

2003-10-28: Government ratifies mine ban treaty, by IRIN
2003-10-28: Wealth deal finalized, power deal not yet, says rebels, by DPA
2003-10-25: Southern Sudan peace deal scares Darfur rebels, by PANA
2003-10-23: Colin Powell's Bumpy Ride to Naivasha (Kenya), by PBN
2003-10-22: Peace deal expected by end of 2003, by IRIN
2003-10-21: Update on negotiations over Nuba area, by Kambal Mohammed
2003-10-18: Mine blast kills eight, by Sudan Mirror
2003-10-18: Children's bright future as learning improves, by Sudan Mirror
2003-10-13: Negotiators discuss contested areas, by IRIN
2003-10-12: George Rodger's Nuba photographs, by N. op 't Ende
2003-10-12: Government withdraws from monitoring mission in Sudan, by DPA
2003-10-11: Monitoring Mission reduces presence in Nuba Mountains, by HANA
2003-10-04: Eight Sudanese men killed in landmine blast, by AFP
2003-10-04: Eight killed by landmine in Sudan, by DPA
2003-10-01: A View of Sudan from Africa, by Sudan Focal Point
2003-10-01: Shuttle diplomacy before peace talks restart, by IRIN

2003-09-30: Prospects for peace in Sudan, by Justice Africa
2003-09-30: Rebel leader: road to peace “irreversible”, by AP
2003-09-28: George Rodger's Nuba Photos in Netherlands, by Noorderlicht
2003-09-26: International community hails progress in peace talks, by IRIN
2003-09-25: Naivasha Agreement on Security Arrangements
2003-09-24: Khartoum, Sudan rebels agree on key peace process issues, by AFP
2003-09-24: Sudan foes reach deal on security, joint military, by DPA
2003-09-18: Peace at hand, by Al-Ahram
2003-09-16: It's now or never for peace deal, says think tank, by IRIN
2003-09-12: Talks stumble as govt, rebels refuse to budge on demands, by AFP
2003-09-11: Monitoring mission resumes patrols in Nuba Mountains, by HANA
2003-09-11: Riefenstahl, the Nuba and me, by Julie Flint
2003-09-11: Negotiations on security continue, by IRIN
2003-09-10: Progress reported at peace talks, by IRIN
2003-09-09: Obituary: Leni Riefenstahl, by BBC
2003-09-09: Leni Riefenstahl dies at the age of 101, by N. op 't Ende
2003-09-08: Sudan VP, rebel head set to resume talks to end war, by AFP
2003-09-07: VP, rebel chief continue thorny peace talks in Kenya, by AFP
2003-09-06: Police officer keeps the peace in Nuba Mountains, by Swissinfo
2003-09-05: VP, rebel chief hold talks to end Africa's longest war, by AFP

2003-08-31: Sudan Union of the Marginalised Majority Press Release, by SUMM
2003-08-27: Monitoring mission suspends patrols in western Nuba Mts, by IRIN
2003-08-22: Monitoring mission suspends patrols in Nuba mountains, by DPA
2003-08-19: Sudan peace talks postponed indefinitely: press, by AFP
2003-08-10: Letter to Gen. Sumbeiywo, by Nuba Civil Society in Diaspora
2003-08-07: Prospects for Peace in Sudan, by Justice Africa

2003-07-11: GOS Response to the Nakuru Draft Framework, by GoS
2003-07-11: SPLM Response to the Nakuru Draft Framework, by SPLM
2003-07-10: Nakuru Draft Framework
2003-07-09: FAO delivers agricultural aid shipment to Nuba Mountains, by IRIN
2003-07-08: US must engage more in peace process, says think-tank, by IRIN
2003-07-07: Nuba Radio, by Peter Stover
2003-07-07: Sudan Endgame, by ICG
2003-07-07: One Man Dead and Another in a Coma, by SOAT
2003-07-04: Sudanese want just and lasting peace, mediator says, by IRIN
2003-07-03: Dam project to improve water access in Nuba mountains, by IRIN

2003-06-30: Human Rights Network International, by HRNi
2003-06-27: UN launches database of humanitarian information, by IRIN
2003-06-27: Prospects for peace in Sudan, by Justice Africa
2003-06-26: Marginalised areas pose threat to peace, says think-tank, by IRIN
2003-06-25: Nuba Mountains ceasefire extended until January, by IRIN
2003-06-23: Humanitarian gains as peace hopes rise, by IRIN
2003-06-09: Sudan proposes referendum, early elections after agreement, by AFP
2003-06-09: Concern over reported arrest of women activists, by IRIN
2003-06-06: Arrest and harassment of Women Activists, by OMCT
2003-06-00: Nuba ceasefire experience suggests points to ponder, by IRIN

2003-05-22: Open Letter to Lt. Gen. Lazaro Sumbeiywo, by Nuba Survival
2003-05-15: Sudan Assistance Bulletin Issue#2, by Office of the UNRHC
2003-05-13: Despite prospects for peace food needed for 3.2 million, by WFP
2003-05-12: Peace talks resume in Kenya, by IRIN

2003-04-09: Problems and progress with civilian protection, by IRIN
2003-04-08: Plea to include disputed regions in peace talks, by IRIN
2003-04-06: The Conference of the Marginalized Majority in Sudan, declaration
2003-04-04: Improved access to Nuba mountains, by IRIN

2003-03-19: On negotiatons in the areas of Abyei, Nuba and Funj, by SPLM/A
2003-03-19: Talks on disputed territories make little headway, by AFP
2003-03-19: End of first round of talks on disputed areas, by IRIN
2003-03-12: Charles Snyder on Sudan, by Leslie Evans
2003-03-04: Peace talks resume on disputed areas, by IRIN
2003-03-04: Sudan foes open talks on disputed territories, by AFP
2003-03-04: Bumpy start to fresh Sudan talks on disputed areas, by Reuters
2003-03-04: Sudanese peace talks resume focusing on disputed areas, by AP
2003-03-02: Sudanese peace talks to resume in Kenya: Kenyan FM, by Xinhua
2003-03-02: talks to resume March 4 focusing on disputed areas, by AP

2003-02-24: Government and rebels to meet next week, by AP
2003-02-24: Disputed areas top Sudan peace talks agenda, by Reuters
2003-02-19: World Bank boosts agriculture in Sudan's Nuba region, by PANA
2003-02-03: Letters From Nuba Mountain, by Lawrence T. Peter
2003-02-01: International monitors call for full peace deal, by AF

2003-01-23: Sudan peace talks resume to tackle oil wealth, by Reuters
2003-01-21: Peace talks set to resume Wednesday in Nairobi, by AFP
2003-01-21: Sudan peace talks to resume after agenda spat, by Reuters
2003-01-20: Government, rebels agree to allow relief aid, by Al-Khartoum
2003-01-18: Obstacles To New Round Of Peace Talks Resolved, by IPS
2003-01-18: US envoy calls for more contact between gov't, rebels, by AFP
2003-01-17: government sends delegation to discuss disputed areas, by AP
2003-01-16: Sudan government to send delegation to Kenya for talks, by AP
2003-01-16: Sudan rebel leader calls Khartoum back to talks, by AFP
2003-01-15: Khartoum Pulls Out Of Peace Talks, by IPS
2003-01-15: Sudan peace talks fail to get off the ground, by AFP
2003-01-15: Khartoum sends no delegates to planned Sudan talks, by Reuters
2003-01-15: Sudan Govt fails to send delegates to renewed peace talks, by AP
2003-01-14: JMC press release, by JMC
2003-01-14: Sudan delegation to peace talks will not come, by AFP
2003-01-14: Khartoum to stay away from planned Sudan talks, by Reuters
2003-01-14: Sudanese government says it won't attend peace talks, by AP
2003-01-13: Sudan peace talks due to resume in Kenya Wednesday, by AFP
2003-01-13: Khartoum refuses talks if they cover disputed regions, by AFP
2003-01-09: Sudanese government objects to peace talks' agenda, by AP
2003-01-09: Khartoum: no talks on central Sudan before deal with south, by AFP
2003-01-08: Sudan first wants problem of south resolved, on Sudanese radio

News archive 2002

2002-12-24: Nuba Ceasefire extended, by IRIN
2002-12-22: Nuba Motains cease fire extended to July '03, by Reuters
2002-12-20: Summary Report of All Nuba Conference, by ANCCC
2002-12-16: Medal Parade in the Nuba Mountains, in Sudan, by SUNA
2002-12-12: Gadet defected to enusre national unity, by AFP
2002-12-11: Press release by JMM/JMC, by Suna
2002-12-09: Sudan Attacks Garang's Visit to Nuba Region, by Islam Online
2002-12-09: Communiqué from the All Nuba Conference 2002, by ANCCC
2002-12-09: Sudan: Nuba will not fall for Propaganda, by AFP
2002-12-05: Nuba want self-rule, by AFP
2002-12-03: Garang visits Nuba Mountains, by AFP

2002-11-24: Kampala declaration of Civil Society Forum, by Justice Africa
2002-11-13: SPLA Position in Nuba Mountains, by SPLM/A

2002-10-00: Umm Sirdiba Partners' Forum, by Nuba Vision
2002-10-00: Time Zero - Ground Zero, by Nuba Vision

2002-09-06: Ceasefire holds, humanitarian concerns mount, by AFP

2002-08-23: Calls for Nuba Mountains independence, by IRIN
2002-08-14: details from Complex Emergency Situation Report #5, by USAID
2002-08-14: Nuba reaction to Machakos; letter to Sambeyweo, by Nuba CSO

2002-07-23: Mistrust mixes with hope as Nuba ponder Sudan deal, by Reuters
2002-07-20: Protocol for peace reached in Sudan, by UPI
2002-07-20: Machakos Protocol, joinst statement
2002-07-07: US military team conducts landmine survey, by AFP
2002-07-05: Sudan rebels accept government ceasefire extension, by Reuters
2002-07-05: Khartoum and rebels renew ceasefire accord, by AFP

2002-06-25: Sudan's Nuba ceasefire needs $6.5 mln to survive, by Reuters
2002-06-19: Nuba ceasefire to be renewed but issues remain, by IRIN
2002-06-15: Sudan government agrees to extend ceasefire, by AFP
2002-06-00: International Monitoring Unit in Nuba Mountains, by Nuba Vision

2002-05-27: Food deliveries vital for Nuba ceasefire, by IRIN
2002-05-25: Brigadier-General Jan Erik Wilhelmsen, by Caroline Drees
2002-05-05: Sudan army, SPLA exchange prisoners in Nuba region, by PANA

2002-04-26: The Outlook for Peace, by the Office of the Press Secretary

2002-03-23: Sudan Nuba ceasefire may be a mixed blessing, by Reuters
2002-03-19: Interview with Roger Guarda..., by IRIN
2002-03-18: Sudan observer chief says ceasefire holding, by Reuters
2002-03-14: New focus on the scourge of land mines, by IRIN
2002-03-11: IMU in the Nuba Mountains, by US Dep. of State
2002-03-11: Cease-fire helps polio vaccination campaign, by AP
2002-03-07: Ceasefire observers start mission in Sudan, by AFP
2002-03-06: Britain pledges financial support for Sudanese cease-fire, by PANA
2002-03-06: Sudan says foreign monitors to arrive on Wednesday, by Reuters
2002-03-06: Western military experts arrive to monitor cease-fire, by AP

2002-02-25: New push on Guinea worm disease, by IRIN
2002-02-24: Switzerland will not send observers, by Swiss Radio
2002-02-21: France considering involvement in supervision, by Al-Ra'y al-Amm
2002-02-19: Ceasefire respected "on the whole" in Nuba, EU says..., by AFP
2002-02-18: The Nuba Mountains cease fire agreement, by GoS/SPLM
2002-02-12: Think-tank sees unique chance for peace in Sudan, by Reuters
2002-02-07: Sudan's war : A ceasefire, but not yet peace, by the Economist
2002-02-07: SPLM/A alleges cease-fire violations in Nuba, by IRIN
2002-02-06: Interview with Riek Machar, by IRIN
2002-02-06: Rebels say government violates cease-fire, by AP
2002-02-03: UN relief efforts in the Nuba Mountains, by Nuba Vision
2002-02-03: EU welcomes agreement, Islamic group condemns it, by IRNA
2002-02-02: Khartoum Truce Holds, by The Monitor
2002-02-01: EU welcomes cease-fire in Sudan, prepares to resume aid, by AP

2002-01-31: Cease-Fire Whets Hopes For Peace, by IPS
2002-01-31: Peace Agreement Well Observed: Sudanese Diplomat, by Xinhua
2002-01-31: Sudan says Nuba truce holding, could be extended, by Reuters
2002-01-31: Sudanese diplomat says Nuba cease-fire is holding, by AP
2002-01-30: U.S.-brokered ceasefire raises hope, suspicion in Sudan, by DPA
2002-01-29: Britain welcomes Sudanese cease-fire accord..., by SUNA
2002-01-28: Sudanese peace adviser affirms cease fire is still on, by AP
2002-01-27: Sudan says people moving freely in ceasefire area, by Reuters
2002-01-26: ceasefire observed, but parties trade accusations, by AFP
2002-01-25: Steps towards peace proving painful for government, by IPS
2002-01-24: SPLM/A stresses limited time, scope of Nuba cease-fire, by IRIN
2002-01-24: Sudan rebels say government breaking Nuba truce, by Reuters
2002-01-24: Rebels say army broke a cease-fire in isolated region, by AP
2002-01-23: Sudan government, rebels say observing ceasefire, by Reuters
2002-01-21: Sudan military to begin observing ceasefire Tuesday, by AFP
2002-01-21: Cautious welcome for Nuba cease-fire accord, by IRIN
2002-01-20: Sudanese in remote region embrace Danforth, by SPD
2002-01-20: No country with "aggressive record" to monitor ceasefire, by AFP
2002-01-19: Government, rebels sign ceasefire for Nuba region, by AFP
2002-01-19: Government: ceasefire monitors give advantage to rebels, by AFP
2002-01-19: Khartoum says Nuba ceasefire a step towards peace, by AFP
2002-01-17: Nuba cease-fire negotiations continuing, by IRIN
2002-01-17: Danforth ends peace mission discouraged, by UPI
2002-01-17: U.S. peace envoy on Sudan says progress not enough, by Reuters
2002-01-16: US envoy runs into problem on Sudan peace mission, by AFP
2002-01-16: US envoy leaves Sudan without deal, by UPI
2002-01-15: Government, rebels continue peace talks, by AP
2002-01-15: Khartoum offers concession on aerial bombing, by AFP
2002-01-14: Ceasefire talks in Switzerland off to "positive start", by AFP
2002-01-14: Sudanese ceasefire talks begin, by AFP
2002-01-14: Delegates "fully mandated" to make talks succeed, by AFP
2002-01-13: Danforth wants assurances cease-fire will be honored, by SLP
2002-01-13: Sudanese government, rebels to meet for peace talks, by AFP
2002-01-13: Rebels say talks with government about cease-fire, by AP
2002-01-12: Sudanese government says U.S. will chair peace talks, by AP
2002-01-11: U.S. resuming peace effort in Sudan, by AP
2002-01-10: U.S. presidential envoy on way to Africa, by Reuters
2002-01-10: Danforth heads back to Sudan on peace mission, by SLP
2002-01-10: Sudanese army says it repulses attack, killing three rebels, by AFP
2002-01-10: Sudanese government and SPLA rebels invited to talks, by AFP
2002-01-10: Swiss invite Sudan govt, rebels for peace talks, by Reuters
2002-01-09: Nuba assessments "progressing well", by IRIN
2002-01-03: Window closes on safe aid deliveries..., by AP
2002-01-03: Teams begin survey in Sudan's Nuba Mountains, by AFP
2002-01-03: Nuba humanitarian assessment under way, by IRIN
2002-01-02: Humanitarian aid surveys begin at Nuba mountains, by SUNA

News archive 2001

2001-12-30: UMMA Party Welcomes Government's Agreement..., by SUNA
2001-12-29: Khartoum "enthusiastic" but cautious about US initiative, by AFP
2001-12-22: Cease-Fire Action Generates Little Enthusiasm, by Davan Maharaj
2001-12-20: Sudan rebel chief says arbitration key for peace, by Reuters
2001-12-20: Nuba assessment mission to start next week, by IRIN
2001-12-19: Sudan-US-UN team to assess aid needs in Nuba mountains, by AFP
2001-12-19: President al-Bashir announces acceptance of US..., by SUNA
2001-12-19: IAC emphasises need for peace, humanitarian access, by IRIN
2001-12-18: UN adopts resolution on emergency assistance, by IRIN
2001-12-17: US reports progress on humanitarian access, by IRIN
2001-12-15: Sudan rebels say govt still bombing Nuba region, by Reuters
2001-12-10: SPLM/A speaks of "fierce fighting" in Nubah Mountains, by IRIN
2001-12-09: Interview with Neroun Philip, Exec. Dir. of NRRDO, by N. op 't Ende
2001-12-07: US delegation kicks off Sudan talks, by AFP
2001-12-06: Sudan rebels say govt attacking Nuba mountains, by Reuters
2001-12-06: SPLA accuses Khartoum of violating Nuba ceasefire, by AFP
2001-12-06: Khartoum against UN draft on human rights, by IRIN
2001-12-05: Sudan's Nuba society fractured by bombs and war, by Fiona O'Brien
2001-12-04: airdrops completed in rebel-held Nuba mountains, by AFP
2001-12-02: War forces out Sudan's villagers from fertile land, by Fiona O'Brien

2001-11-28: Special briefing on Danforth's travel, by US Department of State
2001-11-28: Hiding in the mountains, Nubians fight to survive, by Michel Sailhan
2001-11-27: Rebels watch from Nuba mountains, by Michel Sailhan
2001-11-27: Sudan balks at US-proposed ceasefire in Nuba Mountains, AFP
2001-11-26: Central Sudan relief airdrops to be completed this week, AFP
2001-11-26: UN air drops in Nuba mountains, by Michel Sailhan
2001-11-25: Food aid brings relief to Sudan's hungry Nuba, by Fiona O'Brien
2001-11-24: Sudan calls on U.S. to send aid to gov't-controlled areas, by EFE
2001-11-24: Sudanese government willing to extend truce for aid delivery, by AFP
2001-11-21: Rebels Accuse Soldiers in Assassination of Judge, by Katy Salmon
2001-11-21: US efforts to be ''a catalyst for peace'', by IRIN
2001-11-18: U.S. Envoy Looks for Change in Sudan, by Marc Lacey
2001-11-18: For Danforth, 2 Tales in Sudan, by Karl Vick
2001-11-17: U.S. will end attempts if ..., by Andrew England
2001-11-15: Nubah access holds promise of broader progress, by IRIN
2001-11-15: Major relief operation to Nuba Mountains, by Africa Online
2001-11-14: IRIN Focus on human rights, by IRIN
2001-11-14: WFP launches breakthrough Nubah relief operation, by IRIN
2011-11-14: WFP starts first major relief operations in Nuba Mountains, by AFP
2001-11-14: US envoy proposes Sudan confidence-building measures, by AFP
2001-11-14: Bush Envoy Targets Nuba Mountains, by Charles Cobb Jr.
2001-11-13: US peace envoy kicks off his first mission in Sudan, by AFP
2001-11-01: Bush extends sanctions on Sudan, by Eli J. Lake

2001-09-16: Government and rebels using antipersonnel mines, by IRIN

2001-08-22: Rebels claim capture of two garrisons in Nuba Mountains, by AFP
2001-08-19: Khartoum claims to have killed 15 rebels in Nuba mountains, by AFP
2001-08-11: Sudan army claims rebel attack in Nuba mountains repelled, by AFP
2001-08-11: Sudan army says repels rebel attack in Nuba area, by Reuters

2001-07-23: Natsios voices concern over Nubah crisis, by IRIN
2001-07-05: SPLM/A denies defection of high-ranking commander, by IRIN
2001-07-05: Peace still elusive as Sudan backs new proposals, by Reuters
2001-07-03: Rebel commander defects, returns to homeland, by SUNA

2001-06-28: Army claims retaking locality in Nuba Mountains, by AFP
2001-06-19: Government and rebels intensify fighting in the south, by IPS
2001-06-18: Aother garrison falls to SPLA in the Nuba Mountains, by SPLM/A
2001-06-16: Last chance to avoid humanitarian tragedy, by NRRDO
2001-06-15: GoS offensive collapses in the Nuba Mountains, by SPLM/A
2001-06-12: Khartoum announces resumption of bombings, by IRIN
2001-06-12: Sudan landmine blast kills senior official, by Reuters
2001-06-08: Deteriorating situation reported in Nubah Mountains, by IRIN
2001-06-06: Government forces attack civilians in Nuba Mountains, by NRRDO
2001-06-05: Attack on Kauda repulsed, by N. op 't Ende
2001-06-04: Offensive is aimed at starving out rebels, by Julie Flint

2001-05-31: Sudan: civilians under fire, by Newsweek
2001-05-29: Sudan rebels say government burns villages in attack, by Reuters
2001-05-28: Sudan forces burn 14 villages in Nuba Mountains, by AFP
2001-05-28: Kauda area under heavy attack, by N. op 't Ende
2001-05-26: Government escalates bombing on civilians, by PRNewswire
2001-05-26: Sudanese army claims recapture of areas in Nuba Mountains, by AFP
2001-05-25: Government forces liberate rebel-held territories, by SUNA
2001-05-24: SPLA rebels scoff after govt announces halt to air raids, by AFP
2001-05-24: Sudan declares end to air raids in south, by Alfred Taban
2001-05-24: Sudanese government announces halt to airstrikes, by AP
2001-05-24: Sudanese government declares halt to air raids in south, by AFP
2001-05-23: Aggressive Attack On Guinea Worm Disease, by IRIN
2001-05-19: Land distribution depopulates Nuba mountains, by Khartoum Monitor
2001-05-16: Famine looms in Nuba Mountains, by Cathy Majtenyi

2001-04-26: Long interview with Yousif Kuwa, by N. op 't Ende
2001-04-20: Government denies bombing, by AFP
2001-04-18: Khartoum attacks Bishop's plane, by PRNewswire
2001-04-18: "Life is a school...": Kuwa, interview by Stephen Amin
2001-04-18: two killed, one hurt..., by AFP
2001-04-17: Khartoum savours the sweet smell of money, by Vanessa Gordon
2001-04-17: Khartoum bombs civilians and relief plains, by Fr. Kizito
2001-04-17: Rebel leader says Nuba have the will to fight, by Julie Flint
2001-04-07: Ultima intervista a Yussuf Kuwa, by Anna Pozzi
2001-04-05: Yousif Kuwa Mekki, by N. op 't Ende
2001-04-04: Obituary: Yousif Kuwa Mekki, by Alex de Waal
2001-04-04: Yousif Kuwa: the lost leader...,by Julie Flint
2001-04-03: Leader of struggle to free the Nuba dies, by Julie Flint
2001-04-02: Sudanese rebel leader dies, by BBC
2001-04-02: Nuba leader dies of cancer, by IRIN
2001-04-01: Mourning for Cdr Yousif Kuwa Mekki, by Dr John Garang
2001-04-00: Oil before food, by Vanessa Gordon

2001-03-31: Death of Yousif Kowa Mekki, by N. op 't Ende
2001-03-16: Sudan military continues aerial bombing, by USCR
2001-03-09: War thrusts village back in time, by David Aquila Lawrence

2001-02-13: Access to Nuba Mountains conditional, by IRIN

2001-01-25: 2001: Urgent Statement nr. 2, by NRRDO
2001-01-25: 2001: Urgent Statement nr.1, by NRRDO
2001-01-18: Thousands flee Nuba Mountains, by IRIN

News archive 1985-2000

2000-12-21: il diritto di essere Nuba, by Alessandra Garusi
2000-12-21: reportage dai monti Nuba, by Alessandra Garusi
2000-12-14: Sudanese army retakes rebel stronghold, by Suna
2000-12-14: Army recaptures parts of Nuba Mountains, by AFP
2000-10-03: SUDAN: SPLA military claims, by IRIN
2000-09-25: SUDAN: SPLA claim garrison victory, by IRIN
2000-07-20: First emergency aid in more than a decade, by CARE
2000-07-17: Civilians killed in Nuba Mountains, by IRIN
2000-07-07: 15.000 displaced in Turru, by N. op 't Ende
2000-07-03: Khartoum agrees to UN relief, by Sudan Infonet
2000-05-07: Nuba face destruction, by Julie Flint
2000-06-01: My Trek with the Rebels of Sudan, by Dan Connell
2000-04-06: The Nuba Mountains under attack, by CHRF
2000-04-03: Massive Government Offensive, by the diocese of El Obeid
2000-02-23: UN Agencies Launch Polio Campaign, by U.S. fund for UNICEF
2000-02-12: Sudan atrocity caught on film, by BBC

1999-11-12: UN humanitarian mission to the Nuba Mountains reports, by IRIN
1999-09-16: UN mission to assess needs in Nuba Mountains, by AFP
1999-07-31: Nuba Mountains Peace Agreament, by Gos and NM United SPLM/A
1999-07-02: Letter of Annan to Sudan Minister of External Relations, by SMER
1999-06-24: UN mission to Nuba mountains, by IRIN
1999-06-15: Nuba people determined to fight isolation, by SCIO
1999-06-00: Cdr Yousif Kuwa Mekki lays down his terms for peace, by Nafir
1999-05-15: Government reneges on promise to the Nuba, by SCIO
1999-04-02: War in the mountains, by Africa Confidential
1999-02-08: Nuba Mountains: Under Siege by the Government, by HRW

1998-12-28: The stench of dead bodies, by N. op 't Ende
1998-12-09: 18 Sudanese army troops killed, by
1998-08-15: The woes of the displaced Nuba people, by SCIO
1998-08-04: Letter of Kofi Annan to Omer Al-Bashir, by SMER
1998-07-27: The Looming Famine In The Nuba Mountains, by Jemera Rone
1998-07-01: Famine Getting Worse, Groups Warn, by IPS
1998-06-15: Nuba mark 15th year of SPLA struggle, by SCIO
1998-06-10: Three Aid Workers Killed, by IPS
1998-06-10: Aid workers killed in Sudan, by BBC World
1998-05-20: Sudan's civil war closes in on ancient Nubian culture, by CNN
1998-05-15: Famine ravaging Nuba Mountains, by SCIO
1998-00-00: Under Siege, by Frontline Feloowship

1997-12-04: Sudanese president: peace by force in the Nuba, by
1997-12-00: SPLA Advances in the Nuba, by Frontline Fellowship
1997-10-24: Sudan: Nuba Mountains Letter, by INCSNWC
1997-09-26: SPLA liberates Ballena 1, besieges Ballena 2, by
1997-08-01: Possibilities to join rebels for peace accord, by
1997-03-06: Disaster 'In The Making' in Nuba Mountains, by Moyiga Nduru

1996-07-00: Who shall hear the cry of the Nuba? by Africanews
1996-07-00: The Nuba have the right to survive, by SCIO
1996-06-18: What happens next is up to us, by Gregory Kane

1995-07-23: The Nuba: Living on the Brink, by Julie Flint
1995-07-21: African Rights Accuses Sudan of Genocide, by Reuters
1995-05-22: ‘Nafir' newsletter launched, by Sudan Update

1994-08-21: The Mountains People Time forgot, by David Orr
1994-03-07: Report to the UN by Jan Pronk Concerning Nuba, by UN

1993-07-26: The Crisis in the Nuba Mountains, by NMSA
1993-05-18: Pictures confirm genocide and terror, by Hugo D'Aybaury

1992-12-00: Caught in the crossfire, by Arthur Howes

1992-10-16: No Last Flight Out for the Nuba, by Int. Herald Trinube

1985-09-30: Sudan Reports Arrests After Attempted Coup, by AP

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