2009-03-24: Interview with Minister Ahmad Harun, by Asharq Al-Awsat

2008-09-28: Interview with Dr. Muaz, reg. SK development contracts, by Ray Alaam
2008-09-10: Interview with Dep. Governor of SK Daniel Kodi, by Ajerass al Huriyaa
2008-02-25: Interview with Anthropologist Enrico Ille, by N. op 't Ende

2007-11-15: interview with Omar al Bashir, by al Djazeera

2006-10-29: Suleiman Musa Rahhal, head of Nuba Survival
2006-04-18: Daniel Kodi Angelo Comba, Minister of Animal Resources and Fishery
2006-04-15: Philip Abbas Ghabush, chairman of the Sudan National Unity Party
2006-04-14: Ismael Khamis Jelab, Governor of Southern Kordofan
2006-03-24: Mohanna Bashir Kalo, head of the Customary Land Security Office
2006-03-07: Ummassar Ali Juma'a, widow to the late Yousif Kuwa Mekki

2004-05-27: Remarks on the Naivasha Protocols, by U.S. Dep. of State
2004-04-26: Interview with Mohamed Haroun Kafi, by Sudan Tribune

2004-03-11: SPLM Women's Commissioner Kezia Nicodemus, by IRIN

2003-09-06: Police officer keeps the peace in Nuba Mountains, by Swissinfo

2002-05-25: Brigadier-General Jan Erik Wilhelmsen, by Caroline Drees
2002-05-09: Kamil Kuwa Mekki and Zaineb elAhmer, by Nanne op 't Ende
2002-03-19: Roger Guarda, Outgoing UN Humanitarian Coordinator, by IRIN
2002-02-06: Interview with Riek Machar, by IRIN

2001-12-09: Neroun Philip, Exec. Dir. of NRRDO, by N. op 't Ende
2001-04-26: Yousif Kuwa, shortly before he died, by N. op 't Ende
2001-04-18: "Life is a school...": Kuwa, by Stephen Amin
2001-04-07: Ultima intervista a Yussuf Kuwa, by Anna Pozzi

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