Russian and Chinese Companies Enter into Gold Mining in 4 Blocks in S. Kordofan

March 25, 2018 (SMC)

South Kordofan State has disclosed mapping out a plan for organizing mining operations for precious metals in the state, indicating that Russian and Chinese companies have entered into explorations at Block 17 at Al Abbaseiah Locality, Block 4 at Delanj Locality, Block 24 at Kadugli Locality and Block 21 Talodi Locality.

Speaking to SMC, the Mining Commissioner at the state Dr. Abdel-Rahman Koraina said that the plan has been made in coordination with the Minerals Administration, Higher Environment Council and Mining Council, saying that it has covered organizing mining market and boosting skills for gold extraction, indicating that the mining operations include new mines at Abu-Gebaiha, Leri, Rashad, Talodi ,Kalogi and Al Tadhamon localities.

He indicated that strict laws and regulations have been issued to organize mining operations for environment conservation and the safety of miners and citizens.


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