Malik Agar declares the failure of Abdulaziz El-Hillu's attack on Blue Nile where he used the resources of the Nuba Mountains

March 3, 2018 (SPLAM North)

Agar also calls for reconciliation and for the exertion of effort to unite SPLM and the Sudanese opposition.

The three weeks attack against our forces has failed. The attack was under the stewardship of Abdulaziz El-hillu, who has mobilized ammunition, artillery and tanks crews from the Nuba Mountains. The names of the crew were published on some websites before, and they were led by General Osman Yagoub Kaluka, who came for the Nuba Mountains for this very purpose. El-Hillu utilized the Nuba Mountains' human and material resources to wage a war against SPLM by SPLAM, a war of the marginalized against the marginalized. Meanwhile he stopped fighting against the government and declared a war within SPLM, and against the people of Blue Nile. History will never forgive such a choice.

I was honored by SPLM having me as a leader of the first and second wars. And for over three decades, the people of Blue Nile never fought one another until now, having being led and incited by El-Hillu. Now I shall shy away from mentioning the losses on both sides as those who passed away, be they from Blue Nile or the Nuba Mountains, are my comrades and brethren. Nothing can hide from the eyes of the children the atrocity of killing those comrades.

This war is in the interest of Khartoum, whether El-Hillu is aware of it or not. Now that El-Hillu's attack has failed with a trail of losses in lives, material damages not worthy of celebration or mentioning, as well as massive details, I in my capacity as Chairman of SPLM North and Commander-in-Chief of SPLA North, issue the following directives, effective at 12 P.M., Saturday, March 03, 2018.

First, a declaration of a comprehensive cessation of hostilities within SPLA North across all areas of Blue Nile. Our forces shall cease to advance and shall assume defensive positions. No hostilities are allowed except in self-defense.

Second, an emphasis on the acceptance of the mediation of the Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Sudan and South Sudan. This mediation, which was aimed at the cessation of hostilities, was rejected by El-Hillu before. I shall renew my acceptance of the mediation in writing and send it to the Envoy, Mr. Haysom.

Third, SPLA North forces must comply with the principles of international humanitarian law, especially the protection of civilians.

Fourth, I once again invite comrade Joseph Takka to part ways with El-Hillu's game , who is in his pursuit of power is ready to do anything. Such power is not worth the blood of our comrades in Blue Nile who I knew every one of them and I led them for many years. We must embrace an agenda of reconciliation and unity in order to unite the Blue Nile and work to unite SPLM and the Sudanese opposition front. And to hand over the leadership of SPLM to a new generation of people who shall work to achieve the unity of Sudan, the New Sudan.

There is no future for ethnic self-determination. It only served to ignite the blaze of war in Blue Nile and can do the same in the Nuba Mountains. SPLM was founded to work for the creation of a New Sudan, not to divide the peoples of the margin as El-Hillu is doing now.

Fifth, I declare a pardon for all the officers and soldiers who were misled by El-Hillu, and I invite them to join back their units and engage in the reconciliation process and the reunification of SPLM.

To all the people of Blue Nile; I was honored to be elected by you a Governor of the region in a unique precedent not seen in any of the other states of Sudan during the 2010 elections, not to mention it was despite the will of the National Congress Party. You will find me the same man who worked and still work for the benefit of all the people of Blue Nile, SPLM and Sudan. When I oppose ethnic self-determination, it's only because it will divide the Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains and then Sudan. You will also see that I am, as I used to be, an advocate for unity and reconciliation, from Blue Nile to Karnoy and from Halfa to Port Sudan.

Lastly, the Sudanese opposition is getting larger, gaining ever-new categories and social forces, and SPLM must assume its historical responsibility and work to unite the opposition. We have taken such a role and fulfilled this duty before when we formed the Revolutionary Front, signed the New Dawn charter, the Paris Declaration and the Sudan Call charter. In addition to our joint work with the Consensus Forces as well as all the rest of the opposition forces. We are bound with this duty today as were yesterday, and we shall bear that in mind when attending the meetings of Sudan Call this mid-month.

Glory to the Sudan People's Liberation Movement.
Glory to the People of Sudan.
Victory for the masses, marginalized and the forces of change.

Malik Agar Eyre
Chairman of SPLM North and Commander-in-Chief of SPLA North.
March 3, 2018


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