AUHIP Secretariat: Framework Agreement Meeting Postponed

November 16, 2014 (Sudan Vision)

In a dramatic development, the AUHIP Secretariat informed the government's delegation in Addis Ababa about the indefinite postponement of a meeting scheduled to take place yesterday evening to sign a framework agreement.

The Secretariat did not elaborate on the reasons for the postponement.

The government delegation confirmed its total commitment to negotiations for the sake of safeguarding the interests of the people of the two areas.

Head of the government delegation, Ibrahim Ghandour, announced the government's agreement to the holding of a consultation meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with all the political forces to pave the way for a comprehensive national dialogue.

Meanwhile, head of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) delegation Yassir Arman held a stormy meeting in Addis Ababa with Darfur rebel leaders, where the two sides traded charges over the intent of the SPLM-N to sign a framework agreement with the Government.

Rebel leaders Ahmed Tagud and Minni Minnawi told Yassir Arman that they would part ways with the SPLM-N if the latter signed an agreement with the government.

Arman, however, reassured the Darfur rebel leaders that the SPLM-N will not sign any agreement that excludes Darfur.

The Government delegation and SPLM-N agreed yesterday to set-up a joint committee to implement the tripartite agreement on delivery of aid to the two areas – South Kordofan and Blue Nile.

The Humanitarian Aid Commissioner and government delegation member confirmed that the Commission announced its readiness to implement the requirements for delivery of aid to the two areas.

"The two sides reached understandings that might lead to the conclusion of a framework agreement to set up committees to discuss security, political and humanitarian issues in the upcoming national dialogue, the head of the government delegation," Ibrahim Ghandour, said.

"The work of the committees depends on the conclusion of an agreement," he added, reiterating the government's commitment to achieving comprehensive peace in the two areas.

In the same vein, the representative of the Arab League, Ambassador Salah Halima, confirmed the League's adherence to the tripartite initiative regarding the humanitarian situation in the two areas, emphasising the need to reach comprehensive solutions for the issues of the two areas as that is key factor for promotion and success of national dialogue.


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