Commander of Al-Muntasir Billah forces affirms listing of enemy losses is ongoing

Abu Karshola
May 30, 2013 (SUNA)

The Commander of Al-Muntasir Billah forces that recaptured Abu Karshola, Brig. Adil Ali Al-Kinani, affirmed that the listing of losses of the rebel forces that attacked Abu Karshola the area is underway.

In a statement to SUNA, Brig. Al-Kinani said that heavy losses were inflicted on the enemy in military equipment represented in weapons; vehicles as well as losses in lives estimated at more than 70 rebels, adding that the Armed Forces.

He said that the area is now safe; calling for return of the area citizens after the area was secured.

He said that the citizens of Abu Karshola can now practice their life normally, indicating that the farmers can be ready for the agricultural season.


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