Mohamed Hassan Alamin: Abu Karshola was Rebels Dream for Reaching other Towns

May 28, 2013 (SUNA)

Chairman of the Defense and Security Committee of the National Assembly, Mohamed Al-Hassan Al-Amin, said that the insistence of the rebel armed forces to continue holding arms against the state and ito refuse joining the negotiations for reaching peace had turned against them, a matter which necessitated the use of military force by the Armed Forces in order to maintain the soverignity and stability of the country.

On the occasion of liberation of Abu Karshola, Al-Amin lauded the victory of the Armed Forces and the other regular forces in Abu Karshola, indicating that Abu Karshola was once a dream for the rebel movements who gathered with support of some neighbouring countries in order to attack major towns in the area. 

He asserted that the great victory in Abu Karshola will encourage us to continue chasing the rebellion in all their locations and to pursue the supporting forces of the remanants of the Equality and Justice Movement who are now at Wadi Hawar in west Kordofan.


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