South Kordofan: 4 civilians injured by police

May 24, 2013 (Radio Tamazuj)

Eye-witnesses from Kurgul in South Kordofan have told Radio Tamazuj that elements of the police force have severely beaten a number of civilians resulting in the serious injury of four people, including a woman.

The incident reportedly took place on Monday after civilians reportedly challenged the "drunken harassment" of civilians by a group of policemen. The police were said to have responded aggressively by opening fire into the air and beating people at random, leaving many more with bruises and surface wounds.

"All 4 of them (the victims) are sustaining severe injuries. Kurtikila has injuries on his head and the rest are injured in different parts. The attack was at 1:30 PM exactly. There were 3 policemen who were of unsound mind - all of them were drunk. They were shouting in a nearby street and the residents who were near to the location got annoyed, as they were making too much noise. They asked them, thinking that they might be drunken…youths, they found them to be soldiers who opened fire in the air and made people flee away," one witness told Radio Tamazuj.

The witnesses further claimed that police prevented the transfer of those wounded to Dalenj town, an area located about 30km away, for treatment.

The security situation around Kurgul is said to be deteriorating of late.


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