SAF: We Are Ready to Restore Abu Karshola

May 18, 2013 (Sudan Vision)

Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) declared full readiness to restore Abu Karshola area, South Kordofan, and defeat the forces of the SRF for the return of stability to citizens, confirming the completion of all the arrangements and their determination to fight a final battle to eliminate the rebel forces in South Kordofan.

Commander of the moving troops, Al-Montasir Billah "Victor with God", Brigadier Adel Mohammed Ali Al-Kenani confirmed readiness of the SAF to restore Abu Korshola, and defeat the SRF forces, saying, "We will restore Abu Korshola to the homeland with courage and determination of our forces, and our men steadfast like Jebel Al-Daier".

On his part, Commander of Division14, Kadugli, Dafallah Al-Rihaima said that the SPLM rebels in South Kordofan and Blue Nile chose the path of military confrontation instead of dialogue; stressing that his forces able to impose security in South Kordofan. He promised the citizens of eastern rural, Kadugli Locality, with safe rainy season for this year, where SAF will support the security and stability of the citizens. 

For his part, Governor of South Kordofan, Ahmed Haroun confirmed ability of SAF to achieve stability in the state. Inspecting the security situation in Al-Dendor, the governor reiterated the commitment of the SAF to impose security in the state after the SPLM chose military confrontation instead of dialogue that called for by the international community, political forces and the citizens of the state and accepted by the Sudanese government. Governor of North Kordofan State, Mutasim Mirghani said that they are assured that SAF will achieve victory. He said that the Sudanese people are waiting for the victory in Abu Korshola, to be added to the victories of the SAF. 

South Kordofan Governor reiterated, while addressing worshipers at Kadugli Mosque, the ability of the SAF to achieve stability in the state. He said the government would not allow the SPLM rebels to achieve political gains through war.

He said that the citizens of the state does not expect the SPLM to follow a behavior in their interest, as the SPLA targets citizens unrelated to their political claims, and as they implement agendas that  have no relations with the issues of the area. He confirmed the continuation of the government in the implementation of development projects and reconstruction and implementation of all political commitments to the citizens of the state, such as the return of West Kordofan and not to allow the rebellion to stop the life of the population. Haroun reiterated the government's commitment to work on the implementation of the cooperation agreement of Sudan and South Sudan and work to expedite the opening of crossings and activate the commercial work through the crossings of the state. He said that the progress in the relationship between Khartoum and Juba would alter the opinion of the South State toward security and stability in Sudan and its transition from the status of support for the war to supporting the peace.

For his part, Deputy Governor of the River Nile State, Kamal Eddin Ibrahim said that the SAF is fighting between 50 and 60 years and have not been defeated, so SRF can not defeat them. He confirmed support of the people and the PDF to the SAF to achieve victory.

Governor of Gezira, Al-Zubair Bashir Taha tackled various big heroic roles of the SAF that fight for more than half a century. He said that the SAF kneels only to God.

Governors of North Kordofan, Gezira, and Deputy Governor of the River Nile, political and military leaders had inspected the front lines of the SAF at Sidra and Jebel Al-Daier areas, which is preparing to restore Abu Karshola.


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