SRF conquest of Khartoum 'just a matter of time': Rebels

May 18, 2013 (Radio Dabanga)

The Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) claims that they will "reach and enter Khartoum through deeds not words". The SRF is an alliance of rebel forces recruiting primarily in Darfur and Kordofan whose objective is topple the Sudanese regime "by all means".

Abdel Wahid Al Nur, the head of the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA-AW) and Vice President of the SRF said in an interview with Radio Dabanga that the arrival of SRF forces in Khartoum under the leadership of Abdul Aziz Al Hilu is "just a matter of time".

The rebel leader said that they will advance on the Sudanese capital from several directions, but wished to reassure the Sudanese, both in Khartoum itself and in the various states, that the SRF forces "are not against any citizen, but against the National Congress Party (NCP) and its leadership in Khartoum".

Abdel Wahid said "the first and last task of the SRF is to bring about regime change in Khartoum, as well as to create a transitional government including the full Sudanese political, social and civil spectrum." Its objective is also to create a new constitution for the country, to make it impossible for any would-be tyrannical government to rise to power again, he said.

"Our mission is to uproot the National Congress Party in Khartoum and create a transitional government tasked with maintaining security, order, returning of refugees and displaced persons to their villages, granting everybody their due right and returning the country that has been looted and pillaged by the NCP and its Islamists re-stating to the Sudanese people."

On 9 May SLA leader Minni Minawi made similar claims to Radio Dabanga saying "The route to toppling the National Congress Party is not through capturing the towns of Nyala, El Obeid, Dongola, Medani or Umm Rawaba but by occupying the Presidential Palace in Khartoum."


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