Sudan says Uganda banned rebel meetings on its territory

May 6, 2013 (Sudan Tribune)

The Ugandan government has banned Sudanese rebel movements of meeting in its territories arguing that such gatherings would negatively impact the country.

Sudan’s official news agency (SUNA) quoted an informed source at the Ugandan external security apparatus as saying that the rebel leaders were informed of this decision during a secret meeting on Monday which included Minni Minnawi of the Sudan Liberation Movement/Minnawi (SLM-M), Abdel-Wahid Mohamed Nur of the Sudan Liberation Movement/AW (SLA-AW), and Ayoub Mohamed of Darfur People’s Unity Movement.

The source said that the director of the Ugandan Security Services informed the rebel leaders that they should immediately refrain from holding any meetings in Kampala.

According to the source, the rebel leaders apologized for their "mistakes" and promised not to hold further meetings on Ugandan territory.

The source said that Kampala has been under pressure take this move, without providing further details.

Khartoum and Kampala have a long history of troubled relations over alleged support to rebel groups on both sides of their borders.

Kampala says that Khartoum is still providing support and refuge to the notorious Ugandan rebels, the Lord Resistance Army (LRA), even after South Sudan’s secession created a buffer zone between Sudan and Uganda.

Khartoum on the other hand says that Kampala has become a safe harbour for Sudanese rebel leaders.

Last January, Sudanese opposition parties and rebel groups signed a charter in Kampala known as the "New Dawn", putting their stated goal to topple the Khartoum government via different political and military means.

This has prompted Khartoum to lodge several complaints with the African Union (AU) and other regional blocs against Kampala saying the latter is supporting regime change in Sudan.

Last March, the speaker of the Sudan’s national assembly Ahmed Ibrahim al-Tahir said that the Sudanese government is working with forces in Uganda that are opposed to president Yoweri Museveni to bring about "positive political influence".


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