Nuba People Disobey SPLM-N Orders to Fight in Blue Nile

March 11, 2013 (Sudan Vision)

Field commanders of Abdul Aziz Al-Hillo threatened to rebel if forced by the leaders of SPLM-N of fighting in Blue Nile and support the SPLM forces there.

Dissidents from the movement in South Kordofan said that clashes broke out between rebel forces in Al-Boram due to differences over the orders issued by Abdul Aziz to some of his aides to move groups of people in the region to fight in the Blue Nile.

Those dissenters said that Al-Hijewat and Fama camps witnessed protest and rebellion after soldiers and their commanders refused orders to move to support the troops belonging to Malik Agar.

The soldiers say they reject the orders of their commander Al-Hillo to fight for the benefit of another region. They accused leaders of the SPLM-N and the Revolutionary Front of using them for the agenda not related to the people of the Nuba Mountains.


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