South Kordofan Rebels will Have Tough Winter

November 20, 2012 (Sudan Vision)

The Sudan government has sent large military reinforcement to South Kordofan enhance stability in the region. The logistic support aims to tighten the Army’s grip following the repeated shelling by the rebel SPLM-N.

The rebels were planning to force the inhabitants to leave Kadugli, capital of the state to form displaced camps to pressure the government, but the government has realized the rebels’ intensions, so it has given up its peaceful resolution of the crisis because other party opt for military confrontation.

It’s likely that the rebels are racing against time to achieve substantial victory on the ground before South Sudan’s eminent disengagement according to the agreement signed by the two countries last September.

The attack may be encouraged by Juba so that the rebels have a strong negotiation position and make Khartoum face difficult choices. Governor of the State along with the citizens who received the reinforcement with chants, said the state will speak the language that the rebels understand.

Tough winter is awaiting the rebels, as the Army, which has succeeded in putting an end to Agar rebels in Blue Nile, is ready to execute its designed mission and tasks to crush the rebels and drive them away from the region and neighbouring states.

The Army’s task is to pursue the rebels wherever they are, because there is no room for negotiating them.


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