Headlines of today newspapers issued in Khartoum Sunday 6th May 2012

May 6, 2012 (SUNA)

Government provides mining projects to China as collateral to withdraw loans.
Citizens of Renk call on Juba to come to peace.
Sudan notifies UN Security Council and African Union of hostilities cessation with South state.
Ugandan Defence Minister visit Juba secretly and meets Salva Kiir.
AL-Basher receives message from Iranian President.

Ugandan military support to South state.
AL-Mahdi :Secularism (New Self-determination) are red lights with no negotiations.
Foreign Ministry: AL-Basher participation in African summit specifies by African Union.
Law experts: South state aggression on Higleig is violation to international covenants.
Dr. AL-Jaz promises with more oil explorations.
Armed Forces: Talk on air strikes against civilians is without credibility.

Ahmedi Nigad calls AL-Basher to participate in Non-alignment states summit.
Dr. Ismail: This summer will be end of mercenaries and agents in country.
Opposition calls to stop war, resume negotiation and open channels to humanitarian assistance.

Government refuses ( South Sudan) adopting new map includes Higleig.

Killing of (18) in Minnawi movement attack on (Beer Taweel) and ( Abu Gumbra) North Darufr.
NCP: Accepting peace doesn't mean putting gun down and Kerti statements won't stop alert.

( AL-WAN):
Khartoum and Juba commit to stop fighting.
Presidential Adviser: We will never permit military bases in South Sudan.

AL-Turabi tends to give up from Peoples 'Congress and develops (manifesto) for new party.
Gai to (AL-INTIBAHA): Taaban Geng rent Ugandan artillery to destroy Higleig.
Transferring of (15) thousand Southerners to Juba.

European Union welcomes UN Security Council resolution on Sudanese crisis and describes two countries commitment as step in right track.

News on army entering Kauda.
Urgent issue at Parliament to Minister of Finance related to prices rising . 
NCP denies any pressure practicing on Karam Allah to resignation.
Dr. Ghandour: Opposition infected by colour-blind.

Higher Committee for mobilization and alert due to meet with participation of Walis(Governors) next Monday.
Dr. Mustafa: New strategy of state to dialogue with parties.


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