Analyst Dismisses Likelihood Of Sudan And South Sudan Return To War

November 16, 2011 (Sudan Radio Service)

Chatham House, A London based think tank has dismissed a likelihood of South Sudan and Sudan going back to war despite the recent provocative speeches from Khartoum and Juba.

During the Eid celebrations in Kurmuk, Blue Nile state, Sudanese president, Al-Bashir said his country would go back to war if South Sudan continuous to support rebels in his country.

However, South Sudan president, Salva Kiir denied the allegations leveled by Khartoum.

He added that al-Bashir’s intention is to invade South Sudan’s oil fields. Kiir said he would not allow anyone to intimidate or abuse the sovereignty of South Sudan.

An analyst with Chatham house in London, Roger Middleton says that the remarks are just political stunts by both leaders meant for the consumption of their audience.

[Roger Middleton]: “It’s very worrying –the current trends in the relations between Sudan and South Sudan, top of that is the continuing failure to resolve the division of oil wealth and the issue of the disputed region of Abyei. But I don’t think this is likely to lead to an outbreak of war imminently. So I can foresee a situation where the countries will interfere with each other and meddle with each other’s politics, but for now I think it won’t lead to war. But it does pose some very serious challenges to both Sudan and their international partners.”

Roger Middleton urge both government in both countries to use dialogue as means of settling grievances with rebel groups in both regions.


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