More Than 30 Thousand Refugees From South Kordofan In Maban County In Need Of Humanitarian Assistance

Maban, South Sudan
November 14, 2011 (Sudan Radio Service)

More than 30 thousand refugees from South Kordofan who have sort refugee in Doru Refugee Camp in Maban County are in dire need of humanitarian assistance.

The County Commissioner of Maban, Joshua Wango spoke to SRS on Monday.

[Joshua Wango] “The refugees from Kurmuk, Yabos, Bao and Geyssan are here in the area. They are more than 30,000. They are now in Doru refugee camp but the humanitarian situation is very bad. There are no basic needs like food and water and shelter especially during this rainy Session”

Mister Wango aid that security in the state has returned to normal following SAF’s bombardment last week along the border areas.

[Joshua Wango] “The security situation is now stable. The border areas like Gofa and Yafta and areas of Marika, Kalituma are the areas that were bombed b SAF killing innocent people. We have manged to contact the county commission for humanitarian affairs as a responsible body to assist this people”

Oxfam which is providing assistance to refugees in the area said it was withdrawing 22 of its staff from Upper Nile. Oxfam has been providing clean water for about 64,000 people in Upper Nile State.


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