President Kiir Dismisses Claims By Sudananese President That His Governmet Is Supporting Rebels In Khartoum

November 10, 2011 (Sudan Radio Service)

President Salva Kiir has dismissed allegations made by the Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir that the government of South Sudan was arming and supporting armed groups opposed to the Khartoum regime.

In a press conference in Juba on Thursday President Kiir reacted sharply to the remarks made by Al-Bashir after the SAF captured Kurmuk on Sunday.

President Kiir reiterated that his government has not and will not support any rebel group in the Sudan.

He said Al-Bashir is an escapist who is diverting attention from his internal political problems.

[Salva kiir]:“It is unfortunate that the government of the republic of Sudan has been repeatedly been accusing us to the UN security council that we are harboring supporting and backing opposition forces fighting the Sudan government in Blue Nile and South Kordofan state. I want to deny this before you that it is not true. These claims are just utterances which are just baseless. They are just maliciously planned. The claim by the republic of Sudan, that we move forces from Yafta to Wadaka is also baseless and there is no truth In it.”

President Kiir said he will protect the sovereignty of South Sudan from malicious of the Khartoum government.

[Salva kiir]: “President Bashir thinks that a revolutionary situation is ripe in south Sudan that the ruling government in South Sudan can be overthrown so that he can reunite Sudan that is his dream. So, he is pushing his stooges, who are supposed to take over the government of the south. Despite our commitment to peaceful coexistence we will never accept anybody to violate our sovereignty whatever the conditions maybe. Those in Khartoum must remember this. They must be reminded that it is not an easy task. It is easy to say but it is not easy to implement.”

This is the first time the two leaders have traded accusations in public since South Sudan attained independence.

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