Sudan reportedly thwarts rebels’ attack in South Kordofan

November 7, 2011 (Sudan Tribune)

Security authorities on Sunday foiled an attack aiming to disrupt the visit of South Kordofan’s governor Ahmed Haroun to Talodi locality, as reported by a pro-government media outlet.

The website of Al-Shoroog, a subtly pro-government satellite TV, said that the attack was carried out on Sunday’s morning as Haroun and his entourage visited Talodi and performed Eid Aladha prayer.

Citing an ’informed security source,’ the website reported that the attack occurred in an area located 1km away from Talodi town.

According to the website’s anonymous source, the assailing group fired four shells which caused some damages but no causalities.

The source said that the attack was aiming to prevent Haroun from performing Eid Prayer in the town.

Several clashes erupted in and around Talodi between the Sudanese army (SAF) and rebels of the Sudan People’s Liberation North (SPLM-N) since South Kordofan’s conflict erupted in June this year.

The strategic town near the border with South Sudan and east of the state’s capital Kadugli remains under SAF’s control despite the fact that SPLM-N fighters attempted on more than one occasion to seize it.

Heavy battles erupted around Talodi earlier on Wednesday and Haroun claimed that hundreds of rebels were killed. The rebels denied the allegations and said they inflicted heavy losses in lives among SAF forces.

Following Eid prayer in Talodi on Sunday, Haroun delivered a speech in which he claimed that SAF forces were advancing in all battle fronts.

He further exuded confidence that SAF would soon regain control of the entire state and end the SPLM-N’s rebellion.


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