Al-Bashir talks tough over rebel support by South Sudan.

South Sudan
November 7, 2011 (Miraya FM)

Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir has said that South Sudan's alleged support for rebel militias in South Kordofan and Blue Nile States is a threat to peace to in the region.

During an address to troops of the Sudan Armed Forces on Sunday in the Blue Nile State city of Kurmuk, Al-Bashir cautioned the Government of South Sudan to stop supporting rebels.

The Government in Khartoum has also filed a new complaint with the UN Security Council accusing South Sudan of supporting rebel militias in the two Sudanese states.

Sudan's Permanent Representative to the Security Council, Daffa-alla El Haj Ali Osman, accused Juba of providing military support to the SPLA-North rebels, and also of allowing rebels from Darfur to find safe haven in South Sudanese territory.

Khartoum accused Juba of supplying the rebels in Blue Nile State with "anti-aircraft missiles, tanks, mines, guns and ammunition", as well as an infantry battalion to strengthen the insurgency in the city of Kurmuk.

It is the second time Khartoum has addressed such complaints to the Security Council since South Sudan gained its independence in July.

South Sudan continuously denies offering any support to the SPLA-North in Sudan.

Instead, it has issued a counter-accusation. On Tuesday last week the Head of Military Intelligence in South Sudan, Paul Mach, said the Government of Sudan is supporting the rebel militia insurgency in Mayom County of Unity State.


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