SAF Captures SPLA Strong Hold Position In Blue Nile State

November 4, 2011 (Sudan Radio Service)

The Sudan Armed Forces on Thursday captured Kurmuk which is the key strong hold position of the SPLA in Blue Nile State.

Sudan Ministry of Defense said in a statement that SAF succeeded in pushing the rebels out of Kurmuk, leaving behind a large number of SPLA soldiers, dead and injured.

However, the SPLA still maintains that the capture of Kurmuk will not be the end of the war.

The Deputy Commander of the SPLA in Blue Nile state, Brigadier Ali Bander Asisi spoke to SRS on Friday from an unidentified location in the state.

[Ali Bander]: “Yes it is true; we lost the battle yesterday (Thursday). But it is not the end of the war, you think when you just lose a battle means it is the end of the issue? No the issue has not ended, and the SPLA/M is still there.”

The capital of Blue Nile state Damazin has been witnessing jubilations and celebrations following the capture of Kurmuk by SAF.

SRS spoke to some residents in Damazin on Friday.

[Male voice]: “It is beyond description joy, all of us in Blue Nile are very happy, because SAF managed to control all over the state, so the citizens can live in peace and security."

[Male voice]: “War will not end our issue, if the war is over and Kurmuk is regained, our fear is there might be a new bigger war, which is security destabilization, and that is more dangerous than war.”

On Wednesday, Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir said at a rally in Omdurman, that SAF will conduct prayers in Kurmuk on Sunday during the Eid al-Adha festival.


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