Heavy Clashes Reported In South Kordofan Between SPLA/N And SAF

November 1, 2011 (Sudan Radio Service)

Reports of heavy clashes were reported on Monday, between the SAF and SPLA /N in Talodi town in Southern Kordofan state.

SAF spokesperson Colonel Al-Sawarmi Khalid said that SAF had repelled an attack by SPLA, in Talodi, claiming victory and loss of several officers on the SPLA side.

Al-Sawarmi spoke to SRS from Khartoum on Tuesday.

[Al-Sawarmi]: “What happened in Talodi is that SPLA plotted an attack in this area. A big number of their troops were estimated at 700 fighters on Monday. However SAF and the popular forces managed to repel the attack, because we were aware and monitoring the SPLA movements. Indeed we managed to repel the attack killing and injuring a hundred of SPLA soldiers.”

However, the SPLA/M spokesperson Arnu Nugutulu dismissed SAF allegations claiming that the SPLA has full control over Talodi.

[Arnu Nugutulu]: “SPLA had conducted a wide attack on Talodi on Monday, since early morning, and the clashes are still on-going. So far SPLA is controlling the situation, what SAF stated is a lie, we are controlling the situation in Talodi and we will disclose the details later.”

Nugutulu spoke to SRS from Lokichogio North West of Kenya on Tuesday.


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