SPLM Says SAF Still Carrying Aerial Bombardments In Southern Kordofan

16 June, 2011 (Sudan Radio Service)

The SPLM in southern Kordofan state says that the Sudan Armed Forces has carried out more than 50 airstrikes, in attempt to hunt down the SPLA forces in the state.

The Adviser to the chairman of the SPLM in southern Kordofan, Gamer Deleman, said on Thursday, that the on-going fighting has led to displacement of over 1 hundred thousand people.

[Gamer Deleman]: “In terms of military level, there are intensive aerial bombardment on 9 localities in the state, today (Thursday) it was the airstrike number 51which is being carried out by the Sudan Air Force. Following these intensive aerial bombardments at the civilian’s areas, there are about 1 hundred and 20 thousand IDP’s. Some of them are seeking protection at the UNMIS headquarter in Al-Shaieer area, and others fled to El-Obied Town and others preferred to flee to the mountains.”

Deleman claimed that the in terms of field operations the SPLA in southern Kordofan is advancing, vowing that SPLA/SPLM will continue fighting the government forces, until their demands are met.

[Gamer Deleman]: “In terms of field military operations, we are dominating most of the state’s towns; the SAF has failed to move forward in any of the areas where shooting exchange started. That is why they resorted to the use of aerial striking. The SPLA and the changing revolutionaries in southern Kordofan, will continue in struggling for three reasons, to defend themselves, to defend the people, and the third reason is to over through the NCP regime in Khartoum.”

On Wednesday the SAF spokesperson confirmed to SRS that their forces are engaged in intensive military operations in Southern Kordofan against the SPLA.


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