Suwar reveals dialogue with Leaders of SPLM rejecting Al-Hello's behaviour, reviews sabotage plots of SPLM in South Kordufan

12 June, 2011 (SUNA)

Minister of Youth and Sports and Secretary of Political Mobilization of the National Congress, Haj Majid Suwar, revealed existence of an extensive dialogue with considerable Leaders in the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) who rejected the violent behavour of Abdel Aziz Al-Hello in killing and displacing innocent people in South Kordufan, affirming that many of those leaders will defect the ranks of the SPLM sooner or later.

Speaking at a press conference he held in Khartoum Sunday, Suwar revealed that the recent incidents that took place in Kadugli were carried out by the SPLM, would definitely affect the recognition of the State of South Sudan.

In this regard, Suwar called on the national political forces to announce their rejection and denunciations to SPLM's behaviour and to inspect the situations of South Kordufan State, which has been developing in a steady pace.

He explained that the concerned authorities will announced the information about the aggressions of Abdul Aziz Al-Hello, with a logistic and military support of the SPLM in South Sudan, with an aim to seize South Kordufan State in order to be used as a base for hostile actions against Sudan.

The Minister referred in this connection to the Statement issued by Abdul Aziz Al-Hello in which he encouraged the Sudanese society and its trade unions to stand against the regime and to work to topple the government.

Suwar affirmed that the situations in Kadugli, capital of South Kordufan State, and other cities have started to return to normal in the markets and government's offices.

He further spoke about atrocities been perpetrated by the SPLM, saying that the SPLM has killed 6 civilians, including women and children, on Saturday night when they were aboard a van heading from Kadugli to Al-Delang.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Political Mobilization of the National Congress, Haj Majid Suwar, revealed in details the sabotage plots carried out by the SPLM in Kadugli in South Kordfan State on June 5.

He revealed that the SPLM's plot aimed at seizing areas of the joint forces in South Kordufan after killing the elements of the Armed Forces in the joint forces and then carrying out wide operations in Kadugli by SPLM's cells after dissolving leaders of the National Congress according to a ready-made plan with assistance of satellite images which were seized with other documents and evidences found in the residence of the SPLM Abdul Aziz Al-Hello.

Suwar hailed the brave and steadfast elements of the Armed Forces and other regular forces who thwarted the plot of the SPLM, which aimed at attacking the city from the surrounding mountains as revealed in the seized documents and maps.

He added that the Cells of the SPLM have managed to assassinate and to attack houses of Leaders of the National Congress, revealing that the Chairman of the National Congress in Al-Buram and one Member of the Youth Secretariats were killed by these cells, explaining that the SPLM would have committed mass mascaras in the State if its plan went as planned.

The Secretary of the Political Mobilization of the National Congress explained in the Press Conference that the SPLM resorted to disseminating rumors in order to displace the citizens from the State so that it could use the city in its hostile actions against the State and the centre.

"The residence of the Leader of the SPLM, Abdul Aziz Al-Hello, was transformed into military barracks because there was a whole SPLM battalion with heavy weapons and ammunitions, " he added.

Regarding the humanitarian impacts of the military operations in the States, constituted in displacement of more than 20,000 persons from Kadugli and Southern East aide of the State, Suwar affirmed the ability of the State and the national voluntary organizations to fill in any humanitarian gap In this connection, he has strongly attacked the international organizations and their negative role in this issue, saying that they are intending to repeat the same scenario of Darfur in South Kordufan in collaboration with the Security Council which is biased against Sudan.

"We are not ready to repeat the experiment of Darfur where the international organizations traded in the issue of Darfur and opened permanent camps only to spend 70% of the support on administrative issue and staff while the affected people get only 30%," said Secretary of Political Mobilization of the National Congress.

On the other hand, Haj Majed Suwar revealed existence of a dialogue with regard to the people of Nuba Mountains and South Blue Nile State after the separation of the South on July 9.


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