Al-Tahir: SPLM's North Sector requests support of America to topple government

12 June, 2011 (SUNA)

Speaker of the National Assembly and Head of the Political Sector at the National Congress, (NC) Ahmed Ibrahim Al Tahir, revealed that the leaders of the North Sector of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM), had requested the United States of America to support and to patronize their forces, upwards of 400 elements, in order to eliminate the Sudanese state which is based on Islamic Sharia to replace it by a secular state.

Addressing the inaugural sitting of the 10th deliberative meeting for Woman's Sector at NC, Al-Tahir said that the NC is fully prepared for any incidents such as the incidents that occurred in the past few days in Kadugli and Abyei, affirming that the NC will not ever be taken by surprise.

He added that the NCP is preparing for a political system that allow all freedoms and establishes Shora (consultations) within all political parties and entities, in collaboration with the political parties.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Samia Ahmed Mohammed pointed out that the NC's project that is saturated with the blood of martyrs will press ahead to the ends, affirming that all the plots of the Communist Party, which is using the SPLM's North Sector as a cove under the leadership of Yasser Arman, will be foiled and thwarted.

She called on the women of the political parties to work to give priority to the voice of reason rather than violence and weapons.


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