Fighting In South Kordofan Caused Destruction In The Church In Kadugli

10June, 2011 (Sudan News Radio)

A representative of the Episcopal Church in Kadugli, South Kordofan says the fighting that broke out between SAF and SPLA has caused destruction in the Diocese of Kadugli.

Speaking to SRS from Juba shortly after evacuation from Kadugli by the Arch Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Sudan, Luka Bulus describes the destruction caused in the Diocese.

[Luka Bulus]: “At first Popular Defense force attacked the church compound and went away with all our properties in the guest house. They took away with motor bikes, projectors and a number of our things that were kept there. The next day they attacked the Headquarters of the Diocese. The first place they attacked was the Bishop’s office, the internet area and burnt the office. After that they proceeded to the Church of Christ, burnt the church and destroyed the Cathedral, but they did not succeed to put it down completely. In the Catholic Church, they beat up people although they did not use any guns. I have to urgently leave Kadugli for Juba because of the security problem in the area. The Arch Bishop has swiftly organized for my urgent evacuation to Juba to save my life."

That was Rev. Luka Bulus speaking to SRS fromJuba on Friday.


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