Fighting Continues In Southern Kordofan As Humanitarian Situation Worsens

9 June, 2011 (Sudan News Radio)

The United Nation Mission in Sudan says that, fighting is still continuing in southern Kordofan, between the SPLA and SAF with the use of heavy Artillery.

The UNMIS spokesperson Kouider Zerouk on Thursday expressed UNMIS concerns over the humanitarian situation in the area.

[Koider Zerouk]: “Yesterday there was heavy fighting between the SPLA forces and SAF in Kadugli and the outskirts of Kadugli town. Both sides, the SPLA and SAF used heavy artilleries. Because of that violence it has forced thousands of civilians, children, women and old people to flee the area to the headquarters of the UNMIS.
There are about 7000 civilians. This fighting if does not stop completely It will lead to security deteriorating in the region especially the humanitarian situation.”

Zerouk added that the fighting has left a number of people dead and several injured.

Meanwhile the governor of southern Kordofan state says that the situation is now calm, adding that SAF is in control of the region.

Ahmed Haroun made the statement from Kadugli on Wednesday.

[Ahmed Haroun]: “The situations in Kadugli have become stable; We have started to normalize the civil life. Today (Wednesday) we have resumed providing water and electricity services. Also we have on-going communications with the trading chamber, so as it can resume its works starting from tomorrow (Thursday) morning. In terms of security, our forces are working with a high efficiency in order to ease all forms of the brutal aggression and the destructive conspiracy led by the members of the SPLM in the state.”

The fighting in southern Kordofan began on Saturday following a statement by the federal government that the SPLA should withdraw all their forces southwards the 1956 north-south borders.


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