We would no stand aside and look at what is happening in S. Kordofan – Taha

9 June, 2011 (UNMIS MMR)

Al-Rai Al-Aam Khartoum, Speaking before parliament yesterday, VP Ali Osman Taha said the government would not stand doing nothing vis-à-vis the situation in Southern Kordofan.

He pointed out that the government is committed to peace but would face the SPLA if war is what they seek. He described the situation in the state as an unjustified rebellion. He noted that the doors to SPLM participation in the state government remains open but the government would not hesitate to face “those who choose the path of confrontation”.

Lawmakers have called on the government to stop efforts to reintegrate northern Sudanese
elements of the SPLA into the northern army.

On his part, Speaker Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tahir called on the SPLM to focus on resolving its problems.

According to Al-Sudani, he said that northern Sudan would remain committed to its vows to cooperate with the south as long as the south is willing to reciprocate.

Al-Fateh Izzaldine, a lawmaker, called on government not to “relax its grip on the gun”. He said it
was time for mobilization against SPLA military action.


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