Fresh Fighting Between SPLA And SAF In South Kordofan

8 June, 2011 (Sudan News Radio)

The Government Authorities in southern Kordofan state say that the situation is worsening in the state, following the ongoing clashes between the SAF and SPLM.

On Monday a presidential joint committee composed of the SPLM and NCP was sent to Kadugli to defuse the situation.

In a statement on Tuesday, The governor of Southern Kordofan Ahmed Haroun said that, renewed clashes broke out, despite an agreement reached between the two parties.

[Ahmed Haroun]: “The situations have worsened and developed in an unfortunate way, from the side of our brothers in the SPLM. Yesterday (Monday) we held constructive and fruitful meetings led to coming up with a clear road map to address the security situation in the state. Unfortunately, while we were escorting the delegation to the airport, shooting started at one of our patrols. In the beginning it seemed it have started randomly, however since this morning (Wednesday) the situation has changed to an aggression act against our forces and people inside Kadugli town. Also there are some other areas that have witnessed targeting to a SAF unit in the JIU.”

Amidst unconfirmed number of deaths and causalities in the clashes, a Doctor from Haiban county Hospital, said his hospital received 10 dead cases and a number of causalities.

Doctor Khalil Younis spoke on Wednesday from Haiban in southern Kordofan state.

[Khalil Yonis]: “The attack started yesterday around 5pm. In fact so far already 10people have died while under treatment. Then there are also so many injuries from the government side and also there is so many death cases, the situation now is very critical”

Doctor Yonis added that the ongoing fighting which has terrorized the residents in Haiban has led them to flee to the mountain’s caves for shelter.



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