SPLA Reiterates Not To Recall Any Northern SPLA Soldier In Southern Kordofan And Blue Nile States

7 June, 2011 (Sudan News Radio)

The SPLA has reiterated that it will not recall any northern SPLA soldier from southern Kordofan and Blue Nile state as it is not the SPLA affair.

The SPLA Spokesperson, Philip Aguer on Tuesday from Juba said that the federal government should make arrangement for those soldiers to either join the SAF or be demobilized.

[Philip Aguer] “The sons and daughters from Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile are supposed to be given a special arrangement by the government in Khartoum. Either they join the Sudan Armed forces or they demobilize and the government to see their future and their affairs. However, this has not been done. The government at the last moment refused to cooperate and they were given a warning to leave the area. How can they leave the area, to go to which location? They are not southern Sudanese. We cannot recall them. They are addressing us that the SPLA command to recall them to the south. No, we cannot call somebody who is from northern Sudan to southern Sudan, just because those people are the SPLA. They have their own grievances. The Khartoum regime should treat their grievances separately.”

The people of Blue Nile and southern Kordofan are yet to hold the popular consultations exercise to determine whether the CPA met their aspirations or not.


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