Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum

15 May, 2011 (SUNA)

ALSUDANI : the army : we will destroy every body who wants to sabotage the southern Kurdufan peace --------announcement of the southern Kurdufan elections results today -------- the army : the lines are clear and we will disarm the SPLM forces in the north

ALRAID : National Congress nominee won the wali position in southern Kurdufan ----- the political power calls for accepting the elections result and adherence to law ------ A'arman : the peoples congress and SPLM studying their withdrawal from the Parliament ------ National Umma : we supported Haroon and we are ready to participate in his government

AKHIR LAHZA: Haroon accused A'arman and the leftist by destroying the agreement climate in southern Kurdufan

ALAHDATH : Haroon ahead of Alhilo by more than 6000 votes ------- Alswarmi : the army will stop any movement in southern Kurdufan

ALWAN: Haroon : A'arman destroyed the agreement in southern Kurdufan


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