Haroun beats Al-Hilu in southern Kordofan elections

10 May, 2011 (UNMIS MMR)

Akhir Lahza 10/5/11 – Preliminary results of elections in Southern Kordofan indicated thatruling NCP candidate Ahmed Haroun is in the lead by a margin of 9,000 votes.
Sources said the NCP won elections in 22 constituencies and the SPLM won majority votes in 10 constituencies.

According to Al-Tayyar 10/5/11, Haroun has swept the elections by a margin of 8700 votes of a total of 370,000 votes. Haroun has won over 190,000 votes and Al-Hilu won around 180,000.
The NCP also won two-thirds of legislative seats (36 seats) while the SPLM won one-third of seats (18 seats).


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