Sorting of votes in South Kordofan State' elections completed and the initial result will be announced on Sunday

6 May, 2011 (SUNA)

The processes of sorting and counting of votes in the complementary elections in South Kordofan State has completed in all 666 polling stations.That was done in full cooperation between the National Elections Commission's (NEC) employees, agents of political parties and observers without any difficulties or objection against the process.

The Chairperson of the Higher Elections Committee of the South Kordofan State Adam Abdeen has explained to SUNA that the announcement of the initial result would be on Sunday, adding that the committee will then submit the result to the National Elections Commission to be adopted prior its final announcement on May 15.

He revealed that the committee started receiving of concealed envelopes containing results of sorting from the chairpersons of the different voting centers, expecting receiving of all the envelopes from the various polling stations during the coming hours. He affirmed that invitation was directed to all political parties to attend opening ceremony of the envelopes on Saturday at 8:00 a.m.

Abdeen praised the democratic spirit accompanied the elections process and calmness that prevailed until its conclusion, commending the major role being played by the citizens of the state in making the process a success by attending to the different centers to participate in the voting, describing them as patient and responsible a matter that resulted in security stabilization in the state.


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