Al- bashier's visit to South Kurdufan is of a great political and geographical significance

Written b y: mohammad abdul-rahiem
Translated by: Belgees Fagier

2 May, 2011 (SUNA)

The visit of the president of the Republic Omar Al- Bashir to the state of southern Kurdufan , which covered the western sector of the state , the regions of Babanousa, Al-foula. Lagawa and ended in the state capital Kaduglee, represents a special importance, particularly in the spheres of services, the place and issue.

The visit supports the National Conference candidate for the governor position in the state, Ahmad Haroon. Another two candidates compete strongly on the position beside Haroon, the candidate of the popular Movement, General Abdul-aziz Al-helo, and the independent candidate, Talafon Koko.

Observers indicate that the president's visit has various significances in regard to the National Conference interest to win the battle of the election, with the end of the transitional period, which leads to the separation of the south.

As well, the state represent an important political and geographical aspects to the government in the north, because it include one of the regions, which raised great disputes at the national level. It is Abei region, which the comprehensive peace agreement has made a special protocol for it.

Within the frame work of the intercations between yesterday partners " the national conference and Popular Movement" and the harsh competition to gain Abei region , came the strong assurance of president Al- Bashier and without doubts, that Abei belongs to the north , when he said " Abei is and will be a northern city and we will not abandon any part of it".

The president repeated these words many times in all of his public meetings, in addition, he warned the Popular Movement from including the region in its new constitution, otherwise the government in the north will not recognize the new state of the South in case of including Abby region.

It was clear that election fever had increased rapidly to reach its maximum today, where about 642 000 voters will go to the ballots distributed on 642 centers in the state to select one from the three candidates, and more than 126 to the membership of the state constitutional council.


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