South Kordofan Elections Tomorrow

By Mona Al-Bashir

1 May, 2011 (Sudan Tribune)

The elections of South Kordofan will launch at 8pm Monday, while National Elections Commission (NEC) and the Highest Committee of South Kordofan Elections have announced their full readiness for the vote.

The voting is for the post of state governor and the state's legislative council.

Chairperson of NEC Prof. Abdullah Ahmad Abdullah said that the process will go on for three days to provide all voters with appropriate opportunity to participate.

He said that the commission agreed to allow competing parties to sign up agents in electoral centers, adding that they are allowed to spend night in centers if they wish.

"We concentrated on providing voters with accurate information about polling stations so as to facilitate their arrival to stations to avoid shortcomings of former elections when considerable number of voters failed in reaching to stations," adds Prof. Abdullah.

Chairperson of the Highest Committee, Adam Abdeen told the press that the committee has delivered competing parties with copies containing names of centers in addition to publish names of stations in media. 

He pointed out that the number of registered voters is 642,330 who will vote in 666 polling centers, adding that the committee is attempting to restrict the number of voters in each center to 1000 persons.

He stated that number of nominees in the 32 geographical constituencies is 126 affiliating to 14 parties in addition to nine independent nominees. He said that parties' lists include 56 nominees while woman's list includes 70 candidates.

Media Consultant of Commission Abu Bakar Wazeery said that the elections will witness tangible presence of local, regional and international media, pointing out that the election enjoys much attention.

Interior Minister, Eng. Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid affirmed his ministry's readiness to secure elections, affirming the presence of comprehensive plans.

Sudan Vision daily was informed yesterday that General Director of Police Force, First General Hashim Osman al Hussein accompanied by Financial Affairs Assistant in Interior Ministry, General Basher Ahamad Basher conducted one-day visit to Kadugli to review development of security plan set up by police force to protect elections.

Informed source told SV that the visit aimed at reviewing logistical support in South Kordofan in addition to reviewing implementation of agreement signed with Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) on withdrawal of SPLM forces from particular areas and introducing policemen role in securing elections.

It is worth noting that three nominees including Mawlana Ahmad Haroun whose electoral symbol is tree in addition to SPLM nominee, Abdul Azziz al Hilu whose electoral symbol is star and independent nominee Telefon Kuku Abu Jallaha whose electoral symbol is lorry are competing over the office of South Kordofan governor. 


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