Intensive Elections Campaigns In Southern Kordofan

20 April, 2011 (Sudan Radio Service)

The SPLM and the NCP have commenced intensive election campaigns in Southern Kordofan state, ahead of the gubernatorial and legislative assembly elections, scheduled for 2nd of May.

The incumbent governor, Ahmed Haroun from the NCP, and the SPLM chairman in Southern Kordofan state, Abdulaziz Adam El-Hilu are the two main candidates contesting for the post of governorship.

A political analyst, Taj El-Sir Meki said that the elections in southern Kordofan will be decisive for both the SPLM and the NCP.

Meki spoke to SRS from Khartoum on Wednesday.

[Taj el-Sir]: “It seems that there is big work being done from all parties regarding the elections in southern Kordofan. It has become the focus of all people. In fact it will be the only exit for the idea of the New Sudan. Meaning that any political achievement from the SPLM whether they will win or not, This will be the new demo for the SPLM project that most people thought has ended in the north because the south separated. For the NCP it will be a big challenge, because they thought the SPLM has no role in the north. That is why they (the NCP) devoted all their wealth and cadres to support their candidate to win. However despite all these, all the evidences in the state indicate that the SPLM cadres did an advanced and big work.”

The gubernatorial and legislative assembly elections in southern Kordofan were postponed during April 2010 elections, due to the disputed census result in the state.


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