Southern Kordofan Forms An Investigation Team To Look Into Recent Clashes

19 April, 2011 (Sudan Radio Service)

The government of Southern Kordofan state has formed an investigation committee to look into the recent clashes that resulted into deaths and injuries of several civilians.

At least twenty-nine civilians died last week in inter-tribal clashes at Umbrambita in Heiban about 400-kilometers east of Kudugli town.

Speaking to Sudan Radio Service by phone from Kadugli on Monday, the Minister of Water Resources in Southern Kordofan state, Mister Taw Kanjalla Kuku said the situation in the area is tense.

[Taw Kanjalla Kuku]: “There are about 156 families from the two communities that have been affected with the incident. And twenty-nine members from the two communities were killed and thirty-two wounded from both sides. A total of 229 houses were also burnt and the people affected by this incident are about eight hundred and fifty”.

Mister Kanjalla called on politicians and citizens in the area to act responsibly in the on-going electoral campaigns in Southern Kordofan to avoid further clashes


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