SPLM threatens to take to streets if Southern Kordofan elections are rigged

South Kordofan
21 March, 2011 (UN Media Monitoring Report)


The SPLM in the north says it has called on its members around the country to prepare for a peaceful demonstration on the 10th of May in the event the Southern Kordofan elections are rigged.

In a statement issued by the party’s leadership yesterday, the SPLM said the elections in Southern Kordofan and the Popular Consultations for the two areas as of utmost importance to the SPLM in northern Sudan and that the party would use these major events to restructure northern Sudan and help address the grievances of the marginalised, the poor and women.

“We would seek to win the elections in Southern Kordofan at alllevels,” the SPLM said, adding that the party would seek to reunify Sudan along a new basis.


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