Arrangements for Inauguration of New University Campuses in S. Kordofan Complete

Edited by: Alula Berhe Kidani

20 March, 2011 (SUNA)

All the arrangements and preparations for opening a number of new campuses at cost of 4,860,000 Sudanese pounds in Al-Foula town were completed.

The campuses were implemented by the National Students Welfare Fund (NSWF) in South Kordofan State.

This was stated to SUNA by the NSWF Secretary General at South Kordofan State, Abdul-Aziz Suleiman Saddo, who pointed out that the capacity of the campuses is more than 288,000 from both male and female students, adding that they will contribute greatly in the solution of the housing problem for the students of the higher education in the state

Saddo said that great efforts are being exerted by the government of the state to complete the remaining requirements of the campuses such as playgrounds, theatres and reading halls at cost of 1,200,000 pounds.

He asserted that NSWF helped a lot in the solution of housing problem for the students, explaining that the number of accommodated students reached 5240 of both male and female students at the campuses spread in each of Deling, Al-Foula and Babanosa.


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