Nomination Procee For Governorship And Parliamentarians In S.Kordofan To Begin On Friday 11th

9 March, 2011 (Sudan Radio Service)

The southern Kordofan High Elections Committee says the nomination process for the governorship and parliamentary aspirants is scheduled for Friday 11 March to 18th, 2011.

The Head of southern Kordufan High Elections Committee, Mohamed Idris Mousa Spoke to SRS on Wednesday from Kadugli.

[Mohamed Idris Mousa] “The nomination is starting on 11th but from now if any aspirant comes, we will give him or her, the form. We have all the forms. One form is 10 pounds. There is one post for the governor and 32 forms for the geographical Constituencies, 14 for women list and 8 for party list. The nomination is from 12th to 18th of March. The person must be a Sudanese national, must be from 18 years and above of age. Must be able to read and write. He or she must not have been convicted for crimes and must be a person of sound mind. In total we have about 55 forms one of them being for the post of governor”

According to CPA, after the elections the people of Blue Nile and south Kordofan states will hold popular consultation exercise to determine whether the agreement has met their aspirations or not .


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