SPLM set up a new party in the North headed by Malik Aggar

8 March, 2011 (UNMIS MMR)


The SPLM formally announced yesterday the establishment of a new political party in the North headed by governor of the Blue Nile state Malik Aggar.

The SPLM, at a symposium yesterday called for internationally-monitored elections in southern Kordofan should the Commission fails to organize free and fair vote.

Meanwhile, the opposition national consensus forces said talks with the NCP have deadlocked, leaving them with no option but to seek the overthrow of the regime. “Opposition leaders haveagreed to overthrow the regime after dialogue has deadlocked,” Farouq Abu Essa, Chair of the opposition national consensus forces, said.

While Ms Nagad Al-Hadi, DUP leading figure, told the symposium that her party favours mobilizing the people to topple the regime, SPLM SG Yassir Arman said their newly-established party needs no registration since the SPLM is already registered, adding the party would workfor Sudan’s reunification after secession.


The Government has officially welcomed the formation of the SPLM’s new party in the North, according to Al-Akhbar.


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