Messiriya Community Say They Will Abide By the Kadugli Agreement

7 March, 2011 (Sudan Radio Service)

The Messeriya community in Abyei says that they will abide by the Kadugli agreement in order for a peaceful co- existence between them and the Ng’ok Dinka.

In January, the leaders of the two communities in Abyei, agreed during a reconciliation conference in Kadugli to cease hostilities and secure the grazing tracks for the pastoralists to enable them access water and the grazing lands southwards.

Abdul Rasul al Noor Ismail is the former governor of Kordofan and a member of the Messeriya community.

He spoke to SRS from Khartoum on Monday.

[Abdul Rasul al Noor]: “I came from the area yesterday, and the Messeriya do not want to enter the area by force but, they want to work in accordance with the agreement between the local administration of Abyei and that of Messeriya. The Messeriya do not want any clashes; they only want water, grass, and to find way to Abyei for social and economic needs. The Messeriya nomads are concerned with issues of water and grass for their livestock not politics.”

Over 100 people have been killed in the recent clashes in the border oil rich area of Abyei.


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