Forces To Be Redeployed In Their Respective Areas

1 March, 2011 (Sudan Radio Service)

The Joint Defense Council says the Sudan Armed Forces troops under the Joint Integrated Units or J-I-U-s in Southern Sudan will be re-deployed northwards in March.

The spokesperson of the Joint Defense Council, Major-General Ahmed Abdalla Al-Nou spoke to SRS on Tuesday from Khartoum.

[Ahmed Abdalla]: “Our troops have left Upper Nile and now there are arrangements for the re-deployment of our troops from Equatoria with the arrival of a batch in two days’ time. Hopeful the batch will arrive in Juba and the troops that are outside Juba in Terekeka, Torit and other areas in the whole of Equatoria and they will gather in Juba and their movement out of Equatoria will coincide with the meeting of the Joint Defense Council next month. Hopefully, there will be a celebration in Juba and after that the troops will then move out from there. While in Bahr El-Ghazal, our troops there will move out over the next two days, trucks will go there to move them from there northwards.”

Major-General Al-Nou further added that the J-I-U troops in Blue Nile State and Southern Kordofan State will be re-deployed to their respective areas after the conduct of the popular consultation exercise in the two states.

[Ahmed Abdalla]: “For Southern Kordofan there is an agreement with the Joint Defense Council that these troops should remain up to the completion of the popular consultation exercise in the two areas: Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan after that these troops will move out of these areas”.

That was Major-General Ahmed Abdalla Al-Nou, the spokesperson of the Joint Defense Council talking to SRS from Khartoum.


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