Demonstration in South Kordofan

14 February, 2011 (Sudan Radio Service)

The people of Daalami County in Southern Kordofan held a peaceful demonstration on Monday against the decision made by the Electoral High Commission in the state to merge Daalami County to Habila County.

The move by the commission is a pre-condition for the upcoming gubernatorial elections which is scheduled for 2nd May 2011in southern Kordofan

The head of the elections commission in Southern Kordofan, Mister Adam Abdeen, spoke to SRS from Kadugli on Monday.

[Adam Abdeen]: “The elections laws of Sudan for the year 2008 says the geographical constituencies must be demarcated according to the number of the populations in the geographical constituencies divided by the number of the geographical seats in the constituency. The population in this area is 25 thousand people, according to the recent census results, however for each area to be considered as a geographical constituency it needs about 66 thousand people. That’s the reason why the two areas have to be merged.”

Al-noor Tutu one of the organizers of the demonstrations spoke to Sudan Radio Service on Monday.

[Al-noor Tutu]: “We are now in Daalami with an objective of holding a peaceful demonstration to express the appeal of the people of Daalami county, to express there rejections on the decision made by the elections commission of which is joining the county of Daalami to Habila. Now the people have gathered ready to demonstrate. So far there are about 500 people and we are expecting more when demonstrations start. I believe the number will be very huge.”

Southern Kordofan state was supposed to hold a gubernatorial election in April last year but was postponed due to disputes in the census results.


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