The Misseriya and Dinka Nogk conclude meeting in Kadugli with agreement

13 January, 2011 (SUNA)

The tribes of Dinka Ngok and Misseriya agreed at the end of their meeting in Kadugli town, South Kordofan State, on the payment of Diyyas (blood money) for the dead in both sides, compensation for material losses, the securing of the paths to the shepherds and tracks of the voluntary return of the southerners.

They also agreed on a mechanism for implementation of the agreement.

The Conference called upon the Institution of the Presidency and the concerned authorities to work fast on the solution of Abyei issue.

The agreement was signed by Gen. Abdulaziz Al Hilu, Deputy Wali of South Kordofan, and Rahama Abdel Rahman al-Nour, Deputy Head of Abyei Administration, the representatives of the two tribes headed by Emir Mukhtar Babu Nimr, and the Sultan Kuala Deng Kuala, where they exchanged agreement and shook hands


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