Nuba Mountains SPLM Leaders Reject Arman Call to Form Political Party in the North

December 28, 2010 (SMC)

Some Leaders from Nuba Mountains have strongly criticized Yassir Araman call for forming a political party in the north according to SPLM North Sector manifesto and supported National Congress Party   efforts achieve unity.

The former senior official in SPLM in Nuba mountains Brigadier (Ret)  Abd Al Rahman Rageb told (smc) that Nuba Mountains members in SPLM  totally reject Yassir Arman call to form a political party in the north to include SPLM members in Nuba Mountains , Blue Nile and other members in the north.

“Arman has no right to speak on behalf of Nuba Mountains SPLM members because  he has caused the exclusion of some senior officials such as Abd Al Aziz Al Halo who migrated to America , Dr. Gomha Alwakeel  who joined Justice and Equlaity Movment and caused the arrest of commander Telephone Koko who has been arrested in the South’’ said Brigadier (Ret)  Abd Al Rahman Rageb adding that Nuba Mountain people will not allow Yassir Araman to be their leaders  for the second time .

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