If Popular Consultation Is Successful, There Would Be No Mention Of Self-Determination, Says Official

28 December 2010 (SRS)

The SPLM says that if the popular consultation in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile states determines that the CPA has achieved the aspirations of the people, the question of self-determination may not arise.

The deputy governor and the chairman of the SPLM in Southern Kordofan State, Mister Abdul-Aziz Adam Al-Hilu spoke to SRS in Khartoum.

[Abdul-Aziz Al-Hilu]: “The citizens of Southern Kordofan state in the Nuba Mountains have the right of popular consultation; they will exercise this right after elections in April next year and perhaps the popular consultation will determine that their aspirations and wishes have been achieved. And if they exercise the right to popular consultation and Khartoum responded to all their demands, they would not have any reason to demand for the right to self-determination. The demands are many for example, power sharing, wealth sharing, security arrangements, cultural rights and religious rights, the issue of the state’s border, and if the centre itself is changed, meaning ending attachment to centralization by means of more decentralization and adequate power sharing between the centre and the state.”

Mister Al-Hilu disclosed that about two thousand SPLM members have been recruited into the civil service as part of the recent merger of services in the state.

[Abdul-Aziz Al-Hilu]: “This is one of the dividends of the CPA because the state was divided into two: there were areas under the National Congress Party and there were areas under the SPLM and there were divergent administrations, civil administration in the areas under the control of the SPLM and civil administration in areas under the NCP. Now we have managed to merge the civil service that belonged to the SPLM with the public civil service and more than 1 thousand eight hundred and seven civil service personnel who belong to the SPLM.”

Al-Hilu also said that the National Elections Commission has announced that the 9th of April 2011 will be the day for the conduct of the complementary elections for Southern Kordofan state.

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